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Top 5 Best Stink Bug Repellents (**2020 Review**)

On the hunt for the top stink bug repellents, but unsure of which to choose?

We'll get you set up.

In our Pest Strategies guide, you'll learn:

  • The top-recommended stink bug repellents (digital and liquid options)
  • The difference between repellents
  • The best repellents to use for different environments
  • Whether the stink bugs you're trying to repel will hurt you
best stink bug repellents

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

(updated as of 10/3/2018)

MaxMoxie Pest Repeller

  • 1200 sq feet of range
  • 60Hz Frequency
  • Lifetime Guarantee 

We have reviewed five different repellents for stink bugs, and the MaxMoxie Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is our overall top choice for a number of reasons.


Because we've found it to have the MOST authentic positive reviews from real customers.

If you look around other websites, you'll see there are a LOT of brands trying to sell similar devices. In our research, this one has actually delivered results.

The product ships with two plug-in devices, which all generate 60 Khz of ultrasonic energy each in order to irritate the nervous systems of stink bugs and make your home an unattractive place to be. 

This process is done totally without the use of chemicals, by the way. No pesticides are used, and the best part is that humans and domesticated animals like cats and dogs generally can't pick up on the frequencies emitted by the devices. This means that the pests are driven out, but the humans and pets don't notice a thing.

Each plug-in device can cover a 1200 square foot area, which means that the 2-pack offers 2400 square feet over coverage against stink bugs, as well as other types of pests which could be crawling, flying, burrowing, or nesting in your home.

Check out the rest of our guide to see why we rated the rest of the products the way we did, as well as grab some information about stink bugs to prevent them in the future!

Insect repellents can usually refer to one of two types of products.

There are liquid insect repellents, such as sprays and wipes. It's almost impossible to think of going camping without the classic smell of "bug spray" slapping you in the face, isn't it?

Well, this bug spray is actually a liquid insect repellent. 

And then there's a digital insect repellent: this is normally a device which uses a power source to create electromagnetic waves in order to irritate the nervous system of insects, creating an annoying environment that scares them off.

In this guide, we have included examples of BOTH types, just to give you an idea of what's out there. 

Let's get to it!

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Stink Bug Repellents We Reviewed

Short on time?  Take a look below for the top 5 in our list. Otherwise, check out our buying guide.

Are There Different Types of Repellents?

Most people hear the words "stink bug repellent" and think of endless liquid applications of a spray, as we mentioned earlier.

But what other types of repellents are available to consumers these days? And which is the better buy for your buck? Keep reading to find out!

Classic Liquid Spray

This is the run-of-the-mill, protective spray which comes in a plastic bottle that your parents used to make a point to douse you in before going outside in the summer months. 

These sprays usually contain DEET, which is a chemical compound designed by the US Army in 1946 to protect soldiers from insects in highly infested areas.

This is not to be confused with stink bug spray solution meant to KILL the bugs as opposed to repel them.

While DEET is approved by the Centers for Disease Control for use in liquid insect repellents, it can be harmful as its concentration increases. In addition to causing health problems, DEET can damage outdoor gear and fabrics, which leads some consumers to search for a gentler, more green option.

There are a few DEET-free liquid repellents on the market, one of which we review down below in our guide. 

Digital Ultrasonic Repellers

If you're planning on sticking around the home and enjoying a summer night out on the terrace, a digital repellent is your best bet.

This method of pest control takes another avenue to achieve the same goal--to drive away the stink bugs. Instead of taking the form of a liquid that the user applies topically to the skin, a digital repeller is an actual electronic device which either plugs into a wall outlet or runs on batteries.

These devices send out ultrasonic electric signals which irritate pests' nervous systems and create a highly unpleasant environment. In turn, the pests retreat within about two weeks of setting up the devices when the user follows all best practices to prevent new stink bugs and other pests from popping up.

The best part? Humans and pets typically can't detect the ultrasonic frequencies that the devices pump out. This method of pest control is not just chemical-free, but hassle-free as well.

Bracelet Repellers

A new wave of insect repellers have recently swept the pest control market in the form of rubber bracelets which are packed with essential oils.

These oils provide a natural defense against stink bugs as well as a variety of other insects, and can be worn for up to 320 hours. The essential oils are excreted from the bracelet in an extended release along the 320-hour timeline, so the user never feels a slimy, oily goo coming from the bracelet. 

These bracelets are a relatively new product, but the science behind them is solid. Geraniol, the main essential oil present in the bracelet (along with lemongrass), is said to repel pests naturally. 

In recent tests conducted by the USDA Mosquito and Fly Research Unit in Gainesville, Florida, a few volunteers put these bracelets (among other repellents) to the test by willingly sticking their arms into a box full of hungry mosquitoes.

Take a look at the video below to see how the bracelets fared among the contenders.

Due to their relatively new status on the market and failure in recent tests, we were reluctant to recommend these bracelets in our full-length guide. However, if you're interested in taking these bracelets for a spin, we recommend Cliganic Mosquito Repellent Bracelets.

Want To Just Skip All This Research And Hire A Decent Exterminator For Your Stink Bug Problem?

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When Should You Use Which Type of Repellent For Stink Bugs?

It may seem difficult to choose between repellents, especially when you're shelling out your hard-earned money.

We'll break down what kind of atmosphere is appropriate for each type of stink bug repellent so that you'll be an informed consumer, ready to make the best possible choice.

Around the House

When you've got access to wall sockets, an ultrasonic device system is the way to go to banish those stink bugs.

Why is that?

For one thing, it's incredibly user-friendly. Simply plug in the device, and you're good to go. The ultrasonic frequencies will begin automatically to annoy the stink bugs, and you won't have to do a thing. 

Secondly, it's great for those with kids and pets. This approach is mess-free, so you won't have to worry about little ones spilling into any dangerous chemicals while your back is turned. 

By the Pool or On the Deck

This is a bit of a tricky answer, because there's no one-size-fits-all solution. There are a few things to consider.

  • Does your outdoor area have power outlets?
  • Will you be eating outside?
  • Do you enjoy sugary (and high-sugar-content) beverages outside?
  • Is there a body of standing water in your backyard?

The short answer is this: if you have a power outlet nearby, we recommend that you use an ultrasonic pest control device for the reasons mentioned above.

Otherwise, we say go with a battery-powered ultrasonic device.

Why is this Plan B?

Well, these battery-operated machines tend to cover a smaller radius than their power-outlet counterparts; so if you have the option, always plug in.

The Great Outdoors

In this case, we recommend to use a portable ultrasonic pest repeller in conjunction with liquid insect repellent spray.

When you combine the power of these two bug repellent methods, you're giving yourself substantial protection against not only stink bugs, but insects which carry life-threatening diseases like West Nile Virus and Zika Virus. 

Be sure you choose an option that lasts for a long time on a single application, and one that won't fall away if you sweat through it. We recommend natural options with essential oils instead of DEET for this, because they tend to provide an added layer of protection against the elements.

Will a Stink Bug Hurt Me?

With all this talk of stink bug repellants, it really makes you wonder how dangerous these horrible creatures actually are.

Brown marmorated stink bugs, despite looking as though they just crawled out of prehistoric times, are actually 100% harmless to humans and pets. 

They give off a vile odor when they feel threatened (hence the nickname) and they'll tear through your garden or your houseplants, but that's about all they'll bring to the table. 

Stink Bug Repellents Reviewed

In the below section we break down each of our product recommendations in a little more detail.​

  • 60 Khz of ultrasonic electricity per device
  • Entire set can cover 2400 square feet against stink bugs and other pests

With this set of digital pest repellents, you'll be able to count on the fact that you'll be stink bug-free in a matter of a few weeks.

The devices stagger their frequencies in order to build up to a high result. This means that in the first week, the frequencies start small, as only to minimally irritate the stink bugs. In the next few days, the currency builds until it becomes unbearable to stick around, causing the bugs to flee immediately.

At its highest point, you can expect for the system to max out at 60 KHz of ultrasonic power. The coverage area per device is 1200 square feet, and the manufacturer sells the product in quantities of two at a time. This product is lifetime guaranteed by the manufacturer for quality and customer satisfaction.

This is an awesome product for those who have large homes or offices that need a lot of coverage against stink bugs in a reliable way.


  • check
    Repels stink bugs, mosquitoes, and other pests
  • check
    Stronger ultrasonic wave than other products 
  • check
    Larger coverage area than most competitors
  • check
    Comes in a 2-pack
  • check
    Lifetime guaranteed product


  • The product has a blue power light which can be very distracting, especially during sleep
  • Some customers complained of ineffectiveness against spiders
  • Can cover up to 1600 square feet per unit
  • Works to repel a variety of different pests in addition to stink bugs

The rilir Home Pest Control Repeller System works to effectively bug your stink bugs away for good.

The plug-in repellers use only 4 watts of power per device, and provide a constant stream of electromagnetic waves to your home in order to irritate stink bugs and create an unpleasant environment where they won't want to hang out.

The reason that this product is the runner-up on our list is twofold: the price is slightly higher than that of our overall top pick, and customer reviews favor the ADEON repeller more.

However, the two products have identical specifications and capabilities.

The rilir Home Pest Control Repeller System comes with a Lifetime Guarantee from the manufacturer, but customers with pet hamsters are warned NOT to use this system.


  • check
    Repels stink bugs and other pests
  • check
    Ships in a 4-pack
  • check
    Uses only 4 watts of energy per device
  • check
    Covers 1600 square feet per repeller
  • check
    Manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee


  • Cannot be used in homes with hamsters!
  • Some customers report that stink bugs are attracted to the power light
  • Marketed for mosquitoes but can repel stink bugs as well
  • Powered by batteries and therefore portable

We love this digital repeller because of the freedom it gives the user.

Though it is geared more toward repelling mosquitoes, it can still get the job done to drive away stink bugs. The most important aspect here is the fact that this repeller can be clipped onto a belt, a backpack, or just sit around on a table--because it operates on batteries, you don't have to chain yourself to an outlet to reap its benefits.

We recommend this repeller for those who spend tons of time outside in the yard, whether that means you're doing yard work, hanging out by the pool, or just sitting around enjoying the warmer temperatures.

The two-pack of insect repellers operate on AAA batteries and repel insects within a 30 square meter radius. 


  • check
    Effectively repels mosquitoes, stink bugs, and other pests
  • check
    Runs on AAA batteries instead of plugging into an outlet
  • check
    Clips onto a belt loop for hands-free usage
  • check
    Ships in a 2-pack


  • Can't charge in a wall outlet; only uses batteries
  • Liquid spray with a eucalyptus and lemon oil base
  • DEET-free which makes it a great alternative to usual liquid repellents

Most spray-on repellents on the market contain DEET, a chemical which is so commonplace that it pretty much is synonymous with "bug spray" in this day and age.

The REPEL Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Insect Repellent, however, uses essential oils in place of DEET in order to achieve the same result. This switch makes their product unique, and definitely serves as a greener option in the face of all the chemicals floating around on the market.

The repellent protects against stink bugs as well as a range of other pests for six hours--namely mosquitoes, ticks, and carriers of the West Nile Virus. 

One application can last up to six hours of prolonged protection, and the refreshing scent won't bother you during that time, either. 

Repellents with lemon oil have been recommended by the CDC and approved by the approved by the EPA as the only plant-based insect repellant on the market.

We recommend this repellent for those who are looking for a green method to stay stink bug-free out in the middle of the wilderness without the use of electricity.


  • check
    Repels stink bugs and other dangerous pests
  • check
    Liquid form; can be used anywhere
  • check
    The product takes a green outlook; approved by the EPA as a plant-based alternative to DEET
  • check
    Won't harm clothing or gear like DEET will


  • The soothing smell may attract some stinging pests, such as hornets and yellow jackets
  • The citrus oil causes some users to break out in severe rashes
  • The smell was too strong for some users
  • Commercial-grade strength designed to repel insects in the retail market 
  • Effective against stink bugs, mosquitoes, ticks, and other bugs with carry Zika Virus
  • Designed to be sprayed on fabrics and will not harm clothing

Sawyer Products Permethrin Insect Repellent combines professional strength insecticide with regular old bug repellent. 

The active ingredient in this product is permethrin, which is found in many commercial-grade insecticides. This liquid repellent is formulated in a mild solution that's gentle enough to be used on fabric, clothing, and even skin, but tough enough to keep the stink bugs and other pests away.

We rated this product as last on the list because it is primarily recommended for fabrics. Although it is safe for use on skin, human skin breaks down the permethrin within a matter of a few minutes, whereas the active ingredient stays in fabric for up to 6 weeks or 42 washings. 

We recommend this product to be used in conjunction with others for avid hikers in order to protect clothing and gear from stink bugs without damage.


  • check
    Active ingredient permethrin repels and kills stink bugs and other pests
  • check
    Safe for skin, fabrics, and gear
  • check
    Bonds to fabric fibers for up to 6 weeks
  • check
    Safe to use around dogs


  • Recommended only for use on fabrics
  • Doesn't hold up on skin
  • Some customers complained that the applicators are cheap and leaky

Want To Just Skip All This Research And Hire A Decent Exterminator For Your Stink Bug Problem?

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Our Top Pick: MaxMoxie Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Stink bugs stink, but they don't have to ruin your outdoor plans. 

Everything on our list is effective at banishing the stink bugs, but we chose the MaxMoxie Ultrasonic Pest Repeller as our overall favorite for a few specific reasons.

  • The system is the most powerful on the market and offers the most impressive coverage
  • Kids, pets, and adults in the house shouldn't be able to detect the ultrasonic waves
  • The devices are inexpensive
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime customer satisfaction guarantee or a full refund

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