Top 5 Best Roach Killer for Apartments (**2022 Review**)

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Looking for the fastest and most efficient roach killer for your apartment?

Great, you’re in the right place!

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • The causes of cockroach infestation in your apartment
  • If it is possible to get rid of an infestation in an apartment
  • How to keep roaches from invading your apartment
  • Our top 5 roach apartment killers

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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Roach Doctor Cockroach Gel

  • Syringe applicator
  • Easy to use formula
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor use

When faced with a gross cockroach infestation inside your unit, you’ll need a fast-acting solution that you can conveniently use insidea complex residential setting such as an apartment.

With that, our top picks goes to the Roach Doctor Cockroach Gel.


It comes with a syringe applicator which helps you apply the solution on hard to reach corners very conveniently. It has a strong and proven effective formula that can both attract and kill roaches at the same time. All you need is a small dab on places frequented by roaches.

What’s even better is that it is applicable for both indoor and outdoor use. Compared to other roach killers, the Roach Doctor Cockroach Gel is effective in establishing a defensive perimeter throughout your unit.

Reviewed By:
Ed Spicer

Ed has been working in the pest control industry for years helping 1,000's of homeowners navigate the world of insect and rodent management. He manages Pest Strategies now helping homeowners around the world!

Roach Doctor Cockroach Gel

  • Easy to use formula
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Comes with syringe applicator

Black Flag Roach Motel

  • Roach trap design
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe to use around children

Syngenta Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

  • Easy to apply
  • Comes in a 4 tube pack
  • 5 Year Expiration date makes it a worthwhile purchase

Combat Roach Killing Bait

  • Easy to use
  • Mess free
  • Takes the poison straight to the center of the infestation

Trapper Monitor Insect Glue Trap

  • Non-poisonous glue trap
  • Can be used individually or as a larger trap
  • Comes with an adhesive backing

Table Of Contents

    Top 5 Best Roach Killers For Apartments

    Short on time or just want a quick answer?

    Check out our below list for a summary of our results. Keep on reading to learn more about cockroach infestations and the possible solutions that you can use throughout your apartment!

    1. Roach Doctor Cockroach Gel (our top pick)
    2. Black Flag Roach Motel (a close second)
    3. Syngenta Advion Cockroach Gel Bait
    4. Combat Roach Killing Bait
    5. Trapper Monitor Insect Glue Trap

    What Are The Causes of Cockroach Infestation In Your Apartment?

    Cockroaches are among the most common household pests. These nocturnal scavengers are the ultimate survivors of the insect kingdom and the most stubborn pests in many households that can trigger the spread of serious illnesses as they thrive.

    Although cockroaches prefer warm environments that are close to sources of food, the success of their species is mainly attributed to their ultimate adaptability. Whether you are living in an urban or rural setting, you can expect some crawling invaders if:

    • You have a couple of exposed food here and there
    • Dark and wet areas inside your unit
    • You let your trash linger inside your unit and uncovered
    • You have a lot of gaps and cracks in various corners of your apartment
    • You are living right next to a messy neighbor

    Is It Possible To Get Rid Of An Infestation In Your Apartment?

    Yes, of course!

    However, bear in mind that cockroach infestations are often hard to deal with especially if you are not equipped with a proper battle plan. Apartment buildings typically have shared walls and vents. These serve as major highways for cockroaches to easily thrive from one door to the next.

    Nonetheless, it still doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do to turn the tide. There are actually a number of home remedies that can help you get rid of these unwanted guests.

    You can sprinkle boric acid along corners, gaps, and underneath the furniture which are frequented by cockroaches. Boric acid is a popular cockroach poison that can kill the pest when it comes in contact with the chemical. Just make sure to keep it out of reach of children and apply only minimal amounts on target areas.

    Baking soda and sugar are another effective solution. This however, takes a little while before you can see some positive results. Other proven effective home remedies in battling out cockroach infestations are the use of fabric softener spray, bay leaves, and lemon peels.

    How Can You Keep Roaches From Invading Your Apartment?

    Killing cockroaches can be pretty simple and easy provided that you have the right tools to get the job done. But putting these nasty scavengers out of their misery is only half the battle. You also need to make sure that these cockroaches won’t be able to infiltrate your unit in the future.

    Seal up cracks and gaps

    With a flexible exoskeleton, it is quite easy for cockroaches to squeeze through gaps as narrow as 1/16 of an inch. Locate as many holes and cracks as possible throughout your unit and seal them up with a caulk that contains boric acid.

    Treat your baseboards with Diatomaceous Earth since it is also an effective remedy against cockroaches. Lastly, secure your unit with a door seal set to totally deny cockroaches any possible entry into your unit.

    Eliminate clutter and vacuum from time to time

    Cockroaches won’t be dubbed as the ultimate scavengers for nothing. In fact, these pests can eat almost anything inside your apartment including wallpaper paste as well as your books and hair.

    Keep your apartment clean and tidy all the time. Maintain an organized arrangement of all your things and vacuum regularly especially underneath your furniture.

    Secure your food

    As mentioned earlier, one of the main causes of cockroaches inside your apartment is exposed food. As much as possible, secure all of your food stuffs in a glass container that can be completely sealed.

    It is also wise to make sure that all food droppings and smudges on your dining table and inside the kitchen are wiped clean.

    The following video shows a cockroach inspection being done on an apartment.

    Cockroach Warning

    If you do think you have cockroaches in your apartment, we highly recommend first consulting with a local exterminator before using sprays or any other method of cockroach control. Improper use can and will make your cockroach problem worse.

    Use our local exterminator search tool to get a couple free quotes so you can begin the removal process.

    Compare Pest Control Companies Near You

    Best Roach Killer For Apartments Reviews

    Apartments present a much more inviting environment for cockroach populations to thrive. Because of this, we came down with a list of the best roach killers for apartments.

    Let’s get into our top picks!

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    Roach Doctor Cockroach Gel

    Cockroaches scurry away at our very presence making it hard for a lot of homeowners to catch and kill these nasty scavengers. With Roach Doctor, there’s simply no need to hunt for cockroaches.

    The cockroach gel is a bait and poison in one. It’s formulated with an attractant that’s irresistible to cockroaches and a poison component potent enough to kill cockroaches in a single feeding.

    Applying this gel underneath kitchen cabinets and furniture and inside tiny cracks and holes is simple thanks to its syringe applicator. And unlike most cockroach solutions, Roach Doctor Cockroach Gel is effective on both indoor and outdoor use.

    The Good And The Bad

    • Attractant an poison in one formula
    • Comes with syringe applicator
    • Can be use both indoors and outdoors
    • One tube goes a long way
    • Not advisable to be used on units with children and pets
    Overall Rating

    Black Flag Roach Motel

    Cockroaches love squeezing through cracks and holes. Black Flag Roach Motel is a special type of trap designed to give cockroaches the illusion of crawling into a dark hole.

    But instead of a chemical pesticide, Roach Motel utilizes the stickiness of a powerful glue to give cockroaches a one-way trip to oblivion. And since it is free from any harmful chemical, Roach Motel is safe to use around children and pets.

    Apart from cockroaches, Roach Motel is also effective on other types of household pests such as water bugs, palmetto bugs, spiders, crickets, and scorpions. What’s even better about this trap is that you are spared with the sight of dead bugs.

    The Good And The Bad

    • Designed to attract cockroaches
    • Use glue instead of pesticides
    • Safe to use around children and pets
    • No messy sight of dead bugs
    • Gives off a strong scent that may be bothersome to others

    Syngenta Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

    Gel bait is quite popular nowadays considering that the use of insecticide sprays and poisons present a number of setbacks to both human health and environment. Syngenta Advion Cockroach Gel Bait makes catching and eliminating roaches easy and convenient.

    While convenient, and effective according to many customers, the packaging does recommend not using in areas where children and pets can easily access.

    However, the safety data sheet provided by Advion does not state that any harm would be done. There is only enough insecticide in this gel bait to kill roaches, and *should* have no effect on human or pets.

    The Good And The Bad

    • Easy to apply
    • Comes in a 4 tube pack
    • 5 Year Expiration date makes it a worthwhile purchase
    • Lack of information on the product listing page
    • Not the cheapest solution

    Combat Roach Killing Bait

    With 2% hydramethylnon, Combat Roach Killing Bait targets the source of your problem. Combat is easy to use and doesn’t use messy baits.

    The station is designed to lure the cockroaches into consuming the bait and deliver the poison straight to the center of their nests. Each pack contains 8 bait stations that are designed to be child proof.

    Simply place these stations on places frequented by cockroaches and wait for noticeable positive results the following days. The only downside is the task of dealing with the aftermath – clearing out dead roaches here and there.

    The Good And The Bad

    • Easy to use
    • Mess free
    • Takes the poison straight to the center of the infestation
    • Each pack comes with 8 bait stations
    • Dead cockroaches could be scattered all over your apartment

    Trapper Monitor Insect Glue Trap

    Trapper Monitor Insect Glue Trap is a simple trap with a clever design. The device is specially developed to go beyond just trapping insect pests.

    The trap can be used individually or as a larger pitfall for cockroaches and other crawling insects. It also comes with an adhesive backing to secure the trap firmly on the floor or along the walls.

    To yield better results, the glue trap can be used side by side with Trapper Roach Attractant Tablets. These tablets are non-poisonous are simply formulated to lure cockroaches into the device.

    The Good And The Bad

    • Non-poisonous glue trap
    • Can be used individually or as a larger trap
    • Comes with an adhesive backing
    • Comes with a space for recording purposes
    • Attractant tablets are sold separately
    • Individual strips are quite small
    Compare Pest Control Companies Near You