What Do Bed Bugs Look Like (53 PICTURES OF BED BUGS)

Sometimes seeing pictures of bed bugs can help you identify if you're attracting bed bugs and whether or not you need to start doing something about it.

I’m sure some of us remember that old phrase, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite” and thought bed bugs were some made up creature, when in fact, they were nasty lurkers worse (in some ways) than mosquitos.

What do Bed Bugs Look Like - 53 Pictures Of Bed Bugs

If you’re reading this article, then it’s likely you have experienced (or are currently experiencing) a run in with bed bugs.

To help you out, I’ve curated 53 of the best images and pictures of bed bugs I could find that showcase what a bed bug looks like so hopefully you can identify what it is that’s pestering you.

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First Of All, What Is A Bed Bug?

Bed bugs are flat reddish brown oval insects ranging from 4 to 5mm in length. They feed on blood and are only active during the night time.

I keep a very clean house, will that keep bed bugs away?

Not entirely, bed bugs don’t care if your house is clean or dirty.

Although, if your house is clean, it will be easier to spot bed bugs if you have them. To keep bed bugs at bay you should take proactive measures such as:

  • Keep room clutter to a minimum
  • Invest in a mattress cover
  • Inspect any hotel you stay at
  • Examine 2nd hand furniture for signs of bed bugs (see below)
  • Wash and dry your bed sheets regularly with hot water

Are bed bugs dangerous?

Bed bugs, although very annoying, pestering, and gross, are not carriers of disease unlike mosquitos, which can carry various diseases.

What they will do is bite you multiple times in close proximity while you sleep. The bites themselves aren’t painful, but will leave a reddish hive on your skin. The biting area will look very similar to a mosquito bite although slightly larger and A LOT itchier.

After they bite, they will retreat back to their hiding space.

Where do they live?

Bed bugs tend to live in the seams of your mattress, in the box spring, in the folds of loose wall paper, in your sofa, under your rug, and any other area that is close to a feeding source. Bed bugs want to be near where they feed, so expect them to be close by when you sleep if you have them.

You’ll find that a lot of bed bugs live in hotels because of the frequency at which people come and go inside of them. Bed bugs don’t prefer hotels, rather there are a lot of people and it’s likely that someone will be carrying a bed bug at one point or another.

Bed Bug Warning

If you do think you have bed bugs, we highly recommend first consulting with a local exterminator before using sprays or any other method of bed bug control. Improper use can and will make your bed bug problem worse.

Use our local exterminator search tool to get a couple free quotes so you can begin the removal process.

How do you get rid of them?

Bed bugs are VERY hard to get rid of mainly because they hide so well. Depending on the size of the infestation, you might have to look very hard before you find the culprit and stop the spreading.

If you’re actively getting bitten, do the following things:

  • Inspect your bed and box spring for bed bugs and their droppings (check seams and inside your bed if there are any entry points inside the mattress).
  • If you find bugs, clean your mattress, DO NOT throw it out! Ontimesteamcleaning.com wrote a great article on how to go about cleaning a mattress.
  • Inspect furniture around your bed and clean thoroughly
  • Put all your sheets in a laundry bag, transport to washer, and set temperatures to their highest setting. Throw out the bag in an outside garbage receptacle.
  • Vacuum every crevice of your room (bed, underneath furniture, rugs, etc) and empty contents outside your home.
  • Continue to sleep in your bed and do not move locations as you could potential move the problem to other areas of your house.
  • I would advise against using any traditional pest killers, insecticides, or bug bombs as that may splinter the bugs into more locations and make your situation worse.

53 of the best Images and pictures of bed bugs

Bed bug size comparisons

1. Here we have an adult bed bug and nymph side-by-side with a penny to give you an idea of size comparison.


2. Here's another example of a bed bug next to a penny for comparison.

bed bugs compared to penny

Via DoYourOwnPestControl.com

3. Staying with the theme of pocket change, here's a dime next to a bed bug.

bed bugs compared to dime

Via PublicHealthInsider.com

4. Here's a picture of the various stages of bed bugs and what it looks like when a bed bug is engorged in blood.

bed bugs compared

5. This is a picture to give you an idea of the size of a bed bug relative to the size of a finger.

 bed bug compared to finger

6. Here is another picture of bed bugs next to a person's hands tucked into the seam of a mattress

 bed bug next to finger

7. Here is a petri dish with a bunch of bugs bugs hanging out.

bed bugs in a glass container

Via Fox8

8. Here's another picture of a finger size relative to the size of a bed bug. These are small bugs!

9. bed bug on finger

9. Here is a picture of an adult male bed bug being sized at about 5 milimeters.

bed bugs picture measurement


10. Here's a bit more information on bed bugs to help you understand them at a deeper level.

11. bed bug information picture

11. Here is a picture with the various stages of bed bugs (both male and female) and an "actual size" comparison to give you an idea of what to look for.

12. bed bug appearance picture


12. This is a picture of a bed bug on a person's finger. This gives you an idea of how flat these insect actually are!

bed bug on finger image

Via UniversityOfFlorida

13. Here is a bed bug crawling up a seam of a mattress, one of their favorite places to hang out!

bed bugs up close image

14. This is a picture of a bed bug on a sofa next to a tack.

bed bug on sofa

15. Here are more bed bugs hanging out in the seam of the mattress. You can see a baby bed bug on the left, a few adults in the middle, and a dead bed bug on the right hand side.

Bed bugs up close on bed picture

16. This is an up close picture of a bed bug crawling on a bed.

Bed bugs up close on bed sheet

17. This is a picture of bed bugs hiding underneath a rug. If you look closely you can see a couple of adult bed bugs and the black droppings bed bugs leave (digested blood).

bed bugs underneath carpet image

18. Here is a picture of a bed bug atop of piece of loose leaf paper.

bed bug on loose leaf paper

19. This is a picture of a bed bug and fecal spots left in its wake. The fecal spots are the first clues you should look for when trying to find your bed bug invaders.

bed bug picture on board

20. Here is picture of a mattress that has been invaded past the point of no return.

bed bugs mattress

21. If you pull back a bed bug infested mattress you might find something like this.

bed bug mattress

22. For an infested mattress, take a look at the black fecal spots on the corners to see if you have a bed bug problem.

bed bugs in mattress

23. Here's another example of bed bugs leave behind black fecal spots in the seam of your bed.

Bed bugs in mattress

Via NCBedBugs

24. Here is a closeup picture of the black spots left behind by bed bugs that have infested a mattress.

bed bugs on white mattress

25. Make sure to lift up your mattress and check the seams thoroughly for bed bugs.

bed bugs underneath mattress

26. When you check into a hotel, be sure to check the mattress for bed bugs.

 bed bug next to finger

Via BedBugger

27. Here's a great picture of a mattress with a bed bug problem.

bed bug pictures

Via Badbedbugs

28. As seen below, bed bugs have found a home in the seam of this mattress.

bed bugs hidden in mattress

29. Here is another example of bed bugs that have left behind evidence of their existence.

bed bug fecal matter in mattress

30. In this picture, you don't even have to pull back the seams to see the bed bugs. 

mattress with spots from bed bugs

31. Don't forget to check in and around your box spring for bed bugs! Here is an image of a bed frame that's been taken over by bed bugs.

bed bugs in box spring

Via BedBugger

32. Here is another picture of bed bugs that have taken over a bed frame.

bed bugs in wooden bed frame

Via BedBugger

33. Sometimes you have to pull back the fabric covering your bed frame to see the bed bug evidence.

bed bug in bed

34. Here's a good image of what might happen to your bed if the bed bugs are not addressed.

bed bugs behind headboard

35. Here is an image of bed bugs that have infested the bed frame. 

bed bugs under bed

36. Always check the corners of your mattress in a hotel room!

bed bugs hotel

37. This is a picture of small fecal spots left behind a bed bug on a mattress.

bed bug fecal

38. Make sure you take a close look at your head board for any unwanted bed bugs.

bed bugs and egg in bed

39. Here is an example of an early stage bed bug takeover. One black spot might not be anything, or it could be a bed bug, it's good for you to be aware of the differences.

bed bug on bed

40. Here is an example of bloodstains on bed sheets. Bed bugs will leave behind traces of undigested blood.

bed bug on sheets

41. Here we have an image of bed bug fecal on a bed sheet.

bed bug fecal sheet

42. Here's a picture of undigested blood left behind a bed bug. If you're not aware, you might just think it's your own blood.

bed bug stain on pillow case

43. This is a picture of bed bugs that have infested a mattress.

bed bugs on sheets

44. Here is a picture of a bed bug and the undigested blood left behind on the sheets.

bed bug with blood sheets

45. Make sure to check your sheets closely if you think you have a bed bug problem!

Bed bug cluster sheets

Via Orkin

46. This is another picture of bed bugs crawling around in the seam of your mattress.

bed bugs crawling on sheets

47. This is a picture you might take if bed bugs have over run your house. Not a great situation to be in.

bed bugs on sheets

Via BadSpiderBites

48. This is an image of bed bugs that are on a person's hand. You can get a good sense of how small these insects are relative to your hand size.

bed bugs on skin

49. When bed bugs bite, they don't necessarily hurt, but they are very itchy!

bed bug bits on face

50. This is another picture of a bed bug crawling on someone's hand. 

bed bug on hand

51. This is a picture of what it looks like to have a couple of bed bug bites up your arm.

 bed bug next to finger

Via WebMD

52. Here is a close up of a bed bug on a man's hand.

bed bug picture close up

53. For the final bed bug picture, you can see here what a bed bug looks like after it has filled up on blood going from flat to elongated.

bed bug full

Via WebMD


That's it folks. 53 pictures and images of bed bugs.  Hopefully now you have some sort of feel for what a bed bug looks like and how to spot one in your own home.

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