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In this section you will find detailed yet simple guides and strategies for all your pest problems.

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Because pest control products can be dangerous to your family if mishandled, we always recommend consulting with an exterminator even if just to ask for advice on how to apply pest control products yourself.

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What Pest Do You Need Help With?

From bed bugs to chipmunks and everything in between, this is where you should come when you need to get a decent strategy to take care of a pest problem.

Simply pick the bug or rodent you're dealing with below.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most stubborn and hard to remove pests in the industry. Our guides will help you along the way.


Ants may be small and insignificant. but can be tricky to remove. Take a look at our guides to help you remove them.


Similar to bed bugs, fleas can be a difficult pest to eradicate. We've put together step-by-step guides to help with removal.


Chipmunks can be cunning and avoid all the traps you thought would be foolproof. Read through our guides to make sure you never miss.

Fruit Flies

Ever have trouble keeping fruit flies away from your food? Of course you do. Our guides will help you nail these bugs once and for all.


When you have lice, it could take weeks before you fully remove them from your head. Our guides can help speed that up.

Other Pest Control Guides

Aside from lice, fleas, and the other bugs, we've published a number of other guides to help people understand pest control overall. We have guides on exterminators, DIY guides, and many other topics to help you understand your pest problem from every angle.

Ant Guides

Did you know there are 10 trillion ants in the world? Chances are you're going to come into contact with a few. Check out these simple strategies to keep the ants at bay.

The species of ants that are commonly called sugar ants are pharaoh ants, pavement ants, odorous house ants, and sometimes[...]
One of the surest signs of spring and the approach of summer is an infestation of ants in your house.[...]
Flying ants are called winged alates and are the ones that are responsible for reproduction and establishing new colonies. During[...]
​Outdoors, ants are a friend to us humans and to the environment. Inside our homes, however, ants are among the[...]
Do you know what makes a regular ant infestation even worse?   Crazy ants! They're fast and they are clever.[...]
When you've got an unsettling ant infestation on your hands, the search for a simple home remedy may lead you[...]
We can't deny the fact that ants play an important role in our ecosystem—especially when it comes to maintaining our[...]
Looking for ways to get rid of ghost ants? Great, you're in the right place! In this Pest Strategies guide,[...]
Have ant hills you're trying to get rid of? Great, you're in the right place! In this Pest Strategies guide,[...]
Not only are ants an itchy nuisance that makes a person's skin crawl, but they can also disrupt technology, including[...]
Getting rid of ant infestations in your bathroom can be a daunting task. But with a bit of patience and[...]
If you give an ant a cookie, it will eat it. If you give an ant a dead insect, it[...]
Wondering how long ants live? You're in the right place! In this guide, you'll learn: How long ants typically live[...]
Yes, you read that right, floating fire ants are a real thing. Floating fire ant colonies have been around for[...]
Ants are insects like wasps and bees. They are on every continent except Antarctica, and they become pests when they invade[...]

Bed Bug Guides

Bed bugs got you down? Check out this section where we provide simple (yet effective) tips you need to know to get rid of bed bugs forever!  

In this article, we'll tell you how to identify bed bugs in your home correctly. Also, you'll receive step-by-step instructions[...]
​Let's face it, bed bugs are stubborn insects and they are pretty good at hiding. Whether you like it or[...]
​Let's face it. We have clothes that can only be maintained through dry cleaning. But what if you have a[...]
Are you looking to learn about permethrin and whether or not it kills bed bugs? Well then, you're in the[...]
Are you considering the use of peppermint oil to kill or repel bed bugs? Perfect, you're in the right place![...]
​Have you ever wondered why bed bugs love to sleep with you in bed? Why, of all the places in[...]
​More and more homes in the United States are being troubled with armies of stubborn bed bugs. Although there's literally[...]
​Bed bugs are among the most stubborn and most annoying household pests. ​Bed bugs bites may not cause any serious[...]
​Bed bugs are indeed small but they are no doubt notorious in wrecking havoc inside your bedroom a​nd even in[...]
Did you wake up this morning full of itchy red welts on your body? Chances are that you have uninvited[...]
At night, most of us like to sleep soundly on our beds and enjoy a relaxing full eight-hour sleep. Unfortunately,[...]
Are you looking to learn about Raid and whether or not it kills bed bugs? Well then, you're in the[...]
There’s a saying that cockroaches will outlive us all but we think that it suits bed bugs better. Here’s why:[...]
You're frustrated. Exhausted. Stressed out! Bed bugs, your worst nightmare terrorizing you without an end in sight. Or maybe not?[...]
Sometimes seeing pictures of bed bugs can help you identify if you're attracting bed bugs and whether or not you[...]
How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs (Complete Bed Bug Removal Guide) Looking to learn how to get rid of[...]
Having bed bugs can be a distressing experience for anyone living with them. So, it's vital to seek help as soon as[...]
Bed bugs are one of the most common pests around the world—especially in the United States.  Despite living in practically[...]
Whether you've watched a news report recently, or you were lulled to sleep by the old adage as a kid...[...]
Trying to figure out if a bed bug is biting your? Perfect, we're here to help! In this Pest Strategies[...]
Wondering if bed bugs can live in your hair? Well, you're in the right place! In this article we'll be[...]
Curious if bed bugs will make you sick? Then you're in the right place. In this guide you'll learn 3[...]
Can rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs? That's what this article aims to find out. Pesticides can be expensive and dangerous[...]
Can Lysol kill bed bugs? That's what this article aims to find out. Either when trying to save a bit[...]
Wondering if bed bugs are dangerous?Well, you're in the right spot!In this guide we'll be covering 3 major items you[...]
In this guide we'll be going everything that might attract bed bugs. For example.... Which chemicals attract bed bugs? Why[...]
Boric acid or borax is a popular pest control ingredient renown for killing all kinds of nasty bugs like ants,[...]
Wondering what the causes of bed bugs are? Well we've got your answers. From stains on your sheets, to itchy[...]
Curious how bed bugs move around? Do they fly? Do they jump?  Or maybe they swim? …you’re in the right[...]
Whether you've had bed bugs before or not, you should be aware of their existence, because chances are, you'll come[...]
How do bed bugs spread? This is a question that has been plaguing most of world for the last couple[...]

Flea Guides

The smallest, most unnoticeable pest you will come across. These tiny black specks can make you (and your pet) go nuts. Check out our guides below for some much needed help!

A flea problem isn't usually confined to dogs, cats, or other pets. Fleas can bother humans as well. So, it makes sense[...]
​Fleas are tiny and wingless parasites. But make no mistake, they're more than capable of making your life a living[...]
Getting rid of fleas in your carpet can be a tough task with of questions... Should you steam clean? Vacuum?[...]
If you find that you Do have a flea problem, we recommend checking out our complete guide to get rid[...]
Fleas are among the most stubborn and most annoying insects that can invade your home. As much as finding fleas[...]
Fleas... a pet's worst nightmare... but what if they're biting humans too!? An infestation left unchallenged can easily lead to[...]
​There's nothing like a nice relaxing time at the beach. Enjoying the pleasure of walking barefoot on the sand as[...]
The warm months of summer are always an ideal time to spend camping with family and friends, not to mention[...]
Fleas are a very irritating problem for both the cat and its owner! Despite their minute size, fleas are more[...]
How To Get Rid of Fleas (Complete Flea Removal Guide) The bane of every pet owner's existence is an insect[...]
When you see your pet scratching itself more and more, you know what's going on... ...the unsavory reality of a[...]
Wondering if fleas fly or jump? Great, you're in the right place. In this guide you can expect to learn:[...]
How long can fleas live without a host animal, you ask... Well, this is a loaded question, and to give[...]

Lice Guides

Head lice are the absolute worst!  Take a look at our lice guides to make sure you and your family's heads stay lice free!

Curious to know what lice look like up close? If you start to have an itchy head, then you might[...]
Unlike checkers or chess, "lice vs. dandruff" is not a fun game to play. Unfortunately for you and your loved[...]
Need to know where your lice are coming from? Well, the answer may surprise you... Lice are a strange pest.[...]
Many people don't realize they have a problem with booklice until an infestation is already underway in their home. The[...]
You're tired. You're frustrated. Maybe you don't want to spend a lot of money. Either way, you're sick of your[...]
How To Get Rid of Lice (Complete Removal Guide) Want to learn how to get rid of lice safely and[...]

Chipmunk Guides

Although they may be cute, I bet they're tearing up your yard like nothing else. Check out our detailed chipmunk guides below!

Wondering how to get rid of chipmunks? Individually, chipmunks are cute, but in large numbers, they can become a nuisance.[...]
How To Get Rid of Chipmunks (Complete Removal Guide) Looking to get rid of chipmunks around your house and yard?[...]
What do chipmunks eat...? ...that answer may surprise you! From nuts to berries, a chipmunk isn't really that much of[...]
When you spend a ton of time outside, you want to keep your yard looking fresh and healthy. This is[...]

Fruit Fly Guides

When it comes to fruit fly removal, you need a plan of action or else your problem will never go away. Check our guides for the best, most researched information you can find!

Why is it that when you sit down to enjoy a nice glass of Pinot Grigio in the summertime, you're[...]
When you find your kitchen overtaken by a swarm of fruit flies, you want them gone as soon as possible. [...]
We're all guilty of it: at least once in all of our lives, we've confused fruit flies with gnats, or[...]
When the weather warms up and the fruit goes on sale, it's tempting to buy a ton of fresh produce[...]
How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies (Complete Removal Guide) Looking to learn how to get rid of fruit flies...[...]

Gnat Guides

Gnats are small, but extremely annoying. They are capable of wreaking havoc on your plants and make most homeowners go nuts. Our gnat guides break down what you need to know!

No-see-ums, also known as noseeums, gnats, or biting midges, are small and stealthy. And they use it well to their[...]
Looking to get rid of fungus gnats?! Pest Strategies has your answers! In this guide you'll learn: What fungus gnats[...]
Do gnats bite? Should you be worried when they do? The answers might surprise you! The funny thing is, that[...]
Looking for the best ways to get rid of gnats? You're in the right place! In this guide you'll learn:[...]

Cockroach Guides

Dirty, nasty, and dangerous, cockroaches are not to be trifled with. If you have them, you NEED to take action to prevent any further infestation. Our guides will help provide the answers!

A cockroach infestation can sneak up on homeowners at the worst times. After all, it's no fun trying to explain[...]
What is a Palmetto Bug? (Tips to Identify Palmetto Bug) Palmetto bugs are one of the many species of cockroaches.[...]
Getting rid of cockroaches for good is a serious and complicated task that you'll gladly welcome any effective remedy that[...]
​Cockroaches are probably the most popular yet the most hated household insect pests. They are filthy and having them roaming[...]
From the title of this article, it sounds more like a terrifying summer blockbuster (along the lines of Godzilla vs.[...]
As creepy as cockroaches look, you'd think they are vicious predators, right? Wrong! Although a nuisance to humans, cockroaches are[...]
Cockroaches. When you see one, you already know that there's plenty more hiding away under your fridge or beneath your[...]
Wondering what cockroaches can and can't do? You're in the right place!  In this guide, you'll learn: The anatomy of[...]
Wonder if bleach kills cockroaches? Perfect, you're in the right place! In this Pest Strategies guide, you'll learn: What bleach[...]
Wondering if cockroaches bite or are dangerous? We have your answers! In this Pest Strategies guide, you'll learn: Do cockroaches[...]
How To Get Rid of Cockroaches ( Edition) Wondering the best ways to get rid of cockroaches? Perfect, you're in[...]

Opossum Guides

Opossums (or more commonly called possums) are nasty trash eating animals that resemble rats. do you have possums? Start learning how to remove them by click the articles below!

Often regarded as giant rodents that invade our homes (and garbage cans), opossums are expert scavengers with a lot of[...]
At some point in your life, you've probably wondered whether you're using the correct word when you're referring to those[...]
Imagine this... Your flashlight flickers across the telltale black eyes of an opossum and you hear its classic hiss as[...]
If you see an opossum ransacking your trash cans, the next logical thought is to wonder whether or not this[...]
When you're trying to lure an opossum into a trap (or perhaps out of your yard), you're going to want[...]
If you hear the scurrying of little feet around your attic or crawlspace, your first dreaded thought is probably that[...]
The first time you see the telltale sign of an opossum infestation in your yard—ransacked garbage, or perhaps the opossum[...]
Virginia opossums are the only type of opossum you will find in North America. They become a nuisance for homeowners[...]

Stink Bug Guides

Stink bugs... these pesky pests lumbering around flying into walls are more than just an annoyance, They're actual an invasive species ruining crops! Check out our guides!

If you've got a stink bug problem in your home, you're probably wondering whether this "stink" of theirs can make[...]
What's in a name? We all know that these pesky bugs are called "stink bugs," but does the name hold[...]
A quick Google image search for stink bugs with show a variety of photos of these insects serenely sitting on[...]
Did you know that the brown marmorated stink bug (the one we all hate) wasn't always crawling around the North[...]
Okay, so maybe you've read up a bit about stink bugs and the way they eat. Or... Maybe you know[...]
Have you ever wondered whether some kind of food in your house is attracting the stink bugs? Maybe you're just[...]
So, you've found yourself face-to-face with a swarm of these shield-shaped menaces. Sure, they're harmless. They won't bite, they're not[...]

Groundhog Guides

There's nothing worse than coming home to see a groundhog (woodchuck) tunneling around your yard. Check out these guides to keep your home groundhog free.

We've all seen Punxsutawney Phil emerge from the soil on Groundhog Day to tell us whether or not we're in[...]
How much ground could a groundhog hog if a groundhog could hog ground? As it turns out, a lot. People[...]
Groundhogs are cute (yet highly destructive) creatures with well-developed teeth and an appetite for vegetation... Though these ground-dwellers are shy[...]
The first step to getting rid of a groundhog is to know you have one. Without seeing the groundhog personally,[...]


When it comes to bugs, there's a lot to know. Check out these resources to better understand the bugs in your life. 

For some people, mice and rats are considered pets. For others, they’re pests that elicit shrieks and balancing acts on[...]
Cockroaches are the last thing anybody wants to see in their home. But according to data from the Census Bureau’s[...]
How often do you clean your room? If you let your room get messy, you could be inviting bugs, insects,[...]
A raccoon on your couch? A viper in your toilet bowl? A baby croc in your washer? It happens. Creepy[...]
Bugs bug us. When we wake up to find a cockroach belly up on the tile floor, it reminds us[...]
Cicadas are true bugs that emerge only once every few years during the spring. But this year, in 2021, a[...]
Bugs bug us. When we wake up to find a cockroach belly up on the tile floor, it reminds us[...]

Other Guides

From picking exterminators to reviewing popular pest killing methods. This section is for the "other stuff" related to pests and getting them out of your house.

Mice are small commensal rodents that are well adapted to urban living. They know where to find the easiest access[...]
Curious to know what termites like to eat? Well you're in for a treat because we break down everything you[...]
Moles... Are they harmless or do they bite? When you see the somewhat off-putting face of a mole that has[...]
Believe it or not, snakes can be pretty serious pests. These slithery creatures may not be on your radar (unless[...]
Wondering about the most dangerous snakes?! We did the research and found the top 10 most dangerous in the world![...]
Looking to get rid of copperhead snakes around your home or yard? Great! In this Pest Strategies guide, you'll learn:[...]
Wondering how termite fumigations work? Then you're in the right place! In this Pest Strategies guide you'll learn: If you[...]
Want to get rid of the mice in your home?You're in the right place!When you hear the telltale squeak of[...]
We all recognize the signs of moles in the yard... Mole hills piled up in ugly mounds all over the[...]
Let's face it: Moles are look weird and eat even weirder things... Their snouts are extended and hairless, their eyes[...]
How To Get Rid of Termites (Complete Guide) Looking to learn how to get rid of termites... Well then this[...]
Looking for information on diatomaceous earth? You're in the right place! In this guide you're going to learn... What exactly[...]
Have you ever woke up one morning and noticed that there were bugs or rodents in your house? Whether they[...]
You've found pests in your home, and you're looking to call a pest control company to take care of the[...]
Picture this… You wake up one morning, stumble into the kitchen looking for the coffee pot and you see something[...]
Imagine this. You’re on a well-deserved vacation in the Caribbean, and you’re trying to take an early morning stroll along[...]
Common house spiders, they’re in your walls, attic, making random cobwebs in parts of your house, but what do you[...]