Best Ant Traps Reviews 2018 (REVIEWS AND TOP PICKS)

Looking for the best ant traps in 2018?

Well, you're in the right place as we go into detail about what to look for and how to buy a top ant trap.

From sugar ant to grease ants, how to do you use an ant trap and what should you do to make your ant issues go away as fast as possible?

Best ant traps

Our Top Ant Traps (2018)

Ant traps provide a safe way to deploy insecticide onto an infesting colony. There are several ways to control and rid your surroundings of these pesky little critters. In this article, I’m going to go over some of the best ant traps available for home use and tips and tricks you’ll need to know when using them.

For many, the pests they mostly detest are ants.

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What Are Ant Traps?

Ant traps are not your traditional traps. If anything, they are better described as feeding stations. The only difference is that the ‘food’ is a bait that contains poison as one of the ingredients.

The bait will be either a sweet or protein based mixture which draws the ants to the ‘trap’ to feed. They eat some of the bait themselves but will also transport quantities of it back to their colony. This is where the ant trap does most of its work. The ants in the colony will eat the food and slowly die from the poison. This makes ant traps a safe alternative to sprays as it kills off the insects at their source.

Ant traps and black ant

Are Ant Traps For Indoor Use or Outdoor Use?


The best ant traps are designed with entry/exit holes to permit easy access to the bait contained inside a plastic disc or box and are effective wherever they are used. However, some manufacturers have specifically designed some exclusively for use indoors and others meant just for outdoor applications (usually the waterproof traps).

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The Different Types of Ant Traps

There are also several different types of ant traps. Commercially made ones come in various sizes and shapes but typically feature a food source held inside a small plastic container. Outdoor designs include the same basic premise but instead of sitting on flat surfaces, the best ant traps for outdoors include hanging devices for attachment to trees or bird feeders. Others use a stake for placement in yards or flower gardens.

DIY Make Your Own Ant Traps

There are numerous homemade ant traps. These are typically recipe-based as opposed to container designs. The most common ingredient in homemade traps is borax or boric acid mixed with sugar (honey, jelly, etc) or some other food source to attract the insects. Borax is a mineral and a salt of boric acid and is a chemical commonly used as an insecticide. It has other uses as well including as an antiseptic and flame retardant.

Which Type Of Ant Trap Should I Use?

The short answer is that it depends.

The traps you select depends on the type of ant infestation you have. Protein ants, such as Fire Ants or Thief Ants, will prefer a protein rich meal. Sugar ants will prefer a sugary meal. The packaging on the product you select will most likely notate the ant it is designed to kill.

Something you should also consider is if you’re going to place the trap inside or outside your home. Outdoor traps should be waterproof and say on the packaging that they are approved for outdoor usage.

Ant Trap Best Practices

Antnomore directions

To get the best success from your ant trap, make sure to remove other attractants that would distract the ants. This means that all surfaces near the ants should be washed clean to remove any traces of food or the scent of food. Trash receptacles should also be emptied to eliminate any possibility of the ants ignoring the bait and concentrating on existing food sources.The food base inside the bait mixture is intended to attract the attention of the passing ants. They will feed on it and transport pieces of the bait to their home. The slow acting poison will start to take effect and a decrease in ant activity should be obvious quickly with complete eradication to be expected in just a few days.

If an ant problem persists or returns after a period, such as a seasonal problem, it is important not to continue to use the exact same kind of ant bait. This is because the ants can develop a resistance to the active ingredient in the bait being used. Switching out the ant traps used with one infestation for a different one to treat a different infestation is a good idea. Be sure to read the packaging of the products used to ensure a different active ingredient is used when making such a switch.

Detailed Reviews

Ant traps can be a great way to reduce your ant problem.  Below are my top recommendations,

I often recommend TERRO as they are a leader in the pest control business creating really effective pest control products, and this product is no different. This ant trap contains a total of six, pre-filled bait stations that are ready to use right out of the box. You just need to cut a piece that creates a ramp up to the liquid that is revealed after you peel away a cover.

Terro ant traps

The design of the container is patented by the manufacturer and is meant to prevent the bait from drying out. The active ingredient is Borax and the company says the design and bait mixture is specifically made to attack worker ants.

For a full review of the Terro Liquid Ant Traps, click here.


  • The bait has a high success rate and consistently kills a variety of species.
  • Liquids tend to be a better bait as it’s easier to transport.
  • Your ant problem is usually resolved permanently after the nest has been destroyed.
  • Fast acting results.


  • Container holding liquid bait is “flimsy” and can be knocked over spilling contents
  • Bait is colorless so clean up can be difficult in the case of an accidental spill
  • The bait is ‘sticky’ and can stick to things

Kness has been in the pest control industry since 1924 and has become known for their extremely popular Ants-No-More Ant Bait Station.

This product is designed for outdoor use and is durable. It is made from polypropylene (green in color) and is waterproof and tamper proof. The product looks like a small, short canister on top of a pointed pole that is inserted into the ground.  All you do is pop open the lid on the top of the canister and load bait inside. The container can hold liquid ant bait and solid or granular bait simultaneously.

Ant no more trap


  • Durable construction with a tamper proof lid and waterproof design
  • The design makes these traps easy to clean and are reusable as a result
  • Provides for use of two different kinds of bait increasing effectiveness
  • Green color makes these bait stations easy to blend into garden and landscapes


  • Depending on the bait used, small half-compartments require regular refilling
  • Large pets and wildlife may knock these over if they are too high from ground level
  • As these are not pre-filled, you are required to purchase bait separately and load manually
  • Designed specifically for outdoor use so indoor infestations may need a different trap

The Maxforce ant traps comes as a bag with a total of 24 bait ‘stations’ that are both non-repellent and childproof.

​Being non-repellent is good because you actually want the ants to come into the traps.

They are also effective for use either indoors or outdoors. The bait stations are easy to use as the gel bait is ‘trapped’ inside small plastic containers that sit on flat surfaces. Ants enter inside to access the bait. Each bait station can also be attached to a wall or vertical surface by peeling off a protective covering over an adhesive.

Maxforce Ant Traps


  • Bag contains several, ready-to-use bait stations that are easy to place wherever needed
  • Can be used either indoors or outdoors and are also useful on vertical surfaces
  • Clean design makes these ant bait stations safe for use near children and other pets
  • Gel is an effective alternative if other bait types have not been successful


  • Although the bag contains 24 bait stations, the price is considered high for some users
  • Directions for use are not clear for some users, be sure to follow them carefully
  • These require regular monitoring to determine when they need to be replaced
  • The adhesive to adhere these bait stations to vertical surfaces may not work on some

Enforcer has been in the pest control business since 1977 when they introduced their first product.

Featuring a ‘clear view’ design, you can tell just at a glance how much bait remains inside the plastic container. The active ingredient in this bait is Abamectin which is an attractant to both ants that eat sweet foods and those that prefer grease as their main food source. What this means is that it will be effective in treating various ant species. The containers are child resistant and Enforcer states they will kill ants in 24 hours. These containers are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

AntMax ant traps


  • The bait is a solid held inside a clear plastic container so it will not spill or fall out
  • The clear view bait container permits ‘at a glance’ views to monitor bait distribution
  • Easy to use and easy to set up as the container shape is designed to sit on flat surfaces
  • Does not require manual refilling of bait, dispose once they have been used up
  • The trap is child safe


  • Directions can be confusing on how to set up the traps
  • May not work on all ants, with some users saying sugar ants are not attracted at all
  • Results can be hit or miss
Grant Ant Trap

This is another product that is described as an ant bait station and essentially that's all it is – a feeding spot filled with a killing dose of poison.

The oblong shaped flat plastic container has a small feeding hole at the top where the ants can access to feast and transport additional portions of the bait to their colony. The manufacturer states is it effective when used anywhere you find ants and actually has the words ‘guaranteed to work’ on the packaging, which is reassuring.


  • Has no odor making it a good choice for those with scent sensitivities
  • Easy to setup and deploy quickly
  • Pet and child safe design, will not spill or leak making a mess
  • Does not require manual refilling of bait, single-use disposable bait stations


  • The trap is small and it is hard to tell if the bait is being eaten
  • Unclear where they are indoor or outdoor traps
  • These traps need to be placed in the ants travel path (sometimes hard to find)


Ants are finicky, you may need to try more than one type of ant trap and try other ant killing methods in order to kill off an infestation.

There are several different kinds options designed to slowly kill off a complete colony of the insects. In my opinion, your best bet would be Enforcer EAMBS6 Ant Bait Trap for several reasons including:

AntMax ant traps
  • The ant trap is ready to use out of the package
  • No need to fill or refill the bait
  • The active ingredient is Abamectin know to attract several species of ants and fast acting
  • The trap design is clear so you can instantly see how much bait is left in your trap

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