How To Get Rid of Ants Inside Your Car (Simple Guide)

Having ant troubles in or around your car? You're in the right place!

In this Pest Strategies guide, you'll learn:

  • If you can even get ants in your car
  • How ants get into your car
  • Why ants in your car is bad...
  • And how to get rid of ants if they've taken over your car
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Ants can be everywhere!

They can be found underneath your garden, behind the walls of your house, and inside your car. When it comes to establishing their colonies, ants are not so picky at all. All they need is an abundant food supply nearby and a warm moist environment.

And if you are not so keen in maintaining the cleanliness of your car, it could end up being the next best candidate for an ideal nesting space.


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Can You Get Ants In Your Car?

Yes. Ants will go where the food is, and if your car is parked near an ant hill it'll only be a matter of time until they find the juice you spilled in you car or the crumbs from the cheeseburger you ate last week.

Dealing with ants inside your car can be very frustrating, especially if they infested your car overnight and you hop in without knowing they're there. As you're driving they can crawl over your legs and sometimes behind your ears!

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Ants have an extra sensitive sense of smell and they can practically come from everywhere. If you carpool with friends or have children who are fond of enjoying snacks inside your car throughout the trip, chances are that you'll have a treasure trove of crumbles stuck underneath the carpet and in the corner of your car's interior.

Food stains and mess are not the only reason why you end up hosting a colony of ants inside your car. They may have end up continuously wandering throughout the interiors of your car because you have unknowingly parked directly over or alongside an ant hill. Ants usually have scouts that continuously wander off from the colony in search of food worth scavenging.

What's So Bad About Ants In Your Car?

Ants are indeed small but terrible.

They don't just crawl over your legs and arms. Although there are some species of ants that don't bite, some others do. In fact, there are those that sting. Some ant species to watch out for are the fire ants, carpenter ants, and ponerine ants.

Ants bite and/or sting whenever they feel threatened or when they are just trying to bite off that crumb of food that got stuck on your skin. 

Ant bites and stings from the most dangerous species of their kind can cause painful welts and even trigger allergic reactions. The situation gets even worse if you get bitten while you are driving on a freeway.

ants infest cars near trees or bushes

Another thing you should be worried about with these unwanted passengers is that certain ants (like fire ants) can inflict serious damage to you car. Ants play by the strength of their numbers and an army of fire ants can easily munch on your car's electrical wiring in no time. If left unchecked, their presence can cause serious damage.

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How To Get Rid of Ants In Your Car?

Treat your car as your home away from home. It deserves the same amount of attention and care that you give to your house. In the first sign of ant infestation, it is best that you act immediately before the problem gets even worse.

Clean the interiors

Dispose all sorts of garbage such as water bottles, plastic cups, food crumbs, and used condiment sachets. Remove your car's carpets and seat covers. Wash them separately. Using a car broom and dust pan, brush off remaining food crumbs, dirt, and possibly ants and its eggs. Wipe clean your car's center console and cup holders and clear out the glove box/compartment. 

With the help of a car vacuum, make another run over all corners of your car's interior. This will help take out remaining food crumbs and dust that weren't picked up by the broom. Use a vacuum cleaner equipped with different nozzles and accessories to help you clean out various corners of the car interior more effectively. Don't forget to do the same with your car's trunk!

Pro Tip

If you have ants in your car, we its most likely due to the fact that your car was parked near an active ant hill and a scout any had found a food source in your car. Cleaning up your car as we mention in this article and treating the ant hills around where you car is parked should resolve your problem.

Wash your car and tires

Give your car a nice refreshing bath. You should also make sure to at least spray the parts underneath. This will help in eliminating the scent left by ant trails throughout your car.

Pay extra attention on your car's tires since they are most likely the reason why ants were able to infiltrate your automobile. Spray a chemical pesticide throughout your car's wheels and mags except on the break pads. This will exterminate remaining ants and prevent others from getting into your car.

Consider The Area Around Where Your Car is Parked

Just because you've already vacuumed, washed, and sprayed your car, it doesn't mean that your job is already done.

You should also consider the area that surrounds you car. It's fairly likely that there are active ant hills around the area where your car is parked. Check the bushes, the trees, and anywhere else ants are likely to be hiding. 

In order to ensure that you don't get ants in your car again, you should treat the area with various baits and outdoor ant killers to ensure the problem is eradicated.

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Also remember that once your ants are removed, they're likely to come back, so you should regularly treat the affected area to ensure no additional infestations occur.

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