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Top 5 Best Ant Sprays Reviewed (**2020 Edition**)

Looking for the best ant spray to clear out a colony lurking around your home?

Maybe your sitting on the couch and an ant decides to crawl across your coffee table.


You didn’t see any the day before and suddenly there are thousands. This tends to happen when the ants come inside your house through the smallest of cracks in search of food.

best ant sprays

When one succeeds, the rest follow follow using a trail of pheromones. If we find ants, we should try to kill them and breakup the chemical trail to prevent others from following them.

This article describes some of the best ant sprays to help you battle these common pests.

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Top 5 Best Ant Sprays

Take a look at the below table to get a quick look at some of the best ant sprays on the market.

When reviewing, we looked at how effective the spray was, how long it lasted, smell, and a few other factors. Take a look!

  1. Talstar Pro Insecticide (our top pick)
  2. EcoSMART Organic Ant Spray
  3. Raid Ant Spray
  4. TERRO Ant Killer Aerosol Spray
  5. Eco Defense Organic Pest Control

Ant Spray To Remove Ants

There are more than 12,000 species of ants in the world.

The two main categories of ants break down into sugar ants and grease ants based on their food preferences. Sugar ones are attracted to sweet foods whereas grease like protein and fat. Both can enter your house, especially the kitchen in search of food.

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Regardless of the ant you have, a decent ant spray in conjunction with ant traps and baits should be able to help reduce the infestation in and around your house

That is... unless you have fire ants or carpenter ants.

Carpenter ants and fire ants are notoriously difficult to kill, and they usually require specialized products to kill them.

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Carpenter ants are the culprits responsible for destroying wooden structures and can cause damage to your property. Fire ants on the other hand like to sting with their leaving a sensation of fire around the sting area.

Want To Just Skip All This Research And Hire A Decent Exterminator For Your Ant Problem?

Click here to check out our exterminator search tool where we instantly send you free quotes from trusted (and thoroughly vetted) exterminators in your local area.

Process Takes About 30 Seconds

How Do You Use Ant Spray?

Ant sprays are a great tool to use in your battle against ants. Here are a couple of ideas on using the spray when you buy.

Use ant sprays to disrupt ant trails!

One of the best ways to use ant sprays is to disrupt the pheromone trail ants leave behind. A spray can act as a contact killer to break up the those trails and prevent the trail from returning. You can also use ant sprays as barriers, which deter ants from crossing it's path.

Fun Fact: 

Ants use pheromones to pave trails into your house, which helps other ants follow their path. Ant sprays are a great tool to disrupt these trails!

Use ant sprays to create barriers around your house...

Another of the most common uses of sprays are as barriers. Just spray the area of your house you wish to protect and that “should” keep the ants at bay.

Personally, I’ve sprayed all of the window sills of my house and any cracks or crevices around my house. That strategy has worked out pretty well.

I recommend using spray on a regular basis around the perimeter of their houses to stop them from coming inside.The best ant sprays tend to have long residual effects. This means that the chemical will persist for a period of time after spraying. The deterrent effect makes them more suitable for the long-term defense against ants.

Below is a good video showing you how to apply ant spray around your house, take a look.​ The guy in the video was a little nervous, but he did a good job showing how protect your house.

Should You Use Homemade Ant Sprays?

If you’re in the market for ant sprays, you’re probably trying to decide between homemade or off the shelf product.

Homemade sprays can be good, but remember they’re homemade, so your results may vary depending on how well you make your spray and the recipe you’re following.

Let’s have a look at both.

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A little information about homemade ant sprays...

There are two popular types that I’ve had experience with. The first uses a solution of washing up liquid and water at a ratio of one part to two parts of water. You put this into a container (old windex sprayer is perfect) and spray the ants. This covers them and they die from suffocation offering a great solution against those you can see.

Another option is by mixing three parts of water to one part of lemon juice. The citric acid acts as a deterrent and keeps ants away.

Both are good to try before you have the time to buy some of the more powerful products. But remember, they’re by no means the best ant sprays and you won’t destroy the colony.

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How To Choose Best Ant Spray?

Most ant sprays to act as contact killers. You’ll also want to look for sprays that also provide residual effects.

Some sprays are environmentally friendly and use insecticides that are extracted from natural sources. These are safer around your pets and kids, which is great.

Others use powerful chemicals that can linger in the air and on the surface of the ants, which can spread to the others ants in the colony. The goal here is to have one ant get caught up in the poison and carry it back to his friends and spread it around. 

In order to pick the best ant spray for your needs, consider what you want to achieve. Avoid ones with long residual chemicals if you want to use it indoors, but buy those with long residual effects for outside use.

Regardless of the spray you use, even the best ant sprays don’t offer a long-term solution. You should use them together with other methods of eradication, such as baiting and traps.

Ant Spray Product Reviews

Just to recap, the below sprays are the best when it comes to killing your ant problem for good

Talstar Pro Insecticide

This product is a little different from the other sprays on this list. I thought it'd be a good idea to include a pure insecticide.

You'll need a sprayer before you can use it, but since it's so powerful (commercial grade), I thought it'd be a good addition to the list.

Talstar uses Bifenthrin to kill most species of ants and other pests. The chemical destroys the ant’s nervous system as remains on their bodies to spread around the colony. The residual effect can last up to three months. You can use this both indoors and outdoors, although I'd probably only use it outdoors as a barrier spray.

Talstar is a very powerful spray that can have a significant effect of reducing the population of ants and many other bugs around your house. 


  • Long-Term Effects
  • Relatively Safe To Use Around Plants And Flowers
  • Versatile Killing Several Species Of Ants And Other Pests (Mosquitoes, etc)


  • Leaves A Slight Film And Residue On Surfaces
  • Requires High Maintenance And Needs To Be Re-Applied
  • Uses A Powerful Insecticide, Which Could Be Dangerous Around Pets And Children

EcoSMART Organic Ant Spray

EcoSMART uses a natural insecticide as a contact killer that works against most types of ants and a variety of other insects. The spray doesn’t harm the environment and is safe to use around pets and children. It’s also cleaner to use than other products and doesn’t leave any nasty stains.

EcoSMART is a great spray to use indoors against a small number of ants that are causing you an immediate problem. But that’s all it’s good for. I’d suggest finding a more powerful spray for larger infestations.


  • Fast Acting And Kills On Contact
  • Environmentally Friendly And It Doesn’t Stain
  • Good For Small Scale Problems Inside Your House


  • Lingering Odor
  • Not Effective Against Larger Infestations.
  • It Leaves A Thin Film Of Residue

Raid Ant Spray

Raid is that brand we've all grown up with being the "go-to" choice for killing just about any bug. BUT, be aware, for most bugs (bed bugs especially) Raid falls a bit short using outdated insecticides.

Just keep that in mind when deciding what products to choose from.

On the bright side, Raid is an extremely easy to find spray that acts as a contact killer against different types of ants and other pests inside your house. It's straightforward to use and is great for killing the small number that has entered your home. You can use this both indoors and outdoors.


  • Cheap/Affordable
  • Fast Acting Killer
  • Available From Just About Anywhere


  • Not A Good Long Term Ant Killing Solution
  • It Leaves A Thin Film Of Residue

TERRO Ant Killer Aerosol Spray

TERRO uses a contact killing aerosol that you can use both indoors and outdoors. It’s more suitable for outdoors because of the powerful chemical that it uses.

Expect to see fast results with most of the ants dead within minutes. It also has a long residual effect, which means it can kill the ants that are hiding out of sight.

TERRO is one of the my favorite sprays that gives instant and more long-term protection against ants and other pests. Yet, it does leave behind a powerful smell and can be harmful to pets.


  • Very Fast At Killing Ants
  • Easy To Use
  • Long Lasting Residual
  • Great To Use As A Barrier Spray For Your House


  • Unsafe Around Pets
  • Leaves Pungent Odor
  • The Nozzle Isn'y Very Durable

Eco Defense Organic Pest Control

Eco-Defense is an environmentally friendly contact killer.

You can use it both indoors and outdoors against ants and other common pests. I’ve found that this is the best product for people who are worried about using chemicals around their pets and children.

This is great if you’re a pet owner, have young children, or are sensitive to allergies. Eco-Defense is also a great spray to use indoors as it lacks any potent odors. But, it may not be the best ant spray to get rid of the colony and other products have better results for a similar price.


  • Safe To Use Around Pets And Children
  • Odorless Spray Making It Great For Indoor Use
  • Unlikely To Trigger Allergic Reactions


  • Expensive Compared To Similar Products
  • Not Always An Instant Killer
  • Needs To Be Re-Applied Often To Continue Working

Want To Just Skip All This Research And Hire A Decent Exterminator For Your Ant Problem?

Click here to check out our exterminator search tool where we instantly send you free quotes from trusted (and thoroughly vetted) exterminators in your local area.

Process Takes About 30 Seconds

Our Top Pick: Talstar Pro

The best ant spray from this review is Talstar Pro.

Compared to the other products, this is a commercial-grade product that can cause significant long-lasting damage to an ant colony. Some users have used this product and ended up declaring a "Bugpocalypse" after all said and done.

To get started with it, you'll need to buy a sprayer, which might cost a couple bucks in addition to the cost of the Talstar, but you'll find it was well worth the investment!

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