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Published by Pest Strategies Local Experts on November 18, 2022

Facing the reality of a pest problem can be a major inconvenience, but finding the best pest control company in Winona doesn't need to be. Of course, the exact reason you employ a pest control company may depend on your location. If your home is in a wetter area — Winona, which is in the top 97.4% percentile for daily precipitation — pests such as centipedes, silverfish, and mosquitos may be high on your list of worries.

Pest control is something that is best handled by the professionals, not tackled on your own. When you have a pest problem, hiring the right pest control company can mean the difference between a single day's work and a recurring headache. Read on to find our carefully researched list of the best pest control companies in Winona.

Trustworthy Ranking Methodology

Pest Strategies uses a data-driven methodology to rank Winona pest control companies, no pest companies have paid for their position. We look at the following key factors in determining who should top our list:

  • Company Reputation
  • Company Accreditation
  • Service Area
  • Customer Service
  • Online User Reviews
  • Pest Control Quote Process
Have feedback or questions about our methodology? Contact us and let us know!

Common Pests in Winona

Different companies around Mississippi are more experienced at treating different species of pests. Some companies treat one specific type of common pest, such as termites or bed bugs. Before you hire a pest control company, it is a smart idea to make sure that they offer the particular type of services that you need. For instance, if you're faced with a tick infestation, you will want to employ an exterminator that can get rid of them quickly and keep them from coming back, especially if you have pets. This is true in Winona, where ticks are among the most common types of area pests.

Cost of Pest Control in Winona, MS

The cost of pest control in Winona may be affected by how many times the technician needs to come to your house. If the technician comes out for only a one-time visit, the cost for that visit may be higher. If they need to return multiple times — either for a couple of treatments or on a recurring basis — the cost per visit will likely be lower. The price may also be affected by factors such as the type of pest that you need taken care of, the size of your house, and the extent of the infestation. Many exterminators will offer a free estimate — we recommend contacting one or more of the companies on our list to see if you can get an estimate for your job.

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FAQs about Winona Pest Control Companies

What types of pests should I be on the lookout for in Winona?

Some common pests around Winona include:

  • Flies
  • Rats
  • Spiders
  • Ants

What is the usual price of one-time pest control in Winona? What about recurring or preventative services?

In Winona, a one-time pest control visit will cost, on average, around $382. Preventative or regular visits will cost about $44 monthly. Other things that may affect the amount you pay are the size of your home and the kind of infestation you are dealing with.

How can I verify that a pest control company in Winona is properly licensed?

First, you may choose to research the company to find out how long they have been in business, solicit references from previous customers, and make use of organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to learn about any past complaints that the company has received. To verify that the licensure of an individual or company in Winona is still active, you can contact the individual or company directly to ask for a copy of their license — you can also contact the Mississippi Department of Agriculture to confirm that the license is legitimate.

To maintain their certification, the company must employ at least one licensed and certified commercial pesticide applicator, who must maintain their own certification by participating in continuing education, according to the EPA. All other applicators at the company must be either certified themselves or licensed applicators under the direct supervisor of a certified applicator. States may have different additional requirements to maintain certification and licensing.

Finally, you can request copies of the labels of all chemicals that the company plans to use. Pesticides must be registered with the state Department of Agriculture and the EPA, though it is important to be aware that these organizations do not endorse specific products or companies. These labels will contain information on ingredients, safety, and proper application.

What are some home pest prevention techniques?

The EPA lists some recommendations to help keep pests out of your Winona home. Avoid leaving food and water in the open for pests — keep all food in sealed containers, promptly remove trash, and try not to leave standing water out in places such as under leaky fridges and pipes or in pet dishes. Seal off pest entrances and hiding places and look for pests in boxes or packages before bringing them into your house. Along with these standard precautions, ensure that you follow all preventative steps recommended by your pest control professional based on your specific issue and location in Mississippi.

Can I take care of the pests myself instead of hiring a pest control company?

There are some situations where you may be able to tackle pest control yourself (if you do, be sure to read our list of tips above). However, hiring local Winona experts can make your experience better in many ways. First, pest control companies are the experts in identifying pests, locating the source of the problem, and eliminating them effectively — a DIY approach may fall short on one or more of these aspects, leading to a repeated and expensive problem. Additionally, pest control companies will have more insight into safe pesticide use, to the benefit of you, your family, and your home. Third, hiring professionals to take care of the job eliminates the need for you to go out and purchase pest control supplies, and the need for you to deal with disposal later.

Our Research and Sources

Our pest control insight comes from reputable sources from credible entomologists and pest control professionals, such as Arnold Mallis' The Mallis Handbook of Pest Control.

That being said, our content is meant for informational purposes and doesn't consider your unique circumstance. Be sure to talk to a pest control professional to find the plan that best fits your needs.