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Bed Bugs

Did you know that most products meant to kill bed bugs have absolutely no effect on them? Learn more below.


Most products used to kill ants are effective and can eliminate an infestation relatively quickly. Find out our favorites below.


Similar to bed bugs, most products used to kill fleas are a waste of money. Learn which products are the best below.

Rats and Mice

Using the wrong product to kill a rat or mouse could do more harm than good. Learn about the best products below.


Should you use a simple spray repellent or invest in a full blow chemical sprayer? We have all the answers and more below.


What should you buy when your child gets lice at school? We've review the best products on the market, learn below.


These critters are cute until they start digging holes in your backyard. We've reviewed the best products to remove them.


Which products should you use to kill bugs that could survive a nuclear attack? Click to below to learn what we picked.

Fruit Flies

Try having a basket of fruit out for 30 minutes without fruit flies. You can't. Here're our favorite products to kill them.

Ant Product Reviews

Who doesn't love a few ants on their kitchen counter eating up the crumbs from their children's lunch? We certainly don't, which is why we put together the best products to kill these bugs once and for all.

Looking for an in-depth review of Amdro Ant Bait? Well, you're in the right place! AMDRO Ant Bait remains one[...]
Thinking about buying Terro Ant Baits?You're in the right place, because this article provides an in-depth review to help make[...]
With the right poison, ants are easily one of the most “defeatable” pests you’ll come into contact with.Combining a slow-acting[...]
Despite being annoying inside your house, ants also have a reputation as lawn killers.Outdoor ants can ruin your lawn, bite you[...]
Below is a quick look at our selections for top carpenter ant killers.More or less all the products we reviewed[...]
Have you ever experienced waking up one day and being shocked at the number of ants in your house?Maybe your[...]
Do you know what it feels like to be bitten by a fire ant? Their name gives you a bit[...]
Looking for the best ant traps in 2018? Well, you're in the right place as we go into detail about[...]
Looking for the best ant baits and gels in 2018?You're in the right place.Ants nest almost anywhere and they often[...]
"How to get rid of ants in the kitchen", a question many home makes tend to struggle with.The truth is,[...]

Cockroach Product Reviews

Cockroaches, disgusting, creepy, crawly little bugs that you just want to kill. Here's our top products that will decimate any cockroach infestation you might have! 

We've all been there...Feeling that familiar sense of dread after opening up a kitchen cabinet to see a small, shadowy[...]
Roaches are some of the most versatile pests on the planet and can live almost anywhere. Scientists say that they[...]
When was the last time you saw a roach in your home?How did you feel......Bad right?They’re ugly, disgusting and always[...]

Mosquito Product Reviews

These biting little suckers are certainly NOT man's best friend. Here's our top mosquito killing products to make sure you never get bitten.

Mosquitoes are notorious for making their presence known at the most inopportune moments.Who hasn't found themselves comfortably settled into bed,[...]
The best mosquito traps give comfort and protection from those annoying insects that carry diseases, bite us, and generally lower[...]
Looking for the best mosquito foggers in 2018?Then you're in the right place!Let's face it...Most people want to keep outdoor[...]
Looking for the best mosquito net in 2018?You're in the right place...Mosquito nets prevent bug bites for campers enjoying summertime[...]
There are more than 3,000 species of mosquitoes in the world, which is why many homeowners are looking for the[...]

Bed Bug Product Reviews

Bed bugs are probably the worst pest you could have in your house. Not only do they bit and leave nasty itchy bumps, but they're are 100% grade-A gross. Checkout out buying guides to get prepared.

Thinking of using special powders to kill bed bugs in your home? Well, there are a number of options for[...]
Looking for a reliable steam cleaning system that keeps your house clean from nasty bacteria AND kills pesky bugs on[...]
Imagine this...You've just purchased a $3,000 king bed after months of research and deliberation.You're excited... happy... and comfortable yes!But wait.Two[...]
In this guide you're going to learn...Our top picks for best bed bug steamers and vacuums in 2018Why should you[...]
Best Bed Bug KillersIn this section, you'll find product reviews for the best bed bug killers on the market in[...]
Proof Bed Bug Spray has a reputation for being a high-quality plant based bed bug killing product.This environmentally-friendly spray has[...]
Harris Bed Bug Killer claims to be one of the best bed bug sprays on the market...But is it?Bed bugs[...]
Bed Bug Bully is a popular all natural spray that people use in their war against the bed bugs all[...]
Did you know that bed bugs can climb on walls to avoid even the bed bug traps? Horrifying... That's why[...]
Looking for the best bed bug sprays in 2018?Then you're in the right place!Now imagine this...You wake up in the[...]

Lice Product Reviews

When you scratch your hair and bugs fall out, you know you have a head lice problem. We've pre-reviewed the products you need to have to take care of the problem.

Looking for some of the best lice treatment sprays? ....we've got you covered. Liquid lice treatments and shampoos don't work[...]
Looking for the best combs to remove those nasty lice?From metal, to plastic, to even vacuums, which comb should you[...]
Looking for the best lice shampoos... Well, look no further you're in the right place! No one likes lice, but[...]

Flea Product Reviews

When you see black specs on the ground, it ain't pepper... it's probably fleas. Checkout these detailed guides to make sure you're ready.

You've heard about so many different types of flea-killing methods:From serums to powders to collars, it can be overwhelming for[...]
Looking for a detailed review of Pet Armor for your cat or dog? ...then you're in the right place! Whether[...]
Looking for a detailed review of advantage II for your cat...?...well than you're in the right place.If your cat starts[...]
In a world with so many options, it can be difficult to choose the right method of treating pesky fleas[...]
Cat flea shampoo is an effective, safe, and affordable way to help remove fleas from felines at home, but with[...]
Trying to get rid of fleas and ticks is a battle for the ages! We fog, bomb, vacuum, and spray[...]
The two pests that wreak the most havoc for our pets are fleas and ticks. They bother us year-round, but[...]
Looking for the best flea collars for dogs in 2018? When you decided to bring your dog or puppy home,[...]
Dogs give us daily doses of unconditional love.They are like furry therapists for whatever ails us! The least we can[...]
Here is the cold, hard truth...If your pet is scratching and you’ve noticed specs of black in their fur, not[...]
Today, you're going to learn everything you need to know about picking the best cat flea treatments.(and a little bit[...]
You and I both know how difficult it can be to give a cat a bath...We endure multiple escape attempts,[...]
Our Top Flea Shampoo for Dogs (2017) Time to get to the bottom of what works in flea control and figure[...]
Do you want to learn how to stop your house and pets from being infested with fleas? If the answer’s yes,[...]

Chipmunk Product Reviews

Chipmunks WILL destroy your lawn. It is not if, but when. Make sure to grab some of our recommended suppliers to be prepared for these critters.

So, you’re looking for some of the best chipmunk baits are you? Maybe you’ve dealt with the telltale signs of[...]
We all know the warning signs... ...holes scattered throughout the yard and gardens completely ransacked. Upon first glance, this scene[...]
We've all heard of chipmunks...The cuter, more cuddly cousin to the common squirrel.They prance around hoarding nuts inside their cheeks,[...]

Mouse Product Reviews

Mice and rats, carriers of diseases and unpleasant behavior. Checkout these guides to combat these unruly creatures. 

Looking for a review of Rodent Sherif? We've got you covered with an in-depth buying guide that'll answer pretty much[...]
Curious about the best poison rodenticides out there to get rid of rats? Well, you're in the right place! And[...]
For centuries, people have been searching for the “best mouse trap.”At first, you’d think mouse traps are all the same…But[...]
Curious about the best baits for your mice problem?Well, you're in the right place!Nothing as cute as a talking mouse[...]

Fly Product Reviews

Let's face it, flies suck! Here are some of our favorite fly killing products. Take a look!

Looking for the best fly traps?...well you're in the right place.Imagine this:You've just gotten home from the grocery store with[...]
Looking for a product review for Bug-A-Salt 2.0...? ...then you're in the right place! The last thing you want when[...]

Gnat Product Reviews

What's worse than flies? Gnats! There's nothing worse than walking outside on a beautiful day only to bump into a swarm of gnats. Take a look at our guides to make sure you never have to come across these bugs again!

Looking for the best gnat repellents to annihilat these pesky bugs?You're in the right place!We're all familiar with the constant[...]
An ominous black cloud looms in the distance, coming closer... You haven't been cursed; it's likely a hoard of gnats.[...]

Mole Product Reviews

Have you ever walked out to your yard and noticed there were tunnels all over? Before, a picture perfect lawn fit for a king and now, a disaster. If this describes you, then you probably have moles. Checkout our product reviews to prepare you and your lawn!

Need to trap a mole? Yes? Good, this article breaks down everything you need to know when buying a good[...]
Looking for some of the best poisons to get rid of your mole problems?You're in the right place!Maybe you've tried[...]