Top 5 Best Stink Bug Traps (**2021 Review**)

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If stink bugs are taking over your home, you’ve come to the right place!

You can learn the following from our Pest Strategies guide:

  • Our top five favorite stink bug traps
  • Why it’s best to choose different types of traps for stink bugs
  • The winter infestation habits of stink bugs
  • How you can make a DIY stink bug trap
Reviewed By:
Ed Spicer

Ed has been working in the pest control industry for years helping 1,000's of homeowners navigate the world of insect and rodent management. He manages Pest Strategies now helping homeowners around the world!

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Trapper Max Glue Traps

  • Effective at trapping pesky stink bugs in the home
  • Features an extra-large surface which catches multiple types of insects and mice
  • Affordable solution to a pesky problem

Terro Insect Traps

  • Comes complete with everything you need to start catching stink bugs
  • Unique attractant lures bugs into the trap
  • Safe to use around children and pets

RESCUE! Disposable Japanese/Oriental Beetle Trap

  • Ready-to-use trap requires no extra attachments
  • Can catch four times more than competitors
  • Zippered bottom allows for easy cleaning and reuse

Spectracide Bag-A-Bug Japanese Beetle Trap

  • Ready-to-use system
  • Offers over 5000 square feet of protection against Japanese Beetles and stink bugs
  • Very effective at trapping garden-eating pests affordably and safely

BugZooka Bug Catcher Vacuum

  • Powerful suction to remove most bugs
  • No batteries needed
  • Lightweight and portable

Table Of Contents

    Stink Bug Traps We Reviewed

    Short on time?  Take a look below for the top 5 in our list. Otherwise, check out our buying guide.

    Is There a Specific Trap for Stink Bugs?

    If you have a stink bug infestation in your home or garden, you’ll probably make a bee-line to the internet to search specifically for a stink bug trap.

    However, it’s advantageous to note that by searching for a wider range of products, you might be doing yourself a favor. Because the stink bug isn’t native to the North American continent, it has no native predators and can reproduce uncontrollably. In using a more general insect trap, you are widening your chances at catching these multiplying insects.

    All-Purpose Glue Traps

    When you utilize a set of glue traps for stink bugs in your home, office, storage space, or other type of property, you’re opening yourself up to catching not only stink bugs, but virtually every type of pest you have.

    This means, essentially, that you’re employing a literal catch-all method for bugs that are crawling around, totally unbeknownst to you!

    This method is normally very affordable, totally safe for little ones as well as pets, and free of messy chemicals.

    Multi-Pest Bug Zappers

    This is an ideal alternative for those who want a one-stop-shop as far as pest control is concerned.

    Bug zappers are extremely powerful at taking out a large variety of different pests from one centralized area. These devices normally require a power outlet and conduct a low-grade electrical current which, as the name suggests, zaps insects with electricity through a grid of charged metal bars.

    Zappers are recommend for those who have an indoor infestation and need a chemical-free solution to their stink bug problems. The electrical grid is protected behind a system of protective bars, which means that kids and pets can’t touch the currents.

    Garden-Eating Pest Traps

    Stink bugs are totally harmless to you and your pets, period. They’re not going to bite you or sting you, and the “stink” is merely an unpleasant smell.

    So what’s the big deal? Why are they so horrible?

    They’ll eat right through your plants.

    If you utilize traps targeted toward other garden-eating pests like Japanese Beetles and cucumber beetles, you can not only protect against these pests themselves, but the stink bugs.

    Why Are Stink Bugs In My House, Anyway?

    When you’re fighting your stink bug problem, it can help to learn why you have stink bugs so that you can prepare for what to do to prevent future infestations.

    Cracks and Crevices

    As with many other pests, stink bugs have a way of finding every little opening in your home’s structure and working their way inside.

    Stink bugs are overwintering insects, which means that they look for warm, secure places to spend the winter so that they do not die in the cold. When the temperatures begin to fall in autumn, stink bugs flock inside warm homes and stay there until springtime, when they want to return to their usual activities outside.

    How to Prevent Stink Bug Overwintering

    In the late summertime, be sure to conduct a thorough examination of your property and note any small crevices or openings.

    Seal or caulk any opening or crevice—no matter how small. Stink bugs only measure about 3/4 of an inch, so it’s worth it to tighten up any hole that could be used as an entry point for a stink bug (or any other pest) during a cold winter.

    Getting Rid of a Current Infestation

    It’s not recommended to use pesticides to combat stink bugs, as per EPA guidelines.

    However, natural solutions such as diatomaceous earth has been proven effective at combatting stink bugs in small numbers. We have a full report on Diatomaceous Earth and all its pest-killing benefits for those who want to learn more.

    For some extra tips, check out the video below, where research entomologist Jeff White details a few things to keep in mind when the stink bugs are searching for a place to spend the cold winter months.

    DIY Stink Bug Trap: Does It Work?

    A few researchers at Virginia Tech set out to prove that a homemade stink bug trap could work just as well as a manufactured one, and guess what?

    They were right!

    If you’re interested in assembling your own DIY Stink Bug Trap as per the Virginia Tech guidelines, here’s what you’ll need:

    • A silver roasting pan
    • Desk lamp
    • Warm water
    • Splash of dish soap

    The stink bugs are attracted to light, and the silver roasting pan served only to exploit that attraction by reflecting the light. The insects crawled toward the light, getting caught in the soapy water and ultimately died overnight in the suds.

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    Stink Bug Traps, Broken Down

    In the below section we break down each of our product recommendations in a little more detail.

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    Trapper Max Glue Traps

    Trapper Max manufactures glue traps which are simple yet effective in combatting not only stink bugs, but a vast array of unsightly (and something destructive) household pests.

    When you invest in a set of their glue traps, all you have to do is peel off the protective film over the glue strip. Once you set the trap where pest activity has been observed, you can sit back, relax, and let the Trapper Max glue traps do the rest; the adhesive power of the glue will stop pests in their tracks…literally.

    These glue traps are ideal to set in hard-to-reach places where stink bugs love to crawl like underneath furniture, behind appliances, and on top of high shelves. Make sure that you keep the traps free of dust, as a coat of debris will weaken the glue.

    The Good And The Bad

    • Traps stink bugs and other vermin with ease
    • Can be placed all over the property
    • Ships in a 12 pack
    • Affordable alternative to pricier pest control solutions
    • Can only be used indoors
    • Some customers have complained of the peanut butter bait aroma
    Overall Rating

    Terro Insect Traps

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have an insect glue trap that didn’t look like a trap? Look no further than Terro Insect Traps. Their unique design blends in with your decor to hide the fact that you’re killing bugs.

    These refillable traps feature a Hydro-tech lure that entices most crawling pests. It captures stink bugs as well as most other crawling pests. Best of all, it’s child and pet safe.

    Each box comes complete with two traps, lures, and a two-month supply of glue boards. The bug-shield grip prevents fingers from getting stuck when maintaining traps. And you no longer have to worry about touching dead insects.

    The Good And The Bad

    • Comes complete with everything you need to start catching stink bugs
    • Unique attractant lures bugs into the trap
    • Safe to use around children and pets
    • Discreet design
    • Glue traps tend to slide around
    • Works better for insects than spiders

    RESCUE! Disposable Japanese/Oriental Beetle Trap

    Though these traps are technically not designed to catch stink bugs, we’ve included them on the list because they’re sturdy, well-made, and others have seen success with them in the past.

    RESCUE! is a trusted name in pest control and specially, in the manufacture of traps for flying pests, so these Japanese and Oriental Beetle Traps were designed with quality in mind.

    Here’s how they work: an attractant which lures in stink bugs is placed inside the trap, and the bugs will fly or crawl into a small opening in the top of the trap. The stink bug will get stuck inside the trap’s interior, meaning that it won’t be out on the loose, decimating your plants.

    We love these traps not only because they come from such a reputable brand, but because they are targeted toward Japanese Beetles. This way, you’re getting a two-for-one deal: if you have a problem with both stink bugs and Japanese Beetles, you can knock out two birds with one stone!

    The Good And The Bad

    • Effectively traps stink bugs and Japanese Beetles
    • Affordable and versatile; easy to use and set up
    • Ships in a 3-pack
    • Not recommended for living spaces
    • Not recommended for indoor use

    Spectracide Bag-a-Bug Japanese Beetle Trap

    This ready-to-use trap from Spectracide is another product which is created to combat Japanese Beetles but can also be used just as easily for stink bugs.

    The design of the Bag-a-Bug trap doesn’t differ much from the RESCUE! traps we ranked above: a natural sex attractant is placed inside the bag to lure in the bugs, which brings them in swarms to the traps. The only difference with Bag-a-Bug is that the bags are not reusable.

    This trap comes with only 2 bags in total; after that, the customer must purchase additional bags on their own dime.

    The Good And The Bad

    • Ready to use and easy to install
    • Attracts stink bugs and Japanese Beetles
    • Very effective at trapping garden-eating pests affordably and safely
    • Only comes with 2 reusable bags in total
    • Restricted for sale in 15 states

    BugZooka Bug Catcher Vacuum

    The BugZooka Bug Catcher Vacuum is an excellent tool for getting rid of stink bugs around your home. Just hold the end of the nozzle over one, and flip the switch. It’s that simple.

    The lightweight design allows you to stand back at a distance. Also, it’s easy to dispose of dead bugs. So, there’s no more scraping and handling these disgusting little creatures.

    What’s amazing is how the BugZooka operates. It works by pressing a bellows device at the end. Spring-loaded mechanical suction does the rest. Best of all, there are no batteries needed.

    The Good And The Bad

    • Powerful suction to remove most bugs
    • No batteries needed
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Convenient, take it anywhere
    • Only works on one bug at a time
    • Difficult to get into tight corners
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