Top 4 Best Snake Bite Kits (**2021 Review**)

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Of more than 3,000 species of snakes that slither across the globe, only around 200 have been classified to be venomous.

Poisonous snakes can be deadly. But with the right snake bite kit, you can cheat death right at the tips of its fangs.

Please note: Seeking medical attention should be priority one in case of a snake bit.

In this Pest Strategies guide you can expect to learn:

  • How snake bite kits work
  • Will snake bite kits be effective for helping you recover
  • What’s included in a snake bite kit

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about snake bite kits, as well as our top 4 picks.

Reviewed By:
Ed Spicer

Ed has been working in the pest control industry for years helping 1,000's of homeowners navigate the world of insect and rodent management. He manages Pest Strategies now helping homeowners around the world!

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Sawyer Extractor Pump

  • Multiple size plastic cups
  • No need for scalpel
  • Most complete snake bite kit

First Aid Only Snake Bite First Aid Kit

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Comes with unitized box

LIVABIT Extractor Bite and Sting F.A.S.T.

  • Reusable vacuum pump
  • Compact, lightweight, and easily identifiable carrying case
  • Two sizes of suction cups

Rothco Snake Bite Kit

  • Encapsulated snake bite kit
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Includes 3 suction cups

Table Of Contents

    Top 4 Best Snake Bite Kits

    Short on time?  Take a look below for the top 4 in our list. Otherwise, check out our buying guide

    1. Sawyer Products B4 Extractor Pump Kit
    2. First Aid Only Snake Bite First Aid Kit
    3. LIVABIT Extractor Bite and Sting F.A.S.T
    4. Rothco Snake Bite Kit


    What Is A Snake Bite Kit?

    We all know that (venomous) snake bites can turn really ugly if not lethal. And as much as we hope that we don’t encounter venomous serpents, the danger will always be present no matter how careful we are.

    Fortunately for us, snake bite kits are now available to provide us with at least a sigh of relief whenever we unconsciously decide to fall between the fangs of these carnivorous reptiles.

    The snake bite kit is basically a special type of emergency kit intended to help the user efficiently administer first aid treatment on poisonous snake bite scenarios. Most of the time, these kits are also designed to be equally effective on stings from various insects.

    Typically, a snake bite kit comes with a suction device, a constrictor / tourniquet, and an instructions manual.

    How Do Snake Bite Kits Work?

    As mentioned earlier, the snake bite kit is a special type of first aid kit intended for, guess what – SNAKE BITES!

    Judging by the basic tools typically included in the kit, it’s quite easy to know how such survival paraphernalia works.

    First, the constrictor or tourniquet is used to slow down if not stop getting into the victim’s blood system. The vacuum pump is then employed to remove the poison that has penetrated under the skin.

    Lastly, antiseptic swabs or pads are available in some kits to help reduce the possibility of infection. And just in case, snake bite kits always have an instructions manual to guide the users through the step-by-step procedure of administering the needed first aid.

    Are Snake Bite Kits Effective? Do They Work?

    Snake bite kits work!

    However, it is important to bear in mind that snake bite kits are first aid tools and are never meant to work as an equal alternative for medical treatment provided by an experienced professional.

    Depending on the type of snake that bit you and the efficiency of the device, the snake bite kit is capable of securing enough time for you to reach the hospital and acquire an appropriate anti-venom.

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    Do Snake Bite Kits Work For Dogs?

    The bread and butter of snake bite kits is the suction device. This tool is the main responsible for sucking out the venom injected from a snake bite. For this device to initiate a vacuum, an air tight seal needs to be secured.

    Unfortunately, our canine friends are too furry to provide the needed platform.

    This however doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do in case your pet dog falls victim to a venomous snake. Dogs are most commonly bit on their nose or leg, so make sure you are looking to those areas first.

    First and foremost, avoid securing a tourniquet above the bite area. The physique of dogs is not the same as humans and using a constrictor may only cause more tissue damage. Instead, limit the dog’s movement to effectively slow down the infiltration of the venom into the canine’s blood system.

    If an antihistamine is around, administer an appropriate dose to combat allergic reaction triggered by the snake bite. Take your dog to the nearest vet for immediate medical treatment.

    Do Snake Bite Kits Expire?

    Snake bite kits usually don’t have expiration dates except on some additional components such as the antiseptic pads/swabs which need to be replaced from time to time.

    Otherwise, the kit can last for a very long time provided that proper storage is observed such as keeping the kit away from direct sunlight and that all elements are maintained with an airtight seal.

    What Does A Snake Bite Kit Contain?

    There are various types and brands of snake bite kits available in the market. Some simple kits contain the basic elements that include the suction device or vacuum pump, scalpel, tourniquet, and instructions manual.

    Other innovative kits are developed to work efficiently without a scalpel along with additional components like multiple plastic cups in various sizes, alcohol and antiseptic pads, bandages, and razor.

    Are Snake Bite Kits Good For Hiking?

    Typically, snake bite kits are designed to be compact and lightweight enough to be conveniently carried in various types of various activities like camping and hiking.

    In fact, it is when we are spending some time with nature that snake bite kits become a necessity as part of one’s entire camping or survival pack.

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    Best Snake Bite Kits Reviewed

    In the below section we break down each of our top snake bit kit recommendations in a little more detail.

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    Sawyer Extractor Pump

    This pocket-sized first aid kit can play a significantly huge role in helping you survive a bite from a highly venomous snake. It’s small but fully packed with all the essentials that will secure more time for you to secure professional treatment.

    The extractor pump kit is geared with plastic cups of various sizes to be used in extracting strings from different insects. It’s complete with alcohol prep pads, antiseptic pads, and a razor. It can fit snugly inside your jam-packed camping bag and provide you with everything you could ever ask for in a snake bite kit.

    The Good And The Bad

    • Easy to handle reusable vacuum pump
    • Multiple plastic cups in various sizes
    • Comes complete with other essential tools
    • Suction cups could break easily
    Overall Rating

    First Aid Only Snake Bite First Aid Kit

    Just like our top choice, this snake bite kit by First Aid Only is also a complete package. However, this only comes second since it has elements, like the surgical scalpel and ammonia inhalants, which require some level of knowledge and training to be efficiently utilized.

    This 10-piece snake bite kit comes with a unitized box so it’s pretty convenient to bring the entire set as a stand-alone or as a critical addition to your overall survival kit.

    It has everything you need from preventing and sucking the venom out to cleaning the bite area in order to avoid infection.

    The Good And The Bad

    • Complete with all snake bite kit essentials
    • Convenient and easy to use
    • Comes with a plastic carrying case
    • Vacuum device may not produce enough suction power
    • Requires extra knowledge to use

    LIVABIT Extractor Bite and Sting F.A.S.T.

    Although the brand name sounds a little petrifying, this snake bite kit can actually give you a bit more time to get to the hospital and get professional treatment the moment you fall victim to a fanged reptile.

    LIVABIT’s F.A.S.T. Extractor Bite and Sting Kit can suck venom juice out of various extremities. It comes with two sizes of suction cups designed for snakebite and insect sting scenarios. The entire kit is developed to be highly effective in extracting venom without the use of scalpel blades.

    The Good And The Bad

    • Bright colored carrying case
    • Two suction cups in different sizes
    • Functions without the use of scalpel blades
    • Comes with antiseptic and alcohol prep pads to avoid infection
    • Tourniquet may break easily

    Rothco Snake Bite Kit

    Just like Coghlan’s, the Rothco Snake Bite Kit is extremely lightweight and portable. Don’t let its looks fool you though. Encapsulated are three (two large and one small) high suction cups, constrictor, scalpel, and antiseptic swab.

    Just make sure you read the instructions manual that comes with it and you’ll have nothing to worry about inefficiently dealing with snake bites and insect stings.

    The Good And The Bad

    • Extremely lightweight
    • Compact design
    • Three suction cups
    • Like Coghlan's this kit may not be able to yield powerful vacuum
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