The Best Mosquito Foggers (In-Depth Reviews)

Looking for the best mosquito foggers in 2018?

Then you're in the right place!

Let's face it...

Most people want to keep outdoor events mosquito bite free.

With warm spring temperatures and lots of rain, mosquitos are expected to be worse than usual this year.

 Best Mosquito Fogger Reviews

That's where a mosquito fogger can step in and help.

But before you buy one, it's important to familiarize yourself with the basics when it comes to picking out one of these tools.

I've put together a list of the five best mosquito foggers on the market as well as a number of buying tips for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

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Mosquito Fogger Basics

Before we get into the review, I thought it'd be useful to break down some of the mosquito fogger basics.

What exactly are mosquito foggers?

Foggers are machines powered by either electricity (cold foggers) or propane (thermal foggers) that spray insecticide into the air as micro sized droplets creating what appears to be a fog.

What are the main types of mosquito foggers?

There are cold foggers and thermal foggers. Both types of foggers can be used to control mosquito populations and each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Mosquito foggers vary significantly in their operation, but for the purposes of this article, I just want to cover them at a high level.

Thermal Mosquito Foggers:

Thermal foggers are more suitable for outdoor use because high temperatures used to heat the fogging solution can be a fire hazard indoors.  Some thermal foggers are designed for indoor use depending on the model you choose, but a good rule of thumb is to keep thermal foggers for outdoors only.

Example Of Thermal Mosquito Fogger

There are two main types of thermal foggers: electric and gas.

  • Electric Foggers: Electric foggers work on electricity and must be plugged in to an electric outlet to work.
  • Gas Foggers: Gas foggers typically use propane for power. One advantages of thermal foggers is that they are much more portable.

Cold Foggers:

Cold mosquito foggers do not require a heating assembly to operate so the heat generated from the equipment isn’t as much of an issue. Instead, they utilize air pressure to atomize fogging solutions that can get up and running in just a few minutes.

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Cold foggers vs. thermal foggers?

Thermal foggers tend to be a cheaper buy, but they pose a significant fire risk because of how hot the equipment can get during operation.  Some thermal foggers also spew out a lot of gaseous fumes.

When in operation, you’ll also notice that the fog created by cold foggers tends to be invisible, which makes it difficult to control and accidentally inhale.

A Note About Fogger Safety

Foggers are a great way to kill mosquitos but be sure to always keep safety in mind during operation. Be sure to:

  • Wear a pesticide respirator ​
  • Follow the instruction manual for your fogger
  • Use approved insecticides with your fogger

When and where should you use a mosquito fogger?

Mosquito foggers are a highly effective, but temporary solution for backyard bug control, so they’re best used before outdoor events or before you know you’ll be spending an extended period of time in your yard.

You’ll want to use your fogger near shady areas of your yard, such as under trees, near standing water and in any other dark or damp areas where mosquitos could rest and hide.

You should not use mosquito foggers near areas with beneficial bugs, such as bees or butterflies, as the insecticide in these products will be harmful to those bugs as well.

How do aerosol can mosquito foggers work? Is there a difference?

An aerosol can fogger is a cheaper option than its machine fogger counterparts, however, coverage can be limited.

When using an aerosol can, you’ll be pushing down the fogging trigger and walking around your yard spraying the fog instead of using a separate piece of equipment to deploy the spray. If you have a larger yard, you may need to purchase several cans in order to ensure your entire yard is covered.  Aerosol cans cover a 30ft x 30ft area, so this is a great option for small yards.

You’ll want to make sure to avoid spraying any areas that contain edible plants as most aerosol fogger products are not safe for human consumption. If your edible plants are in moveable containers or pots, you can move them to another area or indoors temporarily.

How do mosquito foggers work?

Below is a great video on how to use the Burgess fogger.  I highly recommend you check out this video to give you an idea on how mosquito foggers work.

Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger (Thermal Fogger)

This is my personal favorite mosquito fogger made by The Fountainhead Group, Inc. With a design that hasn't changed in 30+ years you know you're getting a quality product.

The Burgess 1443 is a thermal fogger, which makes it more suitable for outdoor use vs. indoor use.  It holds 40oz of insecticide in a large container, which does makes the unit a tad bulky. 

I really couldn't find anything bad about this tool. If I'm nitpicking, I'd say that the only drawback is that you have to heat up the coil with a match or lighter.

As long as you let it warm up for about 2-4 minutes and pull the trigger every 4 seconds (not continuously else you'll be spraying pure liquid) you'll have yourself a tool that will decimate your mosquito population in minutes spurring up large clouds of insect death. Try not to smile too much as the mosquitos come crashing down in utter defeat. 


  • No Outlet Needed
  • Lightweight (2.9 Pounds)
  • Affordable
  • Easy To Control The Fog
  • Durable


  • Liquid Storage Tank Is A Bit Oversized
  • Requires A Match To Light The Heating Coil

Fogmaster Jr. Handheld Fogger (Cold Fogger)

The Fogmaster Jr. is a cold fogger powered by electricity unlike the Burgess above. Because it needs electricity, you'll be tethered to the nearest wall outlet, which I don't like when mosquito fogging.

This is a small unit well suited for home use or a small yard. The units blowing distance is approximately 5-10ft. You could probably squeeze a little more distance out of it on a windy day. 


  • Great For Indoor Use
  • Lightweight And Portable
  • Great For Deodorizing As Well As Pest Control


  • Tends To Produce More Of A Mist Than A Fog
  • Not Suited For Larger Areas
  • Has Been Known To Leak Slightly If Tilted

Some call this fogger a miniature jet engine given how loud it is when turned on, but when it is turned on, it sports some real horsepower.

As opposed to the smaller Fogmaster Jr., the Tri Jet ULV fogger is a step up in both quality and function. This unit produces a fog that sprays almost 6 times as far​ (30-40 foot distance) and has a tank capacity of 4 times as large (1 gallon).

The unit is prone to clogging, but a simple rinse with water and ​soap should put you back in action.


  • Quality Rust Proof Construction
  • Sprays Up To 30-40ft
  • Great For Indoor Use
  • 1 Gallon Tank Capacity


  • Very Loud
  • Prone To Clogging
  • Needs To Be Plugged In

The Repel fogger is a more ergonomic and user friendly alternative to the Burgess, made by the same manufacturer, The Fountainhead Group, Inc.

The Repel sports an ergonomic handle for a more comfortable grip while fogging.  It also has an igniter button, which makes it easy to preheat before use.  In contrast, The Burgess above requires a match or lighter to heat up the coil before use.

Although this mosquito fogger is made by the same folks who make the Burgess, there have been reports of poor durability with this model. 


  • Ergonomic
  • Igniter Button
  • Lightweight


  • Requires Brand Insecticides
  • Durability Issues

If you're in a pinch, and need to eliminate mosquitoes, then you might want to look into grabbing a couple of cans of Cutter.

What I like about this product is that it's extremely portable and is a contact killer.

If I notice a mosquito problem around my yard, I can quickly deploy some Cutter and take care of the issue quickly.

The bad about Cutter is that it's limited. In my experience, you'll get about 20 seconds out of each can, which is just enough to fog one large bush.  I've also experience instances where the cans don't produce a fog, but instead a steam, which has almost no effect on the mosquitoes.


  • Extremely Portable
  • Kills Immediately On Contact


  • You Get About 20 Seconds Out Of Each Can
  • Sometimes Doesn't Produce A Fog But A Steam

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the fogger you'll need depends entirely on your situation and what you intend to do with the fogger. If you have a mosquito problem, chances are you'll need an outdoor fogger with good ​fogging distance. 

In that case, the best value is by far the Burgess 1443 mosquito fogger.  It is a thermal fogger, which prohibits indoor use, but if your problem is mosquitos then your problem is most likely an outdoor issue.

For an affordable price, you'll get a quality fogger that could potentially last you 30+ years.

At the same time...

we also do recommend you consult with a licenses exterminator before you attempt to deploy any insecticides around your home. This is because certain states and localities have restrictions on what you are and are not allowed to spray into the air.

An exterminator could help answers these specific questions. To make this easy, we've developed a tool to help you get a few free quotes from exterminators in your area. Click here to use it!

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