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Pest Control Product Reviews

Get in-depth reviews on all the major pest products on the market. Ready before you buy!

Reviewed By:
Ed Spicer

Ed has been working in the pest control industry for years helping 1,000's of homeowners navigate the world of insect and rodent management. He manages Pest Strategies now helping homeowners around the world!

Table Of Contents

    Detailed Product Reviews

    Get in-depth reviews on all the major pest products on the market. Read before you buy!

    Whether you’re looking for something to kill ant, or a nice trap to kill some cockroaches, this is where you need to be to find what you’re looking for.

    Simply pick the pest you want to target, and you’ll be sent to the right section of the page.

    Keep checking this page for updated guides and ways to kill pests that will save you time, stress, and money.

    Get A Free Quote

    Because pest control products can be dangerous to your family if mishandled, we always recommend consulting with an exterminator even if just to ask for advice on how to apply pest control products yourself.

    Our pest experts review each company for quality, cost, customer service, safety, and 100’s of other important factors and assess a rating out of 100. Below are our top 3 picks based on that review for pest removal. We’ve set up a direct line with each company so you can get fast free quotes right now.

    Bed Bugs

    Did you know that most products meant to kill bed bugs have absolutely no effect on them? Learn more below.

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    Most products used to kill ants are effective and can eliminate an infestation relatively quickly. Find out our favorites below.

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    Similar to bed bugs, most products used to kill fleas are a waste of money. Learn which products are the best below.

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    Rats and Mice

    Using the wrong product to kill a rat or mouse could do more harm than good. Learn about the best products below.

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    Should you use a simple spray repellent or invest in a full blow chemical sprayer? We have all the answers and more below.

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    What should you buy when your child gets lice at school? We’ve review the best products on the market, learn below.

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    These critters are cute until they start digging holes in your backyard. We’ve reviewed the best products to remove them.

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    Which products should you use to kill bugs that could survive a nuclear attack? Click to below to learn what we picked.

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    Fruit Flies

    Try having a basket of fruit out for 30 minutes without fruit flies. You can’t. Here’re our favorite products to kill them.

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    Ant Product Reviews

    Who doesn’t love a few ants on their kitchen counter eating up the crumbs from their children’s lunch? We certainly don’t, which is why we put together the best products to kill these bugs once and for all.

    Cockroach Product Reviews

    Cockroaches, disgusting, creepy, crawly little bugs that you just want to kill. Here’s our top products that will decimate any cockroach infestation you might have! 

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    Mosquito Product Reviews

    These biting little suckers are certainly NOT man’s best friend. Here’s our top mosquito killing products to make sure you never get bitten.

    Bed Bug Product Reviews

    Bed bugs are probably the worst pest you could have in your house. Not only do they bit and leave nasty itchy bumps, but they’re are 100% grade-A gross. Checkout out buying guides to get prepared.

    Lice Product Reviews

    When you scratch your hair and bugs fall out, you know you have a head lice problem. We’ve pre-reviewed the products you need to have to take care of the problem.

    Flea Product Reviews

    When you see black specs on the ground, it ain’t pepper… it’s probably fleas. Checkout these detailed guides to make sure you’re ready.

    Chipmunk Product Reviews

    Chipmunks WILL destroy your lawn. It is not if, but when. Make sure to grab some of our recommended suppliers to be prepared for these critters.

    Mouse Product Reviews

    Mice and rats, carriers of diseases and unpleasant behavior. Checkout these guides to combat these unruly creatures. 

    Fly Product Reviews

    Let’s face it, flies suck! Here are some of our favorite fly killing products. Take a look!

    Gnat Product Reviews

    What’s worse than flies? Gnats! There’s nothing worse than walking outside on a beautiful day only to bump into a swarm of gnats. Take a look at our guides to make sure you never have to come across these bugs again!

    Mole Product Reviews

    Have you ever walked out to your yard and noticed there were tunnels all over? Before, a picture perfect lawn fit for a king and now, a disaster. If this describes you, then you probably have moles. Checkout our product reviews to prepare you and your lawn!

    Snake Product Reviews

    Snakes are scary and can be a bothersome pest in a garden or around your home. Check out our detailed product guides to make sure you keep them at bay.

    Wasp Product Reviews

    Wasps aren’t your friendly bumble bee. They sting and keep coming until they’re removed. Keep your home wasp and hornet free with our detailed guides!

    Stink Bug Product Reviews

    Stink bugs are probably the weirdest, slowest, annoyingly persistent bug most folks come across. Our guides should help you keep these lumbering pests away for good.

    Tick Product Reviews

    As if mosquitoes and bed bugs weren’t enough, most people also need to worry about ticks in or around their home. Protect yourself and your pets with our help!

    Weed Product Reviews

    Ever try to keep your lawn in order only to find weeds taking over. Don’t throw in the towel just yet, check out our detailed review of weed killing products!

    Bird Product Reviews

    Is your home being overrun by nasty birds? Keep your chin up, we’ve got you covered.  Check out our expert reviews of bird removal products!

    Skunk Product Reviews

    Do you have a skunk lurking around your home? How do you get rid of it? There’s nothing worse than being hit by the wrong end of a skunk and we’re here to help!

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