Bed Bugs And Safety (Stay Safe!)

Whether you've had bed bugs before or not, you should be aware of their existence, because chances are, you'll come across them soon.

Due to the increased travel among developed countries, more and more people are spreading bed bugs!

It's not that you're dirty of prone to nasty things, but bed bugs just like to hitchhike on anyone they can, they don't discriminate!

bed bug safety

The most important thing to understand however, if your safety when it comes to these critters.

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Bed Bugs and Safety

We wanted to publish this article to highlight the safety impliactions of getting bed bugs. Bed bugs alone are not dangerous as they are not likely to carry any diseases (unlike roaches!)

Diseases aside, for bed bugs the most important things to consider are as follows:

Your Mental/Emotional Health

Possibly the worse of the two, your mental health might be the most affected in a bed bug infestation and potential result in physical stress and other ailments. 

Your Physcial Health

Although bed bugs can't hurt you, what you do in your attempts to get rid of them might. In a frenzy, most people will rush to the nearest store buy chemical and powders and slowly begin to unintentionally poison themselves.

Your Mental/Emotional Health With Bed Bugs

As we mentioned, the worse side of things MIGHT be the fact that you'll end up having panic attacks, significantly increased anxiety, or any other mental illness during the infestation.

​What's really bad and relatively ignored is the impact to to your social life with bed bugs. As soon as you tell your girlfriend or boy friend you saw a bed bug in your house, good luck ever trying to get them to come back.

The bug bites they'll leave on you will ITCH LIKE CRAZY, giving you a constant reminder that you have a bug problem...​

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Your Physical Health

Aside from the mental anguish one endures at the hands of bed bugs, physically, these critters can take a toll on you. They might do their damage in a few ways, namely:

  • Loss of sleep, which results in physical ​breakdown
  • Misapplication of pesticides, which result in unintentional poisoning to either you or your family

Loss of Sleep

When you're sleeping in your bed and the only thing you can thing of is that bed you "think" you saw the other day. "Was it a flea or maybe a beetle" you'll ask yourself. The thoughts will keep circulating throughout your head and create a seemingly unending conversation with yourself...

This type of scenario is all to common amongst bed bug infested homes. Once you see one, your mind begin to calculate all the ways you can get rid of the bugs. 

Google... "How to get rid of bed bugs..." "Best bed bugs killers..." "Bed bugs vs fleas..."

Soon enough you're amongst the top experts in bed bug identification... an education you've earned at around 2am when you should have been sleeping.

Misapplication of Pesticides

If it wasn't for pesticides, most farmers would be out of a job. We'd have bugs running the streets, worms in our apples, horrible stuff.

But thankfully, a universe such as this does not exist and we DO have pesticides and DON'T have worms anywhere near our apples (hopefully).


Since pesticides exist and there are "over the counter" variants, consumers like yourself will probably go out and stock up to fight the good fight against those suckers.

The bad thing is people are GOING to mess up in their application of these products. This isn't something you can simply spray and pray without a strategy. 

If you're dealing with ants... maybe... roaches... perhaps

But not bed bugs.

When you misapply pesticides you do two things:

  • You expose yourself to the chemicals increasing risk of poisoning by inhalation
  • You splinter off the bed bug infestation into multiple colonies and spread the bugs around your house

How To Stay Safe With Bed Bugs

The simple answer is, at first sight... call an exterminator.​

Let's repeat that... call​ an exterminator when you see a bed bug, or ever think you see a bed bug. If you try to take matters into your own hands you'll likely end up messing up, getting yourself sick, and making the bed bug problem worse.

If you're traveling, inspect your room and wash all your clothes as soon as you get home.

Good luck and stay safe out there!​

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