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Wondering if bed bugs can live in your hair?

Well, you’re in the right place!

In this article we’ll be going over:

  • Do bed bugs live in people’s hair?
  • Will they ever go into your hair?
  • Will bed bugs stay on your body?
  • What about bed bug eggs in your hair?

And much more!

Entomophobia is the fear of bugs, while acarophobia is the fear of insects.

A prevailing fear in both phobias is the possibility of pests being on you. Even people who don’t suffer from a diagnosed phobia can be afraid of finding bugs on them.

We know lice live in people’s hair, but what about bed bugs?

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Table of Contents

    Can Bed Bugs Live in Your Hair?

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    Bed Bugs do NOT live in human hair.

    These pests do not like heat and won’t stay near animals because of the natural heat generated by them.

    Further, bed bugs do not have claws like lice or ticks.

    Lice and ticks have special hook-like appendages that allow them to grip onto human hair or skin and stay there where bed bugs just have plain legs and can’t cling like these other pests.

    When you get up, the bed bugs will most likely fall off of your body.

    Will Bed Bugs Ever Go in Your Hair?

    The chances of a bed bug roaming near the top of someone’s head are very low. Bed bugs feed on blood and therefore need to locate a place on someone where they can get their food.

    A human’s hair is not an ideal place for bed bugs to get to blood. There’s simple too much stuff in the way, and without proper claws to maneuver through your hair follicles, bed bugs wouldn’t be able to draw any blood from their host.

    Instead of going near your hair, they will often target areas which are exposed when someone is sleeping. Most bed bug bites will be found on the arms, leg, neck, and torso.

    Again, not your head.

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    Will Bed Bugs Stay on You?

    Bed bugs are not like ticks and will not stay on someone after they have fed.

    Instead, they will travel back to the safety of their home. Bed bugs tend to only live within 10 ft. of their primary food source, which is why they like to nest in people’s beds (we recommend bed encasements to prevent this). If they have been feeding from someone who is sleeping, then they will often find shelter somewhere in the same room.

    Some common places for bed bugs to stay are:

    • Mattresses
    • Box springs
    • Behind door frames
    • Cracks in walls and the floor

    Again, none of these places include you or your hair!

    Can Bed Bugs Live on You or Your Body?

    As mentioned in the previous sections bed bugs cannot live on people (nor do they want to). Bed bugs don’t like heat and will avoid staying on an individual after having fed.

    They also lack the hook-like appendages of creatures like lice and have no means of gripping skin or flesh. As soon as you would get up from your bed or couch, they’d likely fall to the ground and find somewhere to hide.

    Once bed bugs have gotten their food, they always head back to their nest for safety.

    You don’t have to worry about them staying on you.

    What About Bed Bug Eggs in Your Hair?

    Bed bug eggs are tiny; no bigger than a pinhead.

    However, they will not be in your hair. Bed bugs lay their eggs in small cracks or crevices where they will not be harmed by the environment. Hair is not a safe place to keep eggs because humans get up and move around.

    Similar to how bed bugs lack hooks, their eggs are not sticky and cannot stay in hair.

    It would be easy for them to fall out.

    Pro Tip

    Although while it’s technically not probable that you can get bed bugs in your hair, it is technically possible (although unlikely). If you did find a bug in your hair, it is most likely lice or a tick. Check our bed bug images section to see if what you’ve found matches up.

    Bed bugs and Hair final thoughts

    Although there are many stories on the Internet, bed bugs have never been known to stay on humans or to live in human hair. They simply lack the necessary functional toolset to do it.

    If you’re worried about bed bugs staying on you, don’t worry. They won’t stay on you and can be eliminated by a variety of treatments, including ones which don’t involve chemicals or pesticides.

    If you think you have bed bugs, we recommend contacting an exterminator near you (click here for our tool to help with that).

    Get at least 3-5 quotes and talk to a few exterminators before deciding on one.

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