Top 5 Best Gopher Repellents (**2018 Review**)

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In this Pest Strategies review you can expect to learn:

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  • Whether or not repellents work
  • How to choose a repellent.
  • How to use a repellent.
  • What kinds of results you can expect.
best gopher repellent review

If you want to reliably get rid of gophers, repellent s can be a big help. 

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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

(updated as of 9/21/2018)

FitMaker Solar Powered Repeller

  • Audible signal lets you know it's working
  • Solar panel recharges the battery
  • Covers 5,500 square feet each
  • 400-1000 Hz frequency, which works well

Of all the gopher repellents we surveyed, we liked the FitMaker Solar Powered Repeller the best.


It has a good track record of successfully driving gophers away, and keeping them away.

In simpler terms, we like it because it works.

There's a lot of knockoffs floating around the internet, but this one appears to be giving solid results for homeowners with gopher problems. 

It gives you an audible signal to let you know it's working, which is good for your peace of mind.

It's waterproof against rain and sprinklers so you don't have to worry about it. It has excellent coverage, and the solar panel on top keeps the batteries charged for around-the-clock operation for up to 4 days during bad weather.

Top 5 Best Gopher Repellents

Short on time or just want a quick answer?

Check out our below list for a summary of our results. Keep on reading to learn more about repellents and gophers!

  1. FitMaker Solar Powered Repeller (our #1 pick for repellers)
  2. Wonninek Solar Gopher Rodent Repeller (almost as good as #1)
  3. Acidea Solar Repeller (nice “garden” colored head)
  4. Authenzo Repeller Pack (dual solar panels on each)
  5. Sweeney's Repellent Granules (pet and child safe castor oil granules)

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What gopher repellents are available?

Generally speaking, there are only two kinds of repellents available: sonic repellents and chemical repellents. Both types have mixed track records. Let's look at them individually.

Do sonic repellents actually work for gophers?

It depends on who you ask.

Sometimes they do but there's no concurring research to prove it one way or the other. Anecdotal evidence from satisfied customers supports the theory that they function as advertised.

And to be perfectly frank, there are also a number of customers who claim it worked at first, then after a while, it stopped working.

do sonic repellers work for gophers

Early sonic repellents used continuous noise to drive away rodents such as gophers and moles. But the animals soon adapted to the noise then finally ignored it.

Modern repellents use a different approach by emitting noise at regular intervals. Hospital studies have shown that intermittent noises are more annoying than continuous ones, so there is some support for this newer methodology.

Anecdotal evidence on the effectiveness of these newer sonic repellers has increased substantially, so this approach appears to hold up in practice as well as in theory.

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Do chemical repellents actually work?

Once again, the answer seems to depend on who you ask. While it's true that there is very little research to support the long-term effectiveness of chemical repellents, the amount of anecdotal evidence in their favor is rather impressive.

After all, it's hard to argue with a yard that's suddenly free of gophers after putting out a chemical repellent.

Curious what a gopher looks like digging a hole? Check out the below video.

What should you look for in a gopher repellent?

The first thing to look for is the anecdotal evidence, i.e., the track record. Does it have a history of success or failure?

People like to talk, and they especially like to talk (complain) about products that don't work. Regardless of the eggheads in their ivory towers, this is a pretty good indication of a product's utility.

The ease of use is a biggie.

No one wants a gopher repellent that's a pain in the neck to use. Products that are difficult to use wind up sitting in your garage or shop gathering dust.

Finally, you should look for a repellent that doesn't have to be constantly re-applied. If it takes more than one or two applications, you're probably looking at a product that isn't going to work.

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How should you choose a gopher repellent?

Since most scientific studies don't support the idea of gopher repellents, you'll need to turn to people like us who've done the individual research for you.

We've looked at the available offerings and compared them for effectiveness, then tabulated the results for you to use.

After 14-and-a-half years in the field as a Pest Control Technician, I've developed a pretty good nose for what works and what doesn't.

Nothing is 100% of course, but within their limitations, these gopher repellents are very decent. I like them.

What is the best way to use gopher repellents?

Sonic repellents broadcast sound – usually around 400 Hz – in a circular area 40-50 feet in diameter. They do so at intervals of 25-30 seconds. The best way to use them is to set them up so their coverage areas overlap each other.

Also, make sure they're not on the same timing. You want them set up so one goes off, then the other, then another, and so on.

But don't do it 1,2,3,4 down the line. Stagger them, so the first one sounds on one part of the yard, then the next one sounds on the other side of the yard and so on.

The intermittent sound, coming randomly from different directions will be the most annoying to the gophers and have the best chance of driving them away.

Chemical repellents, usually granules, work by being broadcast over the area you're trying to protect. In addition to spreading them over the area as a whole, pour a small amount down each opening in the mounds.

Most granules are water activated, so water the affected area as soon as you've put them out.

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What results should you expect from gopher repellents?

Surprisingly, sonic repellents will actually increase gopher activity in the area when they're first turned on.

This is because of simple curiosity. The animals hear something new and want to investigate it to find out what it is. Then, as the noise continues, it becomes annoying and irritating. When they're unable to make it stop, they begin to leave.

You should probably give it about a week to drive the gophers (and moles, etc.) out of the area.

To keep them out long-term, vary the pattern and timing of the sounds occasionally. Turn all the repellents off, then turn them back on again in a different order.

Chemical repellents should begin working within a day or two. You'll have to keep a closer eye on them though and reapply them after a heavy rain.

Regular pesticides biodegrade and have to be reapplied on a regular basis, and so do these gopher repellents. It's the nature of the beast.

Gopher repellents we reviewed

To recap briefly, there are the 5 gopher repellents we reviewed.

Our #1 pick went to the FitMaker Solar Powered Repeller, but some of the others may be more suited to your needs. The Wonnineck repellers are almost as good and are within the same price range.

As long as you follow the directions, all of these will work to one degree or another.

  1. FitMaker Solar Powered Repeller (our #1 pick for repellers)
  2. Wonninek Solar Gopher Rodent Repeller (almost as good as #1)
  3. Acidea Solar Repeller (nice “garden” colored head)
  4. Authenzo Repellent (dual solar panels on each)
  5. Sweeney's Repellent Granules (pet and child safe castor oil granules)

FitMaker Solar Repeller

  • Long battery life
  • Proven track record
  • Audible sound lets you know they're operating correclty

This waterproof spike lets out an audible buzz every time it emits the 400 Hz low-frequency sonic blast.

This lets you know it's still going. It's a nice feature that keeps you from having to check them manually to see if they're working or not.

These will deliver the best results if you stagger them around the area you want to be protected, both physically and timing-wise so that none of them are sounding at the same time. They cover 5,500 square feet or about 48 feet out from each spike.

You should overlap the fields by placing them no more than 80 feet apart for complete coverage.

Start at the center of the area you want to be protected then work your way out. The gophers will get tired of the irritating and painful noise before long and begin leaving.

The solar panel on top of the spike will recharge the battery so it can operate for 4 days without interruption.

The batteries have a long lifespan so you're not running to the store every few weeks. The panel on top is slightly angled. Just turn it toward the direction on your property that gets the most sunlight and you're ready to go.


  • check
    Audible signal lets you know it's working
  • check
    Solar panel recharges the batteries
  • check
    Long battery life 


  • Only available in black, which might not work for you

Wonninek Solar Mole Repeller

  • Waterproof construction
  • Good coverage area (approx 7.000 sq. ft)

Installation is fast and simple. If you're in an area that receives a lot of rain it's nice to know these are waterproof.

The solar panels on top recharge the batteries for continuous operation night and day. It doesn't have an audible signal like our top pick, but that's our only complaint.

When these spikes are first installed they actually attract gophers, out of simple curiosity, before it drives them away from the constant bursts of painful noise.

Don't give up, wait through the initial increase in activity and it will begin keeping them away.

This has a good coverage area of approximately 7,000 sq. ft (650m²) each. To maximize the spread of the sonic and vibration, you should install them every 50 feet (15 meters) or so.

Stagger the timing so they're going off at different times. Irregular and alternating 400-1000 Hz low-frequency sonic blasts will confuse, frustrate, and irritate the gophers and moles, driving them away.


  • check
    Solar panels recharge the batteries
  • check
    Good coverage
  • check
    Waterproof design


  • No audible signal so you don't know if it's working 100%
  • No “garden” colors, only black

Acidea Solar Repeller

  • Comes in garden colors
  • Reliable yard coverage
  • Weather resistant

These brand-new sonic repellers from Acidea are easy to set up. You just connect the two cables inside the aluminum bar to the inserts on the top section.

Connect the bar and the top, then insert it into the ground. The solar panel keeps the batteries charged for unending operation 24-hours a day. The green, “garden” colored head blends in well with your landscaping.

These have fairly good coverage, up to 49-feet each. Use overlapping fields by placing the spikes 80-feet apart or less.

The 400 Hz low-frequency sonic pulses take place every 25 seconds to keep gophers, moles, and other rodents out of your yard, garden, and pasture. It doesn't have any audible signal to let you know it's still working.

After the initial burst of curiosity-driven activity, the critters will begin leaving so your yard, etc., can recover. However, these are weather resistant rather than waterproof.


  • check
    “Garden” colored heads blend into the landscaping nicely
  • check
    Solar panel recharges the batteries 
  • check
    25-second intervals bursts of noise


  • Not 100% waterproof as opposed to other brands
  • No audible sound

Authenzo Solar Repeller

  • Comes in a nice green, which will blend in with most yards
  • Sold in a decent value pack
  • Weather resistant

These solar-powered spikes have two solar panels, slanted to catch the morning sun and the afternoon sun, a handy little feature that makes placing them extremely easy.

The panels recharge the batteries for continuous operation for up to 5 days during inclement weather.

These repellers are big, made of sturdy, waterproof plastic. The on/off button creates a shaking motion when it actives, letting you know it's working.

The 400 Hz low-frequency is generated deep in the spike where it's underground and covers just over 7,000 square feet per spike.

Place them 82-feet apart or less for complete coverage. The head is a “garden” green that blends in well with your landscaping.

Comes in a bigger pack than most other products. 

The assembly instructions need a bit of updating though. The head comes off to make it easier to connect the wires then probing around inside the tubing of the spike.


  • check
    Green “garden” color similar to the previous model reviewed
  • check
    Comes in a good value pack
  • check
    Solar panels recharge the batteries


  • The instruction manual could be more helpful
  • Reports mention that it can take two days for the initial charge of the batteries

Sweeny's Repellent Granules

  • Comes in garden colors
  • Reliable yard coverage
  • Weather resistant

This is a bag of fine granules that can be easily broadcast with a spreader or one kind or another.

Although the instructions on the bag claim it will cover 10,000 square feet, that's a little thin in our view. 5,000 square feet is probably better.

Spread the granules then water the area to activate them. Give it a few days and most people see a difference as gophers come up, smell the odor, and decide they don't like it.

Once they vacate their mounds – after several days of no visible activity – you can pour some granules down into the mounds then run the hose into it for a few moments.

The smell seems to penetrate the soil very effectively, keeping the gophers away even if they don't come out of their burrows to encounter the granules.

There's no smell to us humans, and it's completely safe for your pets and children.

It doesn't last though.

You'll probably need to replenish every 1-2 months, depending on how much rain you get. Water activates it, but too much will wash it away.


  • check
    Safe for pets and children 
  • check
    No noticeable odor
  • check
    Easy to apply in most yards


  • Has to be replenished over time
  • Only covers half the area it claims, which means buying extra product

Our Top Pick: FitMaker Solar Repeller

There are a lot of gopher repellents on the market and we were surprised the sonic ones ranked so high.

Overall, our pick goes to FitMaker.

It's got an excellent track record of success, it's easy to assemble, and install. The long-term results seem to be well worth it.

Very close behind is the Wonninek Solar Gopher Mole Rodent Repeller. It gave the FitMaker a run for the top spot and was only barely edged out of it.

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