Top 5 Best Vole Traps To Buy Now (**2022 Review**)

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Looking for the most effective vole traps for your garden?

Great, you’re in the right place!

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • What are vole traps?
  • How do vole traps work?
  • Are vole traps effective?
  • How to use vole traps?
  • Are vole traps safe to use around my children and pets?
  • Our 5 favorite vole traps

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

CaptSure Vole Trap

  • Easy to set humane rodent trap
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Reusable

Voles do look cute. However, they are more than capable of causing extensive damage to your garden. Vole traps are the most reliable solution in helping you get rid of these pesky diggers.

With that, our top picks goes to the CaptSure Reusable Vole Traps.


It is the most effective and most humane way of eliminating the vole population throughout your yard or garden.

CaptSure is a special trap of trap that doesn’t require the use of poisons, chemicals, and electricity making it very safe to use around children and pets.

CaptSure is very easy to set up. You can use them throughout your garden and even inside your house to capture other types of invasive rodents.

It offers a see-through design so you’ll know whether or not the trap has caught something even when you’re just passing by. The traps are made of waterproof material and can be easily.

Continue reading for our full breakdown and more information on vole traps!

Reviewed By:
Ed Spicer

Ed has been working in the pest control industry for years helping 1,000's of homeowners navigate the world of insect and rodent management. He manages Pest Strategies now helping homeowners around the world!

Best Overall
Overall Rating
Best Service
Overall Rating

JT Eaton 902R Top Loader Bait Station

  • Top loading bait station with cover
  • Great for all types of rodents
  • Dual entry design

Topcat Vole and Mole Trap

  • High quality stainless steel
  • Highly sensitive release mechanism
  • Easy to use and clean

Multi-Catch Repeater Mouse Trap

  • No resetting needed
  • Non-jamming mechanical components
  • See-through top cover

CaptSure 2020 Upgraded Reusable Vole Trap

  • Humane vole trap
  • Poison and chemical free
  • Reusable and easy to clean

Kensizer Live Animal Trap

  • Quality, galvanized steel construction
  • Escape-proof doors
  • Suitable for voles and other pests

Table Of Contents

    Top 5 Best Vole Traps

    Short on time or just want a quick answer?

    Check out our below list for a summary of our results. Keep on reading to learn more about vole traps!

    1. CaptSure Upgraded Reusable Vole Trap (our top pick)
    2. Kensizer Live Animal Trap (a close second)
    3. JT Eaton 902R Top Loader Bait Station
    4. Topcat Vole and Mole Trap
    5. Multi-Catch Repeater Mouse Trap

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    What Are Vole Traps?

    Voles don’t mean humans any harm. However, their quest for survival can take a frustrating toll on someone’s yard or garden.

    Voles can easily wreak havoc throughout your garden as they dig their way to their sources of food. Voles eat grasses, fruits, seeds, tubers, bark, and other types of vegetation that can be easily found in your garden.

    Although voles only have an average life span of up to six to twelve months, such time is more than enough to deliver serious damage in your yard or garden. Even worse, voles can reproduce 6 to 10 times a year with no less than 5 young per litter.

    Vole traps are used to prevent further damage on the property’s vegetation and landscape. These traps can offer live capture or a humane way of eliminating the vole population.

    How Do Vole Traps Work?

    Vole traps work in a variety of ways. Either way, these traps are designed to help property owners curb or totally eliminate the entire vole population in the yard or garden.

    There are vole traps that are geared with a sensitive spring mechanism that snaps onto the vole. There are also live capture traps that come with one-way or spring doors. A not so popular form of vole trap is one that uses a special type of adhesive which glues voles inside the trap.

    Are Vole Traps Effective?

    Vole traps are effective in dealing with light to medium level infestation. The number of traps to be used must be appropriate to the size of your infested yard or garden and the assumed or pre-determined number of voles that are present in the area.

    Other forms of control are needed to counter more serious cases of vole invasion. More importantly, it is best to acquire help from professional exterminators.

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    How To Use Vole Traps?

    Basically, there are two types of vole traps – those that need to be baited and those that don’t. Traps that don’t require any form of bait or attractant are designed catch voles instantly as they pass by.

    In some cases, baits make traps even more effective in catching voles. Most of the time, peanut butter, oatmeal, and apple slices are used as a bait for various types of vole traps.

    Most traps are easy to set up and ready to use. Place these traps along burrows dug by voles. Secure these traps at the right angle to make it become naturally part of the runway established by voles in your garden.

    Make your rounds daily on the traps you have set to see which ones have some voles in it. Traps have varying mechanisms in releasing or removing voles caught inside it. Innovative traps are designed with touch-free removal feature.

    Are Vole Traps Safe To Use Around My Children And Pets?

    Most vole traps nowadays don’t require the use of poisons or chemicals to be effective. As mentioned earlier, these traps have one-way or spring loaded doors in order for the device to effective catch voles as they pass by.

    Other types of vole traps come with interlocking teeth that fatally snaps onto the vole through the aid of a high sensitivity trigger. And since these traps don’t use poisons, chemicals, glue, and even electricity in catching voles, it is safe to use around children and pets.

    The following video will give you more tips in catching voles from your garden.

    Vole Warning

    If you do think you have voles in your garden or backyard, we highly recommend first consulting with a local exterminator before using sprays or any other method of vole control. Improper use can and will make your vole problem worse.

    Use our local exterminator search tool to get a couple free quotes so you can begin the removal process.

    Best Vole Trap Reviews

    If you want to make your garden free from voles, the traps below should help. If you already have voles, our recommendation would be to consult a professional and secure an appropriate control on the level of your infestation.

    Let’s get into our top picks!

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    CaptSure Upgraded Reusable Vole Trap

    As much as you hate having voles inside your garden, the critters on their part are just doing their best to survive. CaptSure ensures that your garden becomes free from voles without harming a single creature.

    These vole traps are easy to set up and use. The device offers a see-through design for easy monitoring day in and day out. Simply place these traps along suspected vole runways and catch the critters in no time.

    The CaptSure traps are also an ideal choice for homeowners with children and/or pets. It doesn’t require the use of any type of poison, chemical, or glue so it’s practically safe for everyone.

    Lastly, the traps are waterproof and easy to clean. Set the traps on pre-determined spots, catch some voles, release them to a more appropriate habitat, wash the traps, and reuse them for catching more voles.

    The Good And The Bad

    • Catch and release vole trap
    • Chemical and poison free
    • Easy to set up and clean
    • Reusable
    • Requires the use of a bait to be effective
    Overall Rating

    Kensizer Live Animal Trap

    The Kensizer Live Trap for small animals is one of the sturdiest animal traps available. It’s constructed of durable, galvanized steel. And it contains double-reinforced joints for long life.

    It’s suitable for the following wildlife pests:

    • Voles
    • Rats
    • Chipmunks
    • Mice

    The humane, inter-woven design protects the animal from being harmed. The sensitive trigger means no more stolen baits. And the locking doors ensure your vole doesn’t escape once it’s captured.

    The Good And The Bad

    • Quality, galvanized steel construction
    • Escape-proof doors
    • Suitable for voles and other pests
    • Easy-set, sensitive trigger
    • Not suitable for opossums or squirrels

    JT Eaton 902R Top Loader Bait Station

    Voles can be very clever and may have established multiple runways throughout your garden. The JT Eaton Bait Station is perfect in eliminating even the most clever of voles in your garden.

    The design of the bait station makes it a suitable device in catching all types of rodents pestering your home from the inside out. The construction of the trap follows a T-shaped design providing easy access to voles from both direction while securing the bait vertically.

    The bait station comes with a top cover that can be secured with a screw to make sure that your children or your pets will never get too dangerously close to the poison or chemical you chose to use in eliminating the vole population in your garden.

    The Good And The Bad

    • Top loading bait station with cover
    • Great for all types of rodents
    • Dual entry design
    • Requires the use of a rodenticide

    Topcat Vole and Mole Trap

    If you are looking for something sleek and simple, this vole trap could be your ideal choice. It is made of high quality stainless steel material to withstand the extreme elements present in your garden.

    This vertical trapping device has two-way spring doors that snap shut whenever a vole passes through it in both directions. It offers a touch-free removal of the vole and doesn’t require the use of any chemical or poison.

    In using the Tomcat Trap, locate first the subterranean tunnels made by voles through the aid of a searching rod. Once you have located it, dig a hole perpendicular to the tunnel. Place the trap into the hole and fill the gaps around the trap with soil. The lever at the top part will let you know if the trap has already caught a vole.

    The Good And The Bad

    • High quality stainless steel
    • Highly sensitive release mechanism
    • Easy to use and clean
    • Touch-free removal
    • Catches only one vole at a time

    Multi-Catch Repeater Mouse Trap

    If you are faced with a more serious vole problem in your garden, what you really need is a trap that can catch multiple voles at a time.

    The Multi-Catch Repeater Mouse Trap is capable of capturing multiple voles at a time. It is designed to be used outdoors (for voles) and indoors (for house mice). It can be placed snugly on the and has a viewing window for easy inspection.

    The trap doesn’t require the use of baits and no winding is needed. It’s simple, highly effective, and very easy to use.

    The Good And The Bad

    • Multiple catch
    • Viewing window
    • No jamming parts
    • No resetting needed
    • No baits needed
    • Can be challening in emptying the trap
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