Top 5 Best Chipmunk Traps (**2022 Review**)

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Looking for the best chipmunk trap money can buy? Great you’re in the right place!

In this Pest Strategies guide you’ll learn:

  • Our #1 rated chipmunk trap
  • The most popular types of chipmunk traps
  • If traps use poisons (or something else)
  • If homemade traps are a good idea
  • If traps kill chipmunks
  • And the 5 traps we reviewed

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

AB Pro-Quality Humane Trap

  • Reusable trap
  • Chemical free (no poisons)
  • Comes ready to use out of the box

Out of the chipmunk traps we looked at, our top pick went to the to the AB Humane Trap.


It’s simple, comes assembled out of the box, HIGHLY sensitive trigger, and has an EXTREMELY quick cage to ensure even the fastest chipmunks are captured.

It’s a fairly light trap and will need to be weighted down a bit. Something like a book for inside use or rocks for outside use should do the trick.

Bait it with tomcat attractant and let it sit. If you don’t get any bites, try a couple bait variations (sunflower seeds, peanut butter, etc) to see what your specific chipmunks like to chew on.

For more information on Chipmunk traps and how to use them, keep on reading. Also see the 5 traps we reviewed down below!

We all know the warning signs…

…holes scattered throughout the yard and gardens completely ransacked.

Upon first glance, this scene looks like it was created by a large, vicious nuisance animal; a raccoon, or maybe even a fox perhaps?

And yet, this destruction is just the tip of the iceberg.

Soon, you’ll be finding the wires of your car gnawed clean through, and maybe even hearing the scuttle of small footsteps within your walls.

Of course, these are the signs of a chipmunk invasion on your property, which can escalate to serious damage if you’re not proactive in driving them away.

If you’ve already tried using repellents for your chipmunks and haven’t had any success, using a trap to do a little more “permanent” damage to these pests.

Follow along with our guide to learn about the best products to trap chipmunks, and your property will soon be chipmunk-free!

Reviewed By:
Ed Spicer

Ed has been working in the pest control industry for years helping 1,000's of homeowners navigate the world of insect and rodent management. He manages Pest Strategies now helping homeowners around the world!

Best Service
Overall Rating
Best Overall
Overall Rating

AB Pro-Quality Humane Trap

  • Reusable trap
  • Chemical free (no poisons, etc)
  • Catches without injury to the animal

Harris Cage Trap

  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • Humane trapping

The Amazing Rat Trap with Starter Bait

  • Lighter than other traps
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Humane capture of chipmunks without injury

The Better Rodentrap by Intruder

  • Sensitive cantilever trigger to ensure trap activates
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction
  • Reusable design

The Original Rolling Log Mouse Trap

  • Humane non-kill trap setup
  • Lightweight and easy to setup
  • Made in the USA

Table Of Contents

    Top 5 Best Chipmunk Traps

    Short on time?  Take a look below for the top 5 in our list. Otherwise, check out our buying guide!

    What Types of Chipmunk Traps Are Most Popular?

    When it comes to trapping chipmunks, there are a few different types from which to choose. These traps work in different ways, and some will be better suited to use than others, depending on the severity of the infestation and other environmental factors.

    • Box cages with spring-activated doors. These are metal cages around the size of a shoebox which function via a spring level on the inside. When bait is taken from a certain area, the chipmunk’s weight activates the spring, which closes the door and traps the animal inside.
    • Electronic zappers. This is also a box shape with a spring door, but this trap takes elimination to a higher level: the trap will send volts of electricity through the chipmunk which, in turn, will usually kill it.
    • Rolling bars over a bucket. Sometimes labeled the “chipmunk bucket of death,” this trap works by attaching a rolling bar over the top of a five-gallon bucket. The user will also affix ramps to either side of the bucket and use a sticky type of bait on the rolling bar to attract chipmunks. Normally, users will fill the bucket halfway with water. Chipmunks climb up onto the bar to take the bait, then fall into the bucket when the bar rolls, where they inevitably drown.
    • Spring-activated stun/kill “mousetrap style” traps. These are what most people picture when they think about a rodent trap: the vintage image of cheese at one end of a wooden spring trap used to lure mice in cartoons.

    Do Traps Use Chipmunk Poison?

    Despite what many skeptics may think, these most traps are poison-free.

    Though they may cause the chipmunk bodily harm or death, chemicals are not used in eliminating these rodents.

    Because of this, these types of traps are not only safe, but absolutely recommended for families with small children and/or pets on the property.

    Chipmunk bait containing poison is on the market, but it’s rarely used for these traps. Normally, a chipmunk will respond much better to a natural bait like peanut butter or sunflower seeds.

    Poison baits are usually only reserved as a last-ditch effort to eliminate chipmunks, so you can rest assured that in using a trap, you’re not harming others. In fact, the objective of most traps is to simply contain the animal for release in the wild.

    Should I Make a Homemade Chipmunk Trap?

    The chipmunk bucket trap is the most popular remedy to get rid of chipmunks. As described above, its effectiveness lies in its simplicity: this trap utilizes gravity to drown pesky chipmunks. However, this option isn’t always the most hygienic.

    When the bucket trap is effective, you’ll be left with a bucket full of waterlogged chipmunk carcasses. If you’re not cleaning out the trap in a timely manner (which is an unpleasant task in and of itself), you’ll be attracting flies, maggots, rats, and other scavengers. This, of course, poses an even larger pest dilemma than the original chipmunk problem.

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    Will a Trap Kill a Chipmunk?

    If you’re on the fence about using a trap, we understand.

    Most people want help with trapping chipmunks in the yard, and aren’t interested in lethal chipmunk traps. For those looking for options on how to catch a chipmunk alive, no-kill traps like the box traps are for you.

    Simply place bait in the trap and check it regularly for new captives to release in the wild.

    Take a look at the video below to see how the “box trap” works in action!

    However, if this is a measure you’ve already attempted and gotten unsuccessful results, a kill trap might be the next option to try…

    This method will eliminate your problem one by one, and stop chipmunk reproduction in its tracks.

    Only you can decide which option is best for you, but being able to stop the spread of chipmunks is in everyone’s best interest. Sometimes, only trial and error will work in order to make that decision.

    The Chipmunk Traps We Reviewed

    In the below section we break down each of our product recommendations in a little more detail.

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    AB Humane Trap Catch

    This sturdy trap made of galvanized steel is perfect for catching all sorts of unwanted animals that can wander into your yard, especially chipmunks.

    This trap will enclose a chipmunk humanely, ensuring a safe release to the animal as well as the user.

    It comes pre-assembled ready to go out of the box. Just drop some kind of bait (sunflower seeds, peanut butter, etc) and you’re ready to go!

    The Good And The Bad

    • Gravity-powered, guillotine-style door that's impenetrable from the inside
    • Smooth steel bars inside the enclosure which do not harm the chipmunk
    • Compact design which can easily be camouflaged in the yard
    • The door can be too small for large hands to set bait inside
    • The trigger is not always sensitive enough to be set off by light chipmunks
    • Larger animals can be attracted to the bait and can get stuck
    Overall Rating

    AmazingTrap w/ Started Bait

    This trap is ideal for chipmunk removal from your home. Like the AB Trap, the Amazing Rat Trap uses a spring-activated door to enclose chipmunks inside.

    However, this trap utilizes a spring and latch system rather than a guillotine door, which can create a different user experience.

    Trap comes assembled out of the box and is lighter than you might expect. Just bait and leave it in an infested area. Once captured, transfer to different wilderness area to remove the rodent!

    The Good And The Bad

    • Includes starter bait
    • Rust-resistant aluminum body
    • More cost-efficient than its competitor
    • The door latch can come undone, freeing your trapped chipmunk
    • The aluminum body is reported by some users as flimsy
    • The spring which activates the door is not as sensitive as advertised

    Pest Expel Trap

    This heavy-duty trap will stop a chipmunk or other rodent right in its tracks.

    Rather than using chipmunk poison, the trap will kill a chipmunk using pressure from a spring which slams down on its head as it reaches for carefully-placed bait.

    It uses a cantilever trigger mechanism to set off and instantly kill your chipmunk without prolonged pain. The key is to find a bait your chipmunk likes (seeds, etc) and place in an active area.

    The device itself feels well made as opposed to some other cheap plastic traps.

    The Good And The Bad

    • This trap is designed for rats, so catching a chipmunk with a large head is no problem
    • Washable, odor-resistant, and reusable
    • Heavy duty stainless steel construction
    • The metal bars can be weakened in the sun
    • Labeled by most users as inhumane toward chipmunks
    • Chipmunks' heads tend to warp the springs, limiting the possibility of re-use

    Rolling Log Mouse Trap

    If you’ve ever wondered what the “chipmunk bucket of death” was, you’re about to find out.

    Sometimes called the “chipmunk bucket trap,” this rolling log sits on top of a bucket and works by tipping unsuspecting chipmunks into the vessel below.

    The Good And The Bad

    • Simple, effective, and proven to catch chipmunks
    • Very cost-efficient and reusable
    • Easy to set up in a yard or garden
    • Consumers need to add ramps and a bucket
    • Some models won't spin properly, allowing chipmunks to get away
    • If not properly cleaned, this trap can attract scavenger animals

    Harris Cage Trap

    This catch and release cage trap by Harris is one of the easiest, most economical solutions for chipmunks. It’s constructed of rust-resistant stainless steel, making the trap suitable for outdoor use. And it’s thicker than most traps to prevent animals from chewing through the wiring.

    The Harris Cage Trap is easy to bait and set. And it won’t harm the animal after it’s been trapped since there’s plenty of air circulation. Once you release it, the trap can be used several times again without having to purchase another one.

    Since this is a live trap, there are no toxic baits required. It’s safe for children, pets, and the environment. And there are no dangerous moving parts to avoid.

    The Good And The Bad

    • Easy to use
    • Economical
    • Humane trapping
    • Safe for animals
    • Designed only for small rodents, not for skunks or raccoons
    • May not hold up as well as some other traps
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