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Top 4 Best Lice Sprays (In-Depth Review Guide)

Looking for some of the best lice treatment sprays?

....we've got you covered.

Liquid lice treatments and shampoos don't work for everyone, especially if you don't like the idea of handling the products yourselves.

Instead, you can look into using a lice spray, which effectively kills lice in a simple, easy to use form.

What're our top picks? 

Keep reading to find out!

best lice spray

Top 4 Best Lice Sprays

Short on time?  Take a look below for the top 4 in our list. Otherwise, check out our buying guide below.

  1. LiceLogic Natural Hair Nit Spray
  2. Licefreee Spray Instant Head Lice Treatment
  3. Nit Free Head Lice Detangling Spray
  4. CleaNit Lice Repellent Spray

What Should You Look For?

Not all lice sprays are created equal.

Some are designed to be friendlier and gentle on skin, while others are tough on pests and use stronger chemicals.

You might also want a spray which has additional features, like the power to also repel lice for a short period of time after application.

Additionally, many lice sprays might be less effective at killing lice because they use gentler ingredients or no pesticides.

The below items are some important aspects you should consider before deciding which lice spray works for you. 


As with many other insecticidal treatments, you should pay close attention to the ingredients used in lice spray.

Some sprays use more powerful chemicals to eliminate lice and only require one treatment. These chemicals are mild forms of pesticides and are usually in the form of pyrethrins or permethrins, which can be toxic when ingested.

Those two are specifically recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics as the first solution to a head lice problem.

Unfortunately, lice are becoming more and more resilient to these ingredients. 

Also be aware that these chemicals can be tough on the skin if not used carefully, which can cause additional scalp irritation.

nit eggs and lice sprays

If you're not comfortable using this kind of lice spray, you might want to consider one which uses more natural ingredients like rosemary and mint. These sprays are not as strong as the ones which use pesticides, but are less likely to be toxic and usually include some lice repelling properties.

Ultimately, it's important to determine which ingredients are right for you before choosing a lice spray for treatment.


Sometimes sprays come with useful features like lice combs or conditioners that can help eliminate all traces of lice and nits.

Depending on your infestation level, you might not need any additional equipment, but the add-ons can be beneficial for people facing a moderate-to-severe lice problem.

In particular, most lice treatments on the market require the use of a lice comb, which is often sold separately. Finding a package deal which includes a comb can save you money in the long run.

Pest Strategies Pro Tip

In some head lice cases, you can get away with ONLY using a comb. A study published in 2005, found that combining conditioner with a nit comb beat out traditional lice sprays by nearly 400%!

Sprays that also repel lice?

Since lice die very quickly without a host, grabbing a spray with repellent properties is usually a good idea.

These sprays can be useful for people who are worried about redeveloping a lice infestation, especially if multiple people in the same home have a problem.

Here's a quick video showing the powerful effects rosemary could have on lice!

Repelling sprays can also be useful if you have children and they go to a school where other kids have come home with lice.

In addition, some sprays only repel and will not be useful to treat lice infestations. In this case, you need to read the product carefully and be sure it can treat an active problem.

How Much Does It Cost?

Most lice sprays cost between $10-$20 for a single, multi-use bottle that can work for families.

Remember to check and see if it comes with a lice comb or any other useful materials to target nits and lice, as nits can be difficult to eliminate without the proper equipment. This is because nits latch onto the hair follicle for safety.

Product Reviews

In the below section we break down each of our product recommendations in a little more detail.​

The LiceLogic Natural Hair Nit Spray comes with a refreshing mint scent which I enjoy.

The product uses more traditional pesticides to loosen nits and destroy lice, but still manages to be gentle on the skin.

Its creators combined chemicals with gentler alternatives like rosemary and mint, which mean the LiceLogic Spray can repel future lice for a few days after application.

The product can be used on wet or dry hair and is safe for daily use. LiceLogic is a spray but looks more like a mousse which can be massaged throughout your hair, meaning it can be effective on most hair types.


  • check
    The product uses mint and rosemary to create a fresh scent.
  • check
    The spray is particularly effective at loosening and killing nits.
  • check
    The spray is unlikely to cause scalp irritation and can be used on most hair types.


  • The product can leave a greasy residue on some hair types.
  • The chemicals used aren't as strong as those in traditional treatments.
  • A person might need to use more than one treatment.

The Licefreee Spray Instant Head Lice Treatment uses a non-toxic formula designed to be homeopathic and environmentally friendly.

Unlike some other products, this one comes with a patented metal comb that can help dislodge nits and dead lice from the scalp.

The Licefreee Spray does not need to be rinsed out of hair after application and does not contain permethrin or pyrethrum, which are the two most popular yet toxic lice treatments.

We recommend this product to people seeking an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional lice treatments, or to people who have children and are concerned about the ingredients in other sprays. Because it is a spray, it's easy to apply Licefreee to most hair types.


  • check
    The product is non-toxic and pesticide free.
  • check
    Licefreee can be used on older children and adults.
  • check
    The package includes an effective metal comb to remove nits.


  • The spray can leave hair with a gel-like residue.
  • People might need to use more than one application to fully eliminate lice.
  • The comb doesn't always work for thick hair.

Unlike some other products, the Nit Free Head Lice Detangling Spray is made with peppermint oil for a fresh scent and the non-toxic lice repelling power of plants.

This spray works as a leave in conditioner which can help dislodge nits and dead lice from people's hair.

It can be applied to wet or dry hair and helps soothe scalp irritation caused by bites from lice.

The Nit Free spray is not guaranteed to kill lice but uses strong repellents and works effectively with a comb for those seeking a non-toxic, low chemical alternative to traditional pesticides. I recommend this product to families with children because of the spray's ability to repel lice and gentle approach to infestations.


  • check
    The spray is non-toxic and can be used on older children.
  • check
    The product can repel future lice infestations.
  • check
    The spray smells fresh and is relatively inexpensive compared to other products.


  • The spray is not guaranteed to kill lice.​​​​
  • The product does not come packaged with a comb to remove nits.

CleaNit manufactures a natural lice repellent and prevention spray which is additionally effective at killing lice and nits.

The product is chemical free and uses essential oils like rosemary, citronella, and tea tree oil to create a fresh-smelling product which possesses natural repellent properties.

The spray can be used on older children, adults, and even pets. I recommend this product to families with children because it can be used on a regular basis and lacks pesticides.

CleaNit Lice Repellent Spray also works on clothes and fabrics, and it needs to be carefully massaged throughout the entire scalp. The product works on adult lice as well as nits and can be used with a comb to brush out the pests.


  • check
    The spray is pesticide free and uses natural ingredients.
  • check
    The product repels lice and can be used on children.
  • check
    The spray can also be used on clothes and fabrics to prevent lice from clinging to clothes.


  • Does not guarantee the ability to kill lice and does not come with a comb.
  • The scent can be overwhelming for younger users.
  • The product needs to be used liberally throughout the scalp and requires reapplication.

The Bottom Line

All of these sprays can help you eliminate or repel lice, but my personal favorite is the LiceLogic Natural Hair Nit Spray because:

  • It can be used on adults and children
  • It works on almost all hair types, including my thick and fine hair
  • It's one of the only sprays designed to kill lice and nits as well as repel them
  • The spray smells fresh and is not overpowering

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