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Top 5 Best Pigeon Repellents (**2020 Review**)

Are you looking for pigeon repellents. Then you've come to the right place!

In this Pest Strategies product review you can expect to learn:

  • The Types of Pigeon Repellents Availible
  • How To Layer Pigeon Repellents For Maximum Effectiveness
  • Which Pigeon Repellents are Best
best pigeon repellent reviewed

Ready to get started? Let's go!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

(updated as of 1/3/2019)

Bird-X Electronic Repeller

  • ​Weatherproof
  • ​Motion detection
  • Ultrasonic, sonic, or both
  • Runs on batteries or extension cord

Of all the pigeon repellents we researched and reviewed, our top pick goes to the Bird-X Electronic Pest Repeller.


Because it's one of the original ultrasonic repellers with the best and longest track record on the market today.

And because it can be programmed to a large number of settings and covers up to 4,000 square feet.

If that's out of stock a good replacement is the Hoont Advanced Repeller

Check out the rest of our picks below!

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Top 5 Best Pigeon Repellents

Short on time or just want a quick answer?

Check out our list below for a summary of our results. Keep on reading to learn more about pigeon repellents.

​What Are The Types of Pigeon Repellents?

By definition a repellent is anything that causes distaste or aversion, forcing or driving back, serving or tending to ward off or drive away.  Products that repel birds or other nuisance animals away from a particular area are known as repellents.  

For most of human history, these types of products were in short supply, but the advent of modern technology has changed the equation.  Today there are all sorts of products that drive birds and pest animals away.  

All of them work to one degree or another.  None of them are perfect obviously, but they're infinitely better than nothing at all.

These repellers, specifically for birds, break down into several broad categories.  Each category has a number of different products in it.  Although all the products in a given category have the same basic function, they often go about it in quite different ways.  

The general categories of repellents are ultrasonic, decoys, visual repellents, and olfactory repellents.  Decoys are actually a subcategory of visual repellents but for our purposes, we'll consider them separately.

​Sonic and ultrasonic repellents

Noise has long been known to frighten birds and small animals.  Ultrasonic noises are defined as noises above the ability of the human ear to detect them.  This about 20 kHz and above. 

While humans can't detect ultrasonic noises, many animals and birds can. Undulating ultrasonic noises that vary in pitch and tone on a regular, or better yet, irregular tempo, have a marked tendency to cause irritation in the subject, along with a desire to move away from the sound.

Sonic noises are those sounds that the human ear can detect.  These types of noise would include animal growls, hisses, and grunts that are associated with predators.  

Upon hearing these noises, small animals and birds such as pigeons will become frightened into thinking a predator is after them and try to escape.

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Owl and eagle decoys have been used for decades to frighten away squirrels and nuisance birds such as pigeons.  The limitation, particularly with the older models, is that pigeons soon learn they aren't real and become immune to them, even going to far as to perch on them.  

Newer decoys with moving heads, flashing eyes, and that make sounds have come on the market.  They work better than the older models but still suffer from the fact they aren't alive which the pigeons will soon discover unless you move them from place to place.

Visual repellents

Reflective hangers, spinners, and tape operate on the idea that reflecting light, especially moving light, into the eyes of flying birds will frighten them the same way intense light in your eyes will frighten you when you're driving. The idea has a great deal of appeal to it.

Olfactory repellents

Liquids that contain predator urine or other substances that smell, or possibly taste bad, are sometimes used as a repellent to keep pigeons at bay. These liquids have to be refreshed on a regular basis to ensure the greatest effectiveness.

​Why Is It Important To Layer Your Defenses?

None of the repellents we're reviewing today will keep 100% of the pigeons away, but all of them will keep some percentage of them away.  So don't get your heart set on buying just one repeller and relying on it to do all the work.  

It won't work.

Instead, you should try utilizing several concentric rings – layers – of repellers will ensure there is always a backup layer that will drive away any pigeons who managed to slip past the outer layer(s).  

Overlapping “fields of fire” will buffet the pigeons back and forth until they finally give up and go somewhere else.

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Want to skip all this research and just hire a decent exterminator for your ​pigeon problem?

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​Top 5 Best Pigeon Repellents Reviewed

As a quick recap, here are the top 5 best pigeon repellents we looked at.  

  • ​Wide 5,000 square feet effective coverage
  • ​Weatherproofed with impressive versatility

This ultrasonic outdoor ultrasonic repeller from Bird-X is one of the oldest and most well-established repellers in the ultrasonic field. Each repeller will cover up to 4,000 square feet.  

It's weatherproof so you can use it anywhere in your yard.  The device runs off of battery power or it can be run off the included, extra-long extension cord.

It's advertised as being humane since it doesn't use any toxic chemicals or poisons.  It's completely safe for use around children and small pets.

The ultrasonic selection switch has three settings; motion sensor, constant, or continuous sweep.  We advise you to use the motion sensor setting.  

The sudden surprise of the ultrasonic noise coming on at close range added to the shock experienced by the birds and serves to startle them into taking flight.

Because you're using it on birds, we suggest you mount it between 6-7 high on the side of a tree or the side of your house.  Use three to four of them, all pointing in different directions so they won't all go off at once.  

When one goes off it might drive the pigeons toward one of the others which will then go off and push it toward another.  This constant “buffeting” will quickly drive the pigeons away.


  • check
  • check
    ​Motion detection feature
  • check
    Ultrasonic, sonic, or both
  • check
    Runs on batteries or extension cord


  • Some units damaged at the factory
  • ​High quality construction with UV protection
  • ​Covers multiple bird species
  • ​5 acre coverage



This repeller from Bird B Gone is a sonic repeller that uses pre-recorded distress and/or predators calls to scare away birds.  It has a rigid construction that can be pole mounted, made from UV protected materials so it will be sun and weather resistant.  

It includes a 110v power cord and one internal speaker that will provide coverage to one acre.  Four extra satellite speakers can be purchased to provide coverage for up to five acres.

It has pre-recorded distress and predator calls for 22 different types of birds and can be programmed specifically for pigeons, seagulls, starlings, woodpeckers, crows, and as well as others.  

The device plays these sounds for two minutes at 10-minute intervals to frighten away birds.   The volume control is variable to keep it from being too loud for your ears.

In the event of a power outage, or if you unplug it to move it to a different location, it won't “remember” what settings were in effect so you'll have to reprogram it all over again from scratch.  

Part of the programming is to tell it what time of day you want it to turn itself on and when you want it to turn itself off.  It has light sensors to help it determine what time of day it is.  During cloudy weather, this may not work quite so well.


  • check
    Uses actual predator/distress calls
  • check
    Programmable for 22 different birds
  • check
    ​Can use up to 5 speakers for extended coverage
  • check
    Day/night sensors for precise time detection


  • ​Power loss will completely reset the device
  • ​Day/night sensors can be easily confused by cloudy weather
  • ​Non-toxic and humane
  • ​Aesthetically pleasing

This is a 6-pack of hanging scare rods from HOMESCAPE CREATIONS. The rods are 15 inches long with a corkscrew shape and included hangers for each rod.  

The bright, sparkling, moving shapes send shafts of reflected light in all directions, confusing and scaring pigeons that encounter them.  The more the wind moves them around, the greater the effect will be on your pigeons.

They are made of plastic that is weather resistant and non-corrosive. They're a humane, non-toxic method of frightening birds away without harming them in any way.

They can be hung from tree branches, overhead beams or rafters, poles, or the eaves of your house.  

The multiple angles of reflection from these, especially from two or more of them in close proximity to one another can scare birds in flight by making them uncertain of where things are. It's very disorienting and they try to get away from it as quickly as possible.

These are inexpensive enough that it makes sense to get two or more packages of them and hang them close together for maximum impact.  However, they are relatively breakable, so don't bang them around.


  • check
  • check
    ​Easy to use
  • check
    ​Weather resistant
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • ​Somewhat very easy to break
  • ​Add charm to your garden while repelling pests
  • ​Hand painted for a more realistic impression

This owl decoy by Dalen is hand-painted for maximum realism.  It stands 18-inches tall with wide, staring eyes.  

The head turns gently in the breeze for a natural look and is spring mounted so it bobs up and down as well.  The head movements, plus the appearance gives pigeons the impression they're facing a live owl and they try to escape.

The bottom of the owl is hollow so it can be weighed down with gravel or sand.  There is an enclosed stopper that can be used to plug the opening once you've filled it.  

Alternatively, you can slide a pole into the hole so the decoy can be mounted five or six feet high in the middle of the yard.

Owls are predators who swoop down on their prey from above, so the higher you mount it, the more realistic it will be to any pigeons that encounter it.  Owls rarely sit on the ground, yet that's where most people tend to put them.  

It's not natural and other birds know that.  They sense something is wrong and quickly lose their fear of the decoy.  Mount it at a more natural height for greater effectiveness.

Also, make sure you move it from one location to another every 2-3 days, otherwise the birds will realize it's a fake – nothing that is alive stays in one place for long.  Moving it once every three days is acceptable, but once every two days is best.


  • check
    ​Easy to use
  • check
  • check
    ​Very realistic


  • ​Needs to be moved regularly
  • ​Very easy to install
  • ​Eco and wildlife friendly

This double-sided roll of reflective tape from briteNway has 350-feet in it.  Both sides reflect the light into pigeon's eyes, confusing and frightening them.  

The tape can be cut into whatever length is best suited for each location where you want to hang it.  As it moves in the wind, it will reflect light all around it.  It can be hung from beams, clotheslines, tree branches, and any other overhead support.

It can also be attached to fence tops and along rain gutters to prevent pigeons from roosting there.  For best results, twist it into a loose corkscrew, then fasten it down every 2-3 feet, allowing a bit of slack between each point.  

This will let it move and shimmy in the wind, creating moving reflective lights along the top of the fence and gutters.

Not all pigeons will be scared off by this method, but enough of them will to make it a useful tool to keep in your arsenal.  It's not weatherproof so it may have to be replaced after a couple of months or so in the weather.  

Keep an eye on it and replace as needed.  Given its low cost, this is simply too good to pass up.


  • check
  • check
  • check
    ​Easy to use


  • ​It's not weatherproof

Our Top Pick: Bird-X Yard Gard

There are a lot of pigeon repellents on the market.

​Out of the five products reviewed, our top pick goes to the Bird-X Yard Gard.

This is one of the original ultrasonic repellers with the best and longest track record on the market today.

It can be programmed to a large number of settings for both day and night use, and it provides coverage for up to 5,000 square 4feet.

A close second is the Bird Chase Super Sonic because it uses actual predator/distress call sounds to scare away the pigeons.

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