Top 5 Best Vole Repellents To Buy Today (**2019 Review**)

Looking for the most effective vole repellent for your garden?

Great, you're in the right place!

In this guide you'll learn:

  • What attracts voles into your garden?
  • How can you get rid of voles?
  • Are ​ultrasonic repellents effective in keeping voles out?
  • ​How to use an ultrasonic vole repellent?
  • Our favorite 5 vole repellents for 2019
best vole repellent

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

(updated as of 03/20/2019)

  • ​Solar powered
  • ​Chemical free
  • ​Wide application

​Ultrasonic repellers are now at the forefront of today's garden pest control and you're going to need one that you can count on for a variety of invaders.

With that, our top picks goes to the Lubatis Vole Chaser Pest Deterrent.


​It doesn't just work in driving away voles and its close relatives. The device is also effective in keeping scorpions, possums, and rabbits at bay.

​One device covers an area of no less than 7,000 square feet and is built to withstand extreme weather elements to continue repelling voles and other garden pests even under heavy rains.

​All it takes is a 4-hour solar charging time to secure enough power to run 5-7 days straight.

Continue reading for our full breakdown and more information on ​vole repellents!

​​​​Top 5 Best Vole Repellents

Short on time or just want a quick answer?

Check out our below list for a summary of our results. Keep on reading to learn more on voles and repellents!

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What ​Attracts Voles Into Your Garden?

​Voles are cute but destructive. Like moles, they dig tunnels and destroy your garden's landscape while slowly but surely eating away the vegetative life out of your garden.

When faced with a vole problem, the first thing that comes to your mind is how they get into your garden in the first place. What attracted voles into your property?

​Basically, the main factor that attracted voles into your garden is FOOD. Unlike moles, voles are more of a vegan. Although they tend to eat snails and insects from time to time, they often prefer seeds, roots, barks, bulbs, tubers, plants, and even grasses.

Apart from destroying your landscape by digging tunnels that run across various directions they munch the life out of your garden's vegetation from the ground up. Trees, herbaceous plants, mulched planting beds, and tall grasses in your garden are an open invitation for voles.

​Are Ultrasonic Repellents Effective In Keeping Voles Out?

​Nowadays, the most commonly used type of vole repellent are devices that emit low frequency sonic pulses. These devices are often shaped like a giant nail that you can easily place on various corners of your garden.

Ultrasonic repellents are solar powered to keep the devices going without the need for taking them indoors and get them recharged. Each of these repellents can cover an average area of 6,000 to more than 7,000 square feet.

​How To Use An Ultrasonic Vole Repellent?

​Before using an ultrasonic vole repellent, it is best to first identify the voles' runways and nesting sites. Outer tunnels dug by voles look much alike to those made by moles.

These can look like miniature mountain ridges running across your garden. You should also look for nesting sites of voles which are often found at the base of a tree.

Place ultrasonic repellents near these areas strategically. Otherwise, it will be more like a hit and miss. Larger gardens or yards may require at least two or more of these devices.

This short video will give you more tips on how to use a solar powered ultrasonic repellent.

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​Vole Warning

If you do think you have voles, we highly recommend first consulting with a local exterminator before using rodenticides, ultrasonic repellents, or any other method of vole control. Improper use can and will make your bed bug problem worse.

Use our local exterminator search tool to get a couple free quotes so you can begin the removal process.

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Best ​Ultrasonic Vole Repellent Reviews

​Ultrasonic vole repellents are very much effective in protecting your garden from those burrowing rodents. If you already have ​voles, our recommendation would be to consult a seasoned exterminator and get a professional handle on the level of your infestation.

Let's get into our top picks!

  • Waterproof
  • ​Solar powered
  • ​Easy to use

Although this review is all about the devices that help drive voles away, this ultrasonic repellent can do more than that.

The ​Lubatis Vole Chaser Pest Deterrent works on a wide range of yard or garden pests. The device can be your one-stop solution against rabbits, scorpions, squirrels, and basically all types of rodents.

​It's solar powered so you won't have to worry about the device running out of power. Just plug the repellent into the ground and turn it on. It only takes 4 hours of solar charging time to secure power that can last for 5-7 full days.

​It is built to continue working under all types of weather so you can rest assured that your garden is fortified and protected round the clock. One device covers an area of 650 square meters and sends out sonic vibrations every 30 seconds.


  • check
    ​Easy to use
  • check
    ​Solar powered
  • check
    ​Weather resistant
  • check
    ​Chemical and poison free


  • ​Geared with Ni-Cd batteries that may pose great risk when ruptured
  • ​400-hz low frequency sonic pulses
  • ​Solar powered
  • ​Top class durability

​Next in line is the Vekibee Vole Chaser. It emits 400-hz low frequency pulses every 20 seconds that drive voles and other burrowing rodents crazy. The pulses however, don't have a direct effect on humans and pets.

​The device is also quite easy to set up. It is basically divided into two major parts - the spike and the cap. Connect the connector cable from the spike to the receptacle located at the bottom part of the spike.

Affix the two parts together and thrust the device into the ground. Make sure that the uppermost layer of the device is about 4 inches above the ground.

​The vole chaser is equipped with a polycrystalline silicon solar battery that can be fully charged under direct sunlight for only 4 hours. After which, the device will have enough power to continue working for 5 full days even under gloomy weather.

​With a water tight plastic housing at the top and a corrosion resistant aluminum at the bottom, the repellent boasts durability that you can count on for years on end.


  • check
    ​Solar powered
  • check
  • check
    ​Corrosion resistant
  • check
    ​Easy to install


  • ​May take around 2-4 weeks for all burrowing rodents to totally leave the area
  • ​Solar powered and maintenance free
  • ​Water resistant and durable

​Unlike the Vekibee Vole Chaser, the Apello Ultrasonic Vole Chaser emits ultrasonic pulses every 30 seconds. Yet still, the device is very much effective in driving voles and other rodents away.

​Apart from being water and corrosion resistant, the Apello Ultrasonic Vole Chaser is fire proof as well. The repellent is maintenance free and covers an area of 6,500 square feet.

​The Apello Ultrasonic Vole Chaser is built to last and doesn't have an adverse effect on everyone in the family including your feline and canine friend. 


  • check
    ​Solar powered
  • check
    ​Water and corrosion resistant
  • Fire retardant


  • ​Requires up to 8 hours of charging time
  • ​Solar powered
  • ​Weather proof

​Originally built for gophers and moles, Vensmile is also very efficient in keeping voles at bay. One Vensmile Vole Deterrent protects an area with a 70-foot diameter and delivers sonic pulses every 30 seconds.

​Like most most of the entries in this list, Vensmile requires only 4 hours of continuous solar charging time to accumulate power enough to keep it running for 5 days straight.

​If you happen to have an acre of land, it is recommended to use a dozen of this device for optimum protection against all types of burrowing rodents and other garden pests.


  • check
    ​Weather proof
  • check
    ​Safe and humane
  • check
    ​Extensive coverage
  • check
    4 hour charging provides 5 day power


  • ​It may take 2-4 weeks to totally drive away voles
  • ​Smart working program
  • ​Safe and humane
  • ​Extensive coverage

​And last but definitely not the least, the Redeo Vole Chaser steps up the game for all vole repellents.

The device is somewhat unique compared to the rest of the entries in the list. Redeo Vole Chaser is geared with smart working program which makes it capable of emiting 4 different sonic pulse intervals. The idea behind this innovation is to make sure that voles will not be able to adapt to the sonic sound.

​The Redeo Vole Chaser has an extensive coverage reaching up to 7,000 square feet. Setting these devices at most 82 feet apart provides optimu protection for your garden against voles and all other burrowing rodents.


  • check
    ​4 different sonic pulse intervals
  • check
    ​Extensive coverage
  • check
    ​High waterproof rating
  • check
  • check
    ​Superior durability


  • You may have to wait up to two weeks before your garden becomes totally free of voles
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Although we like the Vekibee Vole Chaser and the ​Redeo​​​, our top pick still goes to ​Lubatis Vole Chaser Pest Deterrent ​because it's the only entry in the list that can provide an entire week of repelling power for just 4 hours worth of charging time.

​Voles and other burrowing rodents can be pretty stubborn and a repellent that you can count on for continuous work regardless of the weather condition is a game changer.

​Ultrasonic vole repellents provide the best results when in used in conjunction with other types of vole control methods.

Please Note*** If you are attempting to kill or remove a ​vole problem, we highly recommend you consult and potentially hire a licensed exterminator or else you risk making your ​vole problem worse. Click here for our tool to help you find free quotes from pre-qualified exterminators in your area.

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