Best Mouse Bait Review (WHICH BAITS ARE BEST?)

Curious about the best baits for your mice problem?

Well, you're in the right place!

Nothing as cute as a talking mouse on TV, that bald tail little menace shows up in your pantry or scampers across your feet in the bathroom.

The relationship with mice and humans is historic and unfortunately unhealthy, and you simply cannot live with them rodents.

best mouse baits

Realizing you are not alone in your home is alarming, the search for the perfect mouse rodent treatment becomes priority.

There are no magic bullets when it comes to mouse rodent abatement and once you realize it is a “process” and not an “event” you can then take steps to safely eliminate your furry little tenants.

In this article, I am going to break dong some of the best mice baits to help eliminate your mouse problem.

Mouse Bait Quick Comparison

In a hurry? Below are my top pics when it comes to mouse bait. I encourage you to read through the rest of the article so you know what to look for when buying bait for your mice problem.

Mice Bait Expectations

pie chart of success

First, realize that when mice set residency in your home, they are not “visiting”, they are breeding and nesting in your walls, attics, or basements. If you see one, I assure you his brothers and sisters are not far away.

If you’re going to use mice bait in any pest elimination process, there are (3) three critical considerations that must be addressed if you expect any success. We call it the Pie Chart of Success when it comes to pest elimination, which is made up of cultural, mechanical, and abatement (or elimination) factors. If one part of the Pie Chart is not addressed, no amount of traps, chemicals, or mice baits poison will work.


The cultural aspect refers to the environment within your home.

You need to ask yourself, “ What attracted the mice to your house in the first place?”

  • Do you have bird feeders in the yard?
  • Is there pet food that provides a constant food source for your mice?
  • Is your trash remove regularly?
  • Is your kitchen kept clean such as areas behind the stove and other applicances?

Mice must have a food source, and often we attract these rodents to our homes through our personal cultural, and the way we live. If those cultural issues are not corrected, no amount of bait, or traps will solve your mouse problem.


The second factor are “mechanical” issues.

It is amazing to hear homeowners complain that they can't get rid of a mouse problems in their house. I often hear that that their mice bait is not working, yet when a full inspection of the home is complete, you find the structure has literally dozens of entry points where mice are constantly entering.

Remember it takes very little space for a mouse to enter your home. Pipe, wire and hose chases with no caulking are open doorways.

The space between the garage door and the concrete when the rubber pad is old and damaged is a breezeway open to the outside. Once in the garage, mice they have complete access to the rest of your home. Many homeowners store bird seed, food, and pet supplies in the garage, which provides a great food source for any hungry mouse.

Addressing the mechanical issues within your house the structure is essential, without this you will only harvest mice as the ones you kill or trap will be quickly replaced by the ones coming in.


Ironically, abatement is the final piece of the pie.

If the first two parts are not addressed, no abatement program will be successful. Your responsibility as a homeowner with a mouse problem or even a professional, is to find the safest, most efficient (yet cost effective) procedure to eliminate the mouse rodent problem.

Only once you have addressed the cultural and mechanical aspects of a pest problem, then treatment options such as mice baits can be evaluated.

bread as a mouse bai

What you NEED to know about mice baits

Mouse bait types

Formulation of the actual mice bait comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and textures. Each will have distinct advantage or disadvantage depending on climate you are expecting the bait to perform in.

Mice bait can be purchased in soft, hard, large and small pellet formulation.

If you are dealing with a large infestation, most companies make what is called a “Super Block” which is nothing more than a larger solid bait that can be placed and left for longer periods of time without bait depletion. If mice consume the bait quickly and deplete the supply, it will only make the mice sick. Later when more bait is added to replace the depleted supply the mice will avoid the product remembering the it made the sick. This is called “bait shyness” so it is important to make sure you keep the bait plentiful. Larger blocks in more active infestations prevents bait depletion.

Soft vs hard vs pellet mouse baits... which is best and why?

Overall, soft bait is going to be your best bet.

It's attractive to most mice, however, it does struggle in the winter as it might end up freezing and become brittle. In the summer the high temperatures can melt the soft baits and cause them to “ooze” or drip out of the station.

Pellets are not recommended.

Pellet mice bait formulation is normally contained in packets that are placed in the mice station. Mice are nibblers, they will chew through the paper and the pellets are often displaced or fall out of the mice station exposing the toxic product to non-target animals or humans.

Bad choice...

Poisons/chemicals within the baits... which are the best and why?

The best products to eliminate or control mice or rat population are the newer single feeding baits. The new generation single feeding mice baits are primarily all anticoagulants. While the term “single feeding” leads the consumer to think lethal dose in one feeding with mice it is a stretch simply because mice are nibblers so to consume a lethal does they have to keep returning to the station to feed.

The best are the solid soft baits. You should stay away from the “place packs” that are designed to be place without protective stations as they contain pellets that we discussed that can be dislodged or what we call “bait displacement”.

Final Blox, Contrac Blox, Victor Multi-kill Block and First Strike Soft packs (if the climate will work with it) are all great single feeding baits and all have listed antidotes on the label.

Are mice baits dangerous?

In short, yes, mice baits ARE dangerous.

Mice baiting is serious work. If you take this on as a homeowner realize that you are dealing with a toxic product that could kill or seriously harm you or your family. Never place the bait where humans or pets can get to it.

Here a couple of bullets to remember when it comes to mice bait.

  • The mouse bait, must always be in a tamper resistant bait station. Remember it is “tamper resistant” not tamper proof.
  • Make sure the bait is secured properly so that it can't fall out of the station if its moved. With most baits there is a rod in the station, which is used to thread the bar through the bait (which has a hole in it usually).
  • Make sure you use a mice bait with an antidote in case of an emergency (normally Vitamin K-1 is the antidote). Make sure you read the label of your product. If it does not have an antidote, DO NOT USE IT!

Now that we’ve covered everything you need to know about mice baits, check out some of our recommended products...

Best Mouse Bait Recommendations

Below I listed out some of my favorite baits when it comes to killing mice.

  • First Strike Pacs
  • Contrac Blox
  • Ditrac All Weather Blox
  • MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse Bait
  • First Strike is a good soft bait product to eliminate your mouse problem.

    If you look online you might find this brand in the "bait packs", which I'm not a fan of. With the pack concept, always make sure the packs are secure in a bait station, and you never leave bait out in the open with no stations.


    • The soft formulation is very attractive to mice
    • Bait acceptance with soft baits tends to be quicker than hard baits


    • Weather limitations subject to heat and cold that would effect the soft matrix
    • Bait displacement could be an issue if the product were to melt or leak
    • Block versus packs, blocks seems more stable and safer in a station

    Contrac Blox is one of the most widely used mouse baits among professional pest control experts.

    It holds up well in most weather conditions, and it has a great​ "acceptance rate" amongst most rodents (mice and rats).

    It can be a little pricey with larger infestations, but I still recommend it as one of my favorite mouse baits.​

    For more information about the active ingredient, "Bromadiolne" in mice baits check out this article.


    • Probably the most widely used mice bait among professionals
    • Great track record on bait acceptance with most all rodents
    • Holds up well in most climates (hot or cold)


    • Normally Contrac is a bit pricey if you are dealing with larger infestations
    • Bait acceptance can be an issue if other food sources are present

    Ditrac is a multi-feeding bait meaning the mice needs to have multiple feedings to receive a lethal dose which tends to make it a bit safer.

    This is an all weather bait that works well in cold and warm weather. 

    Although, this is a good product, it can be slower acting, which could be a slight negative for some people who want instant results.


    • This is a great product to use in wet or high moisture areas as it is more resistant to mold and moisture
    • Excellent bait acceptance with a peanut flavor helps attract faster
    • Stable formulation with less chance of bait displacement outside the station


    • While the multi-feeding seems to be a plus on the safety side it tends to be a negative on the efficiency side.
    • It has been called a good but “patient” product and most folksdealing with rodent problems are less than patient.

    MOTOMCO makes an effective mouse bait with results usually within 1-2 days.

    The bait itself smells like peanut butter, which is a strong attractant. 

    This isn't an all weather bait so make sure to save it for attic or garage problems.  Also be aware that this bait doesn't have an antidote, so it should NOT be used where it could be accidentally consumed by pets or children.

    If anything, you'd be better off with something that doesn't attract other pests.​


    • Fast acting with results in usually 1-2 days
    • Enticing bait that will be sure to attract mice


    • May attract other pests as a by product of its use (roaches, ants, etc)
    • Although this bait is effective, there's no antidote, so make sure to keep out of reach from pets and children.
    • Not a weather proof formulation

    The Bottom Line

    Mice baits are one of the best option to take care of your mouse problem.

    Overall, best choice for normal infestations is Contrac Blox.

    It's durable, and works well on rat and mice infestations, and it has above average bait acceptance. Maybe a few pennies more for the purchase, but overall has the right formulation, antidote and knock out power.

    Will they die in your walls and smell horrible?


    But mice will die where they die. Don’t fall for the myth “they go outside and die”. Mice in the wild live about a year, if they are living in your home they are dying anyway in the walls and attics.

    While the use of mice is one of the most effective mouse killing options, YOU MUST BE RESPONSIBLE WITH THE USE OF IT.

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