Top 5 Best Mosquito Sprayers Reviewed (**2018 Edition***)

Looking for the best mosquito sprayers in 2018?

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In this guide you'll learn:

  • If spraying actually works when killing mosquitoes
  • The main tools you'll need
  • How do the bug sprays work to kill mosquitoes
  • When you should spray for the best results
  • And our top 5 recommended products
Best Mosquito Sprayers

There are more than 3,000 species of mosquitoes in the world, which is why many homeowners are looking for the best mosquito sprayer to protect themselves and their families.

In fact, the only countries and regions without mosquitoes are Iceland, Antarctica and a few small islands. So you’ll be hard-pressed trying to avoid them.

In this article we’ll break down the various types of mosquito sprayers, there applications, as well as when to spray, and what insecticide to spray with.

Here are our top 5 picks for the best mosquito sprayers. See further down for a full review on each.

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Do mosquito sprayers actually work?

A mosquito sprayer is one of the best tools for mosquito control and can be quite effective in reducing mosquito count in certain areas.

Mosquito sprayers, if used correctly, can dramatically reduce mosquito populations in certain areas. In some cases, consistent application of mosquito spray can eliminate certain mosquito species in an area altogether.

Although mosquito sprays can be quite effective, you may need to use combination of various mosquito control tools and techniques (e.g.,  to effectively control or eliminate mosquitoes in an area, especially if the mosquito population in the area is high.

What are the main tools used to kill mosquitos?

When figuring out your mosquito problem, you have three options sprays, foggers, or repellents.

  • Sprays are generally the most effective because the solution to lingers sticking to leaves and shrubbery with some sprays maintaining effectiveness for up to 30 days.
  • Foggers are great for those hard-to-reach spots, but often lack the staying power of sprays. Once the fog is done, there is no residual chemical left to defend against mosquitos.
  • Repellents are usually just to keep bugs away.

Fun Fact: 

Repellents have chemicals such as DEET, picaridin, and IR3535 which is meant to make you invisible to mosquitos (source).

How does bug spray for mosquitoes work?

Mosquito bug sprays contain insecticides such as bifenthrin, pyrethrin, piperonyl butoxide, and others, which target the nervous systems of mosquitos. The goal of sprays and foggers is to kill the mosquitos where the goal for repellents are to deter the bugs from coming near you.

When looking for the best mosquito sprayer, it is important to first determine what exactly you’re looking to accomplish.

Need to keep bugs away for a 30-minute jog? Consider using mosquito repellent. But if you have an imminent BBQ party and a backyard full of mosquitos, perhaps a fogger with a strong formula is what you need.

Where do I spray for mosquitoes?

Before you start to spray your home or lawn for mosquitoes, it’s important to determine all the areas where mosquitoes reside and spray these places directly to effectively reduce mosquito populations. Generally, mosquitoes like to reside in dark and humid areas with standing or slow-moving water. Mosquitoes also like to hang out in leaves, tall grass, trees, and objects such as metal cans and old rubber tires that can collect rainwater.

When to spray for mosquitoes?

The best time to spray for mosquitoes is in the early evenings, at night, or early morning. During this time, the wind is calm providing the perfect conditions for spraying. In addition, evenings are usually cooler, which means that the spray will remain relatively closer to the ground where it can kill as many mosquitoes as possible. Fogging in the evening will not affect beneficial insects such as butterflies and bees, which are active during the day and less so at night.

Best Mosquito Buy Sprayers

The Smith Contractor

This the bread and butter sprayer for your pest controlling needs. 

This commercial grade (yet affordable) sprayer sports a 2-gallon tank, 21 inch wand, 5 adjustable nozzles, and various other features to help you control the mosquito population in your life.


  • Translucent Body
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Stable With Low Center Of Gravity


  • May Have Weaker Water Pressure

Chapin 21210XP 1 Gallon Sprayer

This mosquito sprayer is one that rivals most professional sprayers but comes at an entry level price point. There’s a patented “SureSpray Anti-Clog Filter” and a large 4” opening for cleaning after use as well as a translucent body too check fluid levels.

Spray distance reaches up to 10ft and with add-ons can reach up to 30ft.

This is a perfect solution for a first timer needing a sprayer for their indoor or outdoor mosquito needs.


  • Clog Resistant 
  • Premium Construction
  • Ideal For Basic Spraying Needs


  • Prone To Leaking
  • Out Of The Box Nozzles Are Not The Best For Indoor Use

B&G Sprayer 1 Gallon 18 in. Wand

B&G is one of those brands that is synonymous with quality and a proper list would be lacking without one.

The B&G Sprayer 1 Gallon is not a cheap product mainly because each unit is handmade and hand tested before shipping. This particular model is a hand pump 1 gallon type.

When you’re spraying insecticide around, you want to make sure you’re using a quality device to administer the product without leakage, that’s where the B&G sprayer excels. Given its increased price tag, it’s more of an investment for those who seriously want to rid their home of mosquitos.


  • No Leakage Concerns
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction
  • Very Accurate Nozzle
  • Easy To Clean


  • Should Strap Sold Separately

Solo 451 3-Gallon Backpack Sprayer

This sprayer is for those who are serious about exterminating every mosquito on their property (or properties).

There are a couple backpack sprayers on the market with varying results, but I found the Solo 451 to be the most consistent from the equipment to the customer service. Paired with some Talstar mosquito insecticide, and you'll be in good shape.

This setup is perfect for someone who wants to take control of their own pest control needs. Often pest control services aren’t prompt, miss appointments, and are just not reliable. If you’re even remotely thinking about taking the DIY route and are a little handy when it comes to mechanical tools consider this kit.


  • Covers Large Spaces Of Land Quickly
  • Reaches Significant Heights With Add-Ons
  • Doubles As Blower (leaves, grass, etc)


  • Very Loud
  • Heavy (40-50 pounds when full)

Chapin 20000 Sprayer

This is the mosquito sprayer for those who want to be extremely economical. If you’re a price sensitive first timer who doesn’t expect to get a lot of use out of the sprayer, I’d recommend this solution for your mosquito removal needs.

This model is the 1 gallon pump action type sprayer, with an ergonomic handle and 12inch (up to 32 inch with add-on) wand.


  • Cheap
  • Light


  • Prone To Leaking
  • Plastic Construction
  • Seal/Air Pressure Issues

Best Mosquito Insecticide

Talstar Pro 96

With over 1200+ 5 star review on amazon sold by hundreds of retailers, this is really the only insecticide you need to take care of you bug problems.

Talstar Pro 96 is labeled to kill over 75 different bugs including cockroaches, mosquitos, pill bugs, ticks, fleas, and any other pest you can think of. Once applied, you'll have a residual pest killing effect that last for up to 3 months!

For an insecticide, this is our recommendation.

Bottom Line About Mosquito Sprayers

There are a lot of sprayers and insecticides on the market.  

My recommendation would be the B&G Sprayer with Talstar Pro 96.

B&G strikes a balance between quality and price. Personally, I would never want insecticide to spill all over the place, and the B&G sprayer has built in functionality to prevent that, which most lower priced models do not have.

Talstar Pro 96 is the best most potent insecticide you can get. It's a little pricy, but worth the cost. ​

Pair up Talstar Pro 96 with the B&G sprayer and you'll be kissing your mosquito problem good bye.​

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