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Top 5 Best Wasp Deterrents (**2020 Review**)

Do you need to find a quality wasp deterrent to string up in your yard? You've stumbled across the right page.

Here in our Pest Strategies in-depth report, you'll be able to learn:

  • Our top five recommendations for wasp deterrents (including our overall top choice)
  • The best way to deter wasps
  • Optimal places to string up your decoy wasp nest
  • The difference between a wasp repellent and a wasp deterrent
best wasp deterrents

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

(updated as of 4/20/2018)

  • Chemical-free way to rid the home of wasps
  • Scares wasps by mimicking an enemy nest
  • Doesn't kill wasps, only drives them away

After our review our favorite wasp deterrent goes to the Tanglefoot Waspinator.


Mostly because of its simplicity: it delivers on its promise to drive wasps away, and does so without complication. 

Because wasps are such visual creatures, they place a high emphasis on "ruling" a certain territory. If they sense that a foreign colony has taken up residence in an area, the wasps will flee, leaving the vicinity almost as quickly as they found it.

The Tanglefoot Waspinator works to imitate a foreign nest as accurately as possible, scaring the wasps into thinking that they are infringing on enemy territory. In this way, the Waspinator is able to drive off the wasps without the use of harsh chemicals or dangerous exposure to the wasps. 

We've loaded this guide with tons of information about more wasp deterrent products, as well as tips and tricks on how to deter wasps from your home in the future. Keep reading to keep your property wasp-free!

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Top 5 Best Wasp Deterrents

Short on time?  Take a look below for the top 5 in our list. Otherwise, check out our buying guide.

How to Deter Wasps

If only it were that simple, right?

Wasps are annoying at best, and downright terrifying at worst. During the summer months when you're sitting outside, trying to enjoy a nice warm night on the balcony, these little guys can buzz right up and terrorize you relentlessly just because they smell the sugar in your beverage. 

Keep reading to better understand what you can do to make them fly in the other direction whenever possible.

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Why Do Wasps Return to the Same Place?

Wasps, in addition to their highly-developed senses of sight, are ruled by their sense of smell.

Also, like most wild animals, a driving force in their behavior is the need to feed--when they smell something sweet, they go for it.

Wasps smell the stench of garbage which needs to be collected, or possibly spilled drinks which need to be cleaned, and tend to hover around these areas. Anytime a certain vicinity is home to a large number of wasps at a time, that's a signal that there is something sweet lurking around...whether you can see it, or not. 

However, keep this in mind: wasps never return to the exact same nest. If a future generation of wasps decides to continue a new colony the following year, it's highly likely they'll return to an area where they don't feel threatened. 

Can You Really Scare Wasps Away?

It seems almost too good to be true that a few pieces of lightweight paper can rid you of your wasp problem for the long haul, doesn't it?

And yet, it's true. Wasps are incredibly territorial insects, and will retreat at even the slightest inkling of an enemy domain.  

This doesn't mean, however, that wasps will back down from a fight; quite the opposite, in fact. Wasps are highly aggressive and not afraid to sting a predator if they feel threatened. 

So why is it that a wasp will retreat from an enemy, yet also attack a predator? Check out this video below to understand how the world appears in the eyes of a wasp, which might clear up a lot of questions.

What About Their Eyesight?

A wasp's eyesight, as you can tell, is pretty blurry in comparison to a human's. Even the slightest resemblance to a nest may be seen as authentic to a wasp, which in turn could act as a highly effective deterrent.

The wasp's eyesight is poor when compared to a human being's level of vision, but when measured against that of other insects, wasps actually rank pretty high. 

Findings from UC Berkeley in 2014 note that wasps have begun to evolve their own eyesight to be able to actually recognize other wasps, as well as the expressions on their faces!

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The Best Place to Set Up Your Wasp Deterrent

We understand: you want to keep your property a wasp-free zone.

When you invest in a wasp deterrent, make sure you're placing it in the right spot for optimal protection against infestation.

From the Roof

This is the first thought many homeowners have when they're facing a wasp problem as the temperatures rise in the late spring: to string up a decoy nest at the edge of the house from the rooftop.

This is an optimal solution for a few reasons:

  • Wasps can see the decoy deterrent nest very visibly before they see the rest of your home
  • This becomes the first line of defense against a wasp infestation
  • It's high up and out of the way, where pets and children won't interfere with its efficacy

Next To Any Standing Water

Wasps and all their stinging cousins (hornets, yellow jackets, and bees) love a nice dip in the pool.

This is why it's especially important to place a deterrent in the vicinity around your pool, pond or any other area of standing water you have. We recommend stringing up a decoy nest over nearby tree branches or installing a specific pole to hang your wasp deterrent if no natural structures are available. 

Near Your Garbage Cans

Wasps are most abundant in the summer months when the temperatures are the warmest. 

They are attracted primarily to sweet, sugary foods and juices--anything that reminds them of the nectar which they'd normally eat in a wild environment. This is why they are lured toward outdoor garbage areas in the summertime, especially toward the end of the week when the trash to be collected is piling up.

To combat this, be sure that the area around the trash is always kept squeaky-clean and free of sugar, as this is the main attractant for every type of pest, not just wasps. 

Entomologist Rob Cannings from Victoria, British Columbia also has a few suggestions. Check out his recommendations in the video down below. 

Wasp Repellent vs. Wasp Deterrent: What's the Difference?

The two words sound the same, but do they mean the same thing?

Not exactly.

In terms of pest control, there's a key difference between these two:

  • a repellent normally refers to a device or substance which irritates the pest in some way, leading the pest to flee
  • deterrent typically refers to an item which uses a scare tactic to manipulate the pest into fleeing

While both types of products achieve the same result, they get the job done in separate ways. Repellents usually cause a physiological reaction in the pest, whereas deterrents normally cause a psychological reaction.

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Wasp Deterrents Reviewed

In the below section we break down each of our product recommendations in a little more detail.​

  • Lightweight and easy to hang anywhere
  • Scares away wasps without killing them
  • Ships in a 3-pack

We rate the Tanglefoot Waspinator as the highest on our list because of the way it combines form, function, and affordability.

By looking so much like a hornet's nest, the Tanglefoot Waspinator effectively scares off wasps who decide to take up residence in your yard. There are no chemicals involved and no pesticides--just simple visual scare tactics. 

Something that sets the Waspinator apart is its material: a lot of the other fake nests are made from rice paper, but the Waspinator is made from a thicker material, almost like felt. This means that it looks more authentic to wasps and holds up better outdoors.

One Waspinator can cover a normal-sized patio or porch area, and three units are sold at a time. 

The Waspinator is ideal for anyone who has a balcony, deck, porch, patio, or terrace that they want to protect against pesky wasps without killing them. It's affordable, simple, and a snap to use. Just hang it up, and you're good to go!


  • check
    One fake nest covers a large area
  • check
    Ships in a 3-pack
  • check
    Made of sturdy material
  • check
    This product is more cost-effective than other options


  • Some customers complained of poor quality in their shipments
  • The strings broke after heavy rainfall in some areas of the USA
  • Wasps sometimes were not deterred
  • Provides a powerful deterrent against both wasps and hornets
  • Easy to hang and immediately effective

This fake nest takes advantage of the wasp's natural territorial instinct. 

By simulating the look of an enemy hive in size, shape, and color, the Get Lost Natural Hanging Deterrent accurately pinpoints the natural fears of the wasp--namely, that of an enemy lurking nearby. 

For best results, it's recommended to hang this product in early springtime when the queen wasp is scouting for a place to begin her colony. At the sight of this deterrent, it's highly likely that the queen will fly away, preventing the birth of numerous new wasps on your property.

This product ships as a two-pack and is made of the usual rice-paper material, so it's recommended that you hang it in a shaded area which can be protected from rainfall. 


  • check
    Realistic-looking false hive effectively deters wasps and hornets
  • check
    Targets the queen wasp before she can populate a colony
  • check
    Comes in a 2-pack for added coverage


  • Product is made of thin rice paper and may not hold up to the elements
  • Some wasps were not afraid at all
  • Easy to hang and aesthetically pleasing
  • Inner wire framework prevent other insects from entering the false "nest"

These design-style false nests are ideal for those who want to deter wasps without having, well...a wasp's nest on the terrace.

They are formed from rice paper in a neutral color and are aesthetically pleasing, appearing more like Japanese lanterns than pest control products. 

However, when wasps see the silhouette of these "nests," all they see is an enemy hive. This is enough for the wasp to hightail it out of your yard!

They ship in a 4-pack and are collapsible for easy storage in the off-season. Hanging is a snap, as is assembly and disassembly. 

We recommend these Esschert Design All Natural Wasp Deterrents for those who want to keep a clean, pleasant-looking balcony or patio without any eyesores, but want all the benefits of a pest control product simultaneously. 


  • check
    Function as intended to deter wasps
  • check
    Aesthetically pleasing
  • check
    Sold in a 4-pack


  • Made from rice paper which can crumble in rain
  • Beige color may be less threatening to wasps
  • Honeycomb pattern mimics natural nest pattern
  • Wasps flee when they see this decal

This type of product uses the same premise in a different way: by taking the interior of the nest and slapping it on every possible surface, consumers are effectively scaring the wasps off.

These decal stickers are branded with a honeycomb pattern, which is what the inside of a wasps's nest looks like. It almost sounds too crazy to work, but it's proven to be effective: when a wasp sees this honeycomb decal, it flies the other way, thinking it's just flown into an enemy's nest.

These decals are weatherproof and versatile for all areas of the home and garden, setting them apart from the other items on the list.

We recommend these decals because they are ideal for smaller spaces where false nests can't be hung up. 


  • check
    Weatherproof decals to be stuck in small places
  • check
    Much more versatile than traditional fake nests
  • check
    Honeycomb pattern mimics inside of nest and scares wasps more


  • Decals leave residue and are difficult to remove
  • Paper wasps ignored the decals in some cases
  • Hornets ignored the stickers in some areas during warm months
  • Sturdy fake nest to trick wasps and hornets 
  • Well-developed and very realistic-looking

Much different from the rice-paper lantern type of fake nests (and even our overall top pick) from earlier, the Aircrow Wasp Out Fake Hornet's Nest looks highly authentic.

This decoy nest is a bit different from the other contenders. Though it looks like it's made from a durable, sturdy solid, it's actually sold in a deflated state. 

There's a small hole through which the user must blow and "inflate" the nest, pumping it with air to make it look realistic. Once it's pumped up, it lasts for many seasons outside through all weather, scaring away wasps and hornets with ease. 

While this deterrent nest definitely gets the job done, we give it low ranking on our list because it's a little difficult to inflate, and it only ships as a singular product. 


  • check
    Made from durable materials
  • check
    Looks genuine and scares wasps and hornets
  • check
    Excellent design that blends in with nature


  • Costlier option
  • Can be difficult to inflate
  • Only ships in quantities of one

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Our Top Pick: Tanglefoot Waspinator

Everyone wants to get their money's worth when it comes to...well, everything. Getting rid of wasps in a humane way should be no different.

Every product on our list is effective, but we've chosen to rate the Tanglefoot Waspinator as our overall top choice for the number one wasp deterrent on the following grounds:

  • The ease of use
  • It's made from a sustainable material
  • The design looks strikingly close to an authentic wasp's nest
  • The 3-pack means you'll be able to cover a larger area

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