How To Get Rid of Ants in Your Bathroom (2021 Review)

Having ant problems in your bathroom? We can help!

In this Pest Strategies guide you'll learn:

  • Why do ants like to go into bathrooms?
  • Which types of ants tend to be found in bathrooms?
  • How to get rid of ants in your bathroom using baits, traps, etc
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Why would ants be in your bathroom?

Ant infestations are a common problem among many households. They are usually found in kitchen and dining areas where there are lots of scraps to scavenge around.

But in some cases, ants find their way into your bathroom. This is usually do to their being some kind of food source their dining on or a spot they've decided to nest in.

Although their small size and behavior seem pretty harmless, ants can do much more damage that you ever know. Some species (like odorous ants) are dirty, and they often bring a lot of bacteria into your bathroom once they decide to build a nest indoors. 

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Which Types of Ants Go in a Bathroom?

There are a couple of ant types that may decide to take refuge inside your bathroom. Remember, the reason why'd even want to be in your bathroom int he first place is either food food, or shelter. 

That said, the main types of ants you'd see in a bathroom are carpenter ants, ghost ants, and argentine ants.

Carpenter Ants

carpenter ants in your bathroom

Perhaps one of the most likely of the three, carpenter ants frequently nest inside the tiles or walls of your bathroom. This is because the dampness of these areas provides appropriate shelter for carpenter ant nests as well as easy access to parts of your home they're using for food.

If you think you have carpenter ants, please read our review of the best carpenter ant killing products. Carpenter ants are stubborn and have specific traits that require a special ant removal strategy.

Ghost or Odorous Ants

ghost ants in your bathroom

Another type of common ant you might see in a bathroom are ghost ants or odorous ants. They are similar and will both find their way into a bathroom in search of food for their colony.

Argentine Ants

argentine ants in your bathroom

The last type we'll specifically mention is the possibility of argentine ants in your bathroom.  Argentine ants are rather large, prefer sugar based diets, and like to nest in wet and damp areas. For example, it's not uncommon to find an entire colony nest around your toilet bowl!

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Getting Rid of Ants in Your Bathroom

Ants are just like any home and garden insects - unwanted visitors. The mere sight of these eusocial scavengers inside your home are anything but pleasant. Their strength are in the sheer size of their colony which is why it is important to deal with them at the very first sign of their presence.

There are various types of ant species that can invade your home. Although using toxic insecticides seems to be the fastest and most effective solution for the problem, there are some underlying drawbacks that you simply can't ignore especially if you don't know the type of species you are trying to deal with.

There are however, some safe and effective ways to get rid of these unwanted guests.

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why ants bathrooms

Determine the root of the problem (food or shelter)

The very first thing that you need to do is to understand the problem.

It would help if you can answer the question "Why". Why are ants are getting cozy inside your bathroom? Most likely, the answer is that there is probably an available and steady supply of food and water.

To prevent this, keep all corners and walls of your bathroom squeaky clean all the time. Freestanding water and fallen human hair are a common sight among many bathrooms. However, they also serve as an open invitation to various types of annoying insects especially ants.

Mop dry floor areas especially those underneath the sink and behind the toilet bowl. Wipe any excess water inside and along your washbowl and empty your trash bin daily. Check also INSIDER the toilet bowl to ensure they haven't nested in a place you can't normally see.

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Pro Tip

Just because you cleaned up your bathroom doesn't mean you've solved your ant problem. It's also possible for ants to nest in places like your bathroom walls or underneath tiles, so be sure to check there as well!

Investigate entry points (how are they getting in?)

Next thing you need to find out is how these unsightly crawlers are able to make their way into your bathroom. You can simply do this by observing the insects' behavior.

It's either their colony is nearby around your garden or that they have already setup their nest inside your restroom.

Considering their size and flexibility, ants can easily infiltrate into your restroom through the smallest holes and crevices. Once you are able to determine their main entry points, seal these holes immediately using caulk.

When you have more time to spare, try finding more possible entry points that ants and other insects can easily exploit and seal them off as well right away. This will help prevent a repeat of infestation of ants inside your bathroom in the future.

If you're not sure where your ants are coming from a common trick is to place a piece of food (diluted honey works well) in a place where your ants tend to hang out. Wait until one ant takes the bait, then follow them back to their nest.

Once the nest is identified, you can lay baits and traps in the paths those ants like to travel!

Eliminating ants (if you know where the nest is)

If you know where the ant nest is in your bathroom, simply use non-toxic ant-insecticide and spray the solution directly over the colony (assuming you can find it).

These solutions will most likely kill the ants within a minute. Let the residue dry for a couple more minutes before you get rid of the ants using a broom and a dust pan.

If you are not fond of using chemical insecticides, you can also opt for essential oils. Simply mix peppermint and tea tree oil essentials in a spray bottle and generously spray over all identified ant trails. These essential oils are known to be effective as natural ant repellents and are very safe to use.

Eliminating ants (if you DON'T know where the nest is)

In some cases, ants are able to setup a colony underneath the floor or tile area. Since it is impossible to deal with the colony directly in this kind of situation, it is imperative to employ a different type of approach - an ant baits or ant traps.

Ants are notorious in scavenging unattended mess and bring them back to their colony for food supply. Using a bait will help you get the poison delivered straight to the heart of the colony effortlessly and effectively.

However, it is necessary that you set up at least two to three types of bait with the help of borax. Different types of ants are attracted to various forms of food so it helps to set up a variety of baits just to be sure.  

You can either make your own solutions or buy commercial baits. We prefer the commercial baits as they are just easier and WAY more effective. They are fairly inexpensive and relatively safe around pets and children. 

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Final Thoughts on Bathroom Ant Problems

Compared to other home and garden insects, most ant species are not really that harmful. However, they are more than capable of interrupting our normal day to day lives. In the long run, ants can also inflict potential damage to your home's foundations if left unattended.

Being able to get rid of them is not an easy task considering that a single colony has an average size of tens of thousands of ants. 

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