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Did you know that wasps are beneficial to the environment?

These brightly-colored insects are among nature’s most reliable pollinators, and they effectively function as predators to various garden pests at the same time.

But when threatened by our presence, wasps can deliver one of the most painful stings ever encountered by humans. Even worse, this sting contains certain proteins that can trigger severe allergic reactions.

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Table Of Contents

Table Of Contents

    One major factor wasps really care about when looking to build a nest is shade. So whether you like it or not, that tree in your garden, your porch, or even the eaves of your house make an ideal spot for this insect’s new home.

    When faced with wasp infestation, make sure you know what to do and who to call.

    Should You Call for a Wasp Exterminator?

    Have you ever seen a wasp nest?

    Paper wasp nests look like round honeycombs with open cells. Its shape resembles that of an inverted umbrella and the texture of the material is almost identical to an actual piece of paper.

    If you see one hanging on your porch ceiling or on the branch of a tree right next to your home, would you get rid of it yourself? Or is calling a wasp exterminator a better idea?

    Why Make the Call?

    Wasps are considered to be much more aggressive insects compared to bees. Even if you’re just trying to tackle normal daily chores outside your home, a particularly defensive wasp could get easily provoked into stinging you.

    And speaking of their stings, wasps deliver a more painful blow per sting—not to mention the fact that they can sting an enemy multiple times without dying.

    Simply put, dealing with wasp infestation is much more complicated than you think. And calling for wasp control service is by far the safest and most effective way of ridding your home of such potentially dangerous insects.

    When Should You Call for an Exterminator?

    Wasps can nest near or around your house and their presence can severely disrupt you and your family’s day-to-day lives.

    With wasps freely hovering right outside your doorstep, any member of your family could easily fall victim to the stings at any moment. With this dangerous factor in mind, it’s imperative to call for wasp exterminator service as soon as possible.

    This compounds if you and your family spend a lot of time outdoors. Wasps are attracted to sweet foods and beverages, due to the fact that they drink nectar in their wild habitat. It’s only natural that fruit drinks, soda, beer, wine, sugary foods, fruits, and basically anything with sugary ingredients will attract wasps. Seeing as how there’s sugar (refined or natural) in basically every food and drink under the sun, you’re going to be inviting wasps to an all-they-can-eat buffet table if you don’t seek some professional help to get rid of your wasps fast.

    This is especially true in the hot summer months, and in cities with naturally hot climates. Cities like Phoenix AZTuscan AZ, Miami FL, Houston TX, and basically anywhere else in the sunbelt will be particularly susceptible to wasps.

    Can I do it myself?

    Considering that you have enough knowledge about wasps, there are a few ways you can deal with the infestation on your own. This, however, is applicable only when wasp nests are found on accessible areas such as the porch ceiling or any of the lower branches of trees next to your property.

    You can simply visit your local gardening store and look for a wasp control aerosol. Spray the pesticide toward the entrance of the wasp nest to effectively kill the workers and their queen.

    However, this is tricky because you could end up being stung by the colony’s returning workers—especially if you do it without wearing any protective clothing.

    According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, tens of thousands of children fall victim to household pesticide related poisoning every year. So, if you have children and pets at home, we recommend expert help from a certified exterminator. This way, there’s no chance of accidentally poisoning other members of the family from using chemical wasp spray.

    How bad does it have to get?

    There will be some cases where you see a few wasps flying around your property and just can’t locate their nest. Some wasps establish their nests in hard-to-reach areas of your home, such as the eaves of a two-story house.

    Wasp control companies are experienced in tracking down wasp lairs. They also come equipped with all the necessary tools to take down identified wasp nests safely and effectively, no matter where they are located in your property.

    Over time, the colony nesting around your property will inevitably bigger. As its population grows, the wasps will get more aggressive and easily provoked. So if you’re not yet fully prepared to take down the entire colony (or at least still haven’t come up with a concrete plan to eliminate the infestation), it’s best to avoid the urge to squish one.

    According to experts, squishing a single wasp triggers a pheromone that alerts other wasps nearby. This can quickly escalate to an entire colony of wasps aggressively closing in on you.

    At the first sign of wasp presence around your property, it’s best to immediately call for expert help from your local exterminator. This will be your best and decisive move against a wasp infestation—especially if you or any member of your family has a medical history of allergies of any sort.

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    What’s the Cost of a Wasp Exterminator?

    In most cases, wasp nest removal is a task best left to professionals, since many people will have a serious allergic reaction to wasp stings. More importantly, wasps are much more aggressive and more easily provoked compared to bees, which is all the more reason why you should let the exterminator handle these airborne menaces.

    The total cost to eliminate wasp infestation from your property is directly affected by the accessibility of the wasps’ nests. This figure is usually higher if the nest is located in a remote area of your home. Wasp control treatment starts with the inspection phase to track the nest and identify the specific species of wasp infesting your home.

    Depending on the species of wasps that have invaded your home, the exterminator can eradicate the pests in various ways. Yellow jackets, for example, build their nests underground which requires dusting methodPaper wasps and bald faced hornets, on the other hand, build hanging nests which need to be sprayed by an aerosol pesticide.

    Low-End Treatment

    This is the basic type of treatment offered for homeowners who have a simple wasp infestation problem.

    Low-end treatment involves the removal of wasp nest located in easily accessible areas of the property. The total cost of killing the wasps and removing the nest can run around $325 to $450.

    High-End Treatment

    If you observe consistent wasp activity in and around your property but can’t locate their nest, chances are that the colony has established itself indoors.

    Conversely, the wasps may have taken up residence in inaccessible or concealed areas of your property, which is an equally problematic scenario. Some wasps tend to build their nest inside walls or under crawl spaces.

    In any event, these are complex extermination efforts which require much more skill and experience. Tasks like these are much more complicated, and will cost you about $450 to $1,000.

    For an example of one of these more severe cases, check out the video below!

    Important Details to Tell the Exterminator

    Okay, so you’ve got wasps and you’ve decided to make the call to an exterminator. Now what?

    Be sure that you know exactly what to tell your pest control specialist to get the job done right. Asking the proper questions about the situation will be a part of their standard operating procedure, as well as your peace of mind.


    The most important factor that must be considered in eliminating wasp infestation is the exact location of its nest.

    Some nests are easily visible—like those hanging on your porch ceiling or along the eaves of your house. Some others are able to infiltrate your home’s structure and build nest inside walls.

    Rest assured, the exterminator will conduct a thorough inspection of the premises especially if you have no idea where the wasp’s nest is. However, if you can get a head start and inspect your property beforehand, you can save valuable time during the inspection—making the job easier for everyone involved.

    Length of the Problem

    Wasps play an essential role in our ecosystem. For this reason, some homeowners prefer leaving the wasps be, especially if their nests are located far off their houses.

    However, this will also create a high possibility of wasps establishing new nests in or around your house. Tell the exterminator when you first observe the presence of wasps around your property, regardless of the location of their nest.

    What do you hear?

    Like bees, wasps also make a buzzing sound and this distinct noise becomes annoyingly and frustratingly strong at night when everything else is dead silent.

    In some cases, homeowners only hear a buzzing sound without seeing a single wasp throughout the property. More often than not, this occurs when wasps are hard at work constructing their nests within the walls of your home.

    Dead Insects

    One major role wasps play in the ecosystem is that they control the number of other insects and pests. If you see a significant number of dead insects around your property, chances are that wasps are actively hunting in the premises.

    Questions to Ask When Picking the Right Wasp Exterminator

    If this is your first time to call for a wasp exterminator, finding a reliable pest control company and making sure that you are making the best possible decision can be a difficult task. With all the exterminators lined up to offer you wasp control treatments, asking the right questions can help you land on the right decision.


    All pest control companies promise guaranteed-effective wasp treatment services.

    However, the unfortunate reality is that not all of them can truly deliver.

    One way to make sure that you’re talking to the right exterminator is by checking for the company’s credentials. These include the exterminator’s registration, license, and certifications. The pest control company must at least be associated with various pest management and pesticide application organizations to make sure that your exterminator has in-depth knowledge in using industry-standard pesticide chemicals.


    The top wasp control company on your radar should be able to provide a wholesome and satisfying experience to all of its clients. Customer satisfaction serves as the direct reflection of the exterminator’s competency in battling wasp infestation.

    This can be checked by calling key clients who have recently received wasp treatment service from the exterminator you are planning to hire.

    Extensive Experience

    There are thousands of different species of wasps and at least three of them are commonly found nesting in or around residential properties.

    Different species of wasps have various eating and nesting behaviors, and you need an experienced exterminator with in-depth knowledge and skills to effectively eradicate such pests.

    Chemicals Used

    There are diverse ways to treat wasp infestations, and determining which one to utilize directly depends on the species you are trying to exterminate.

    Because each type of wasp builds its nest differently (and in a different type of location), you need an exterminator with the skill set and knowledge to annihilate these pests effectively.

    Your exterminator should be able to discuss with you the type of treatment they are planning to use as well as provide you with copies of labels of chemicals involved.


    Unless you’re hiring the same company that you’ve come to trust for quite some time, it’s safe to say that you’re going to want to invest in a business you can trust.

    When you’re checking out prospective pest control companies, be sure to ask about service guarantees. Essentially, this means that the company offers a grace period of time after a treatment during which a re-infestation is re-treated for free.

    This agreement is crucial because it shows prospective clients that a company is confident in their abilities to successfully kill off your wasps once and for all.

    Number of Treatments

    Depending on the surrounding circumstances of your wasp infestation, the problem can be approached in various strategic methods. Exterminators either use a wasp powder or aerosol type pesticides.

    In some cases—particularly on wasps that have infiltrated your walls—the exterminator will use a vacuum to suck suck out the pests.

    How to Take Care of Your Pets During Treatment

    Wasp nests are usually found on the outdoor premises of your property. Prior to treating the nests with chemical pesticides, it’s best to keep your pets indoors.

    There are some cases, however, that wasps build nests inside wall gaps. In this event, the treatment will have to be performed indoors wherein the exterminator will drill holes and dust off pesticide powder into these entry points.

    Before the treatment, your pets should be secured inside a separate room that isn’t scheduled for treatment.

    What to Do After the Treatment

    Wasp exterminators typically clean as they go and leave no traces of infestation behind. What homeowners can do after the exterminators leave, though, are purely preventive measures.

    Here are some wasp prevention tips to help avoid future infestations:

    • Cover trash bins at all times to avoid attracting yellow jackets
    • Avoid leaving leftover foods and drinks in your garden
    • Install window screens
    • Seal holes, cracks, and gaps
    • Seek expert advice prior to using wasp repellents

    Should You Tell Your Neighbors Anything?

    Wasps’ hunting behavior can easily lead them right into the front of your neighbors’ homes.

    If you’ve spotted a nest within your property, it’s best to inform your neighbors immediately. It could also be that the wasps you’ve been observing on your property could be coming from any of your neighbors.

    By working together as a team, you can help keep your neighborhood safe and wasp-free, especially as a temperatures rise for summer.

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    Final Takeaways

    One or two wasps buzzing around the garden may not seem like a big deal, but they can lead you back to the nest, where a shocking number of these stinging pests lie in wait.

    When you spot these brightly-coated bugs flitting around, make the call to get them taken out immediately. There’s no reason to share real estate with these dangerous pests this summer, especially when help is so easily acquired with a qualified exterminator.

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