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Top 7 Best Pest Control Companies In Salt Lake City, UT (2020 Review)

It can be frustrating and in some cases frightening when you realize you’ve got pests in the home. The word ‘pests’ is defined as a destructive insect or animal that attacks crops, food, livestock, etc. It also refers to an annoying person or thing, a nuisance. 

There are plenty of pest control companies out there however, none of them can get rid of your annoying humans (LoL). Realizing you have an invasion of destructive termites in your home or business is stressful enough but to top that off with the struggle of finding a pest control service that can handle your situation makes it even worse.  

best salt lake city ut pest control companies

This is why we’ve taken the time to sort through all of the pest control companies in the Salt Lake City Utah and surrounding areas for you. We’ve filtered through the wanna-be’s and bring you the 7 best pest control companies in Salt Lake City. It’s always nice to find one company that handles pest control, wildlife control, and bed bug control all in one! 

Top 7 Best Pest Control Companies In Salt Lake City, Utah

#1 Jitterbug Pest Control


Jitterbug Pest Control has been voted number 1 pest control company for over 2 decades. They strive to be the best at what they do on all levels. This pest control service serves Salt Lake City, as well as surrounding areas such as Saratoga Springs, Alpine, Bluffdale, and Draper just to name a few.

Customers love the fact that they are eco-friendly and environmentally conscious with their approaches towards pest control. They also appreciate the fact that there are no silly contracts that hold them down. Their fast and friendly service meshed with their skills and knowledge have clients coming back for more.

Jitterbug offers both residential and commercial services. They provide services for many businesses in the Wasatch area. The residential services offered are customized for every individual's situation because they feel that every home and establishment is different so they take the time to analyze the pests and hit them with the correct actions. The products they used are safe for delicate situations and places such as hospitals and daycare centers.

#2 Orkin


Orkin is one of the more well-known pest control, exterminators, and termite inspectors across the United States. The Salt Lake City, Utah branch, #895 serves Salt Lake City and many of the surrounding areas such as American Fork, Bountiful, Clearfield, Draper, and the list goes on. They may not be a family owned and operated pest control company but they have been serving families and businesses for over 115 years.

They offer next day services, flexible appointment times, and a 30-day money back guarantee too. Their residential and commercial services are outstanding. When it comes to the type of pests and pest control offered the list is rather large but here’s a few of the situations they handle: bed bug services, carpenter ant control, flea control, mosquito services, tick services, stinging insects, termite bait - monitoring - and control. They also offer insulation installation and fumigation services as well.

When it comes to Orkin, they know their pests well and they know how to handle each situation accordingly. Customers love the speedy service, the money back guarantee, and the incredible work they do. They focus on eliminating the pests but also ensuring that they don’t find their way back into your home or business. With over 115 years of service they definitely have the upper hand against the nuisances that wreak havoc in your area.

#3 Terminix


Terminix is backed by their nationwide network of expertise. In every area they are located they make sure to know the local pests and pest problems inside and out. The Salt Lake City branch serves Utah border to Utah border which is a pretty broad range of cities. They offer residential and commercial businesses protection against pesky pests.

Terminix focuses on offering guaranteed solutions, including a money-back guarantee for pest control services, as well as, the strongest residential termite guarantee in the pest control business for qualifying properties. Termite warning signs vary depending on the species of termites which is why Terminix offers a free termite inspection so they know just what they’re dealing with and the absolute best way to handle the infestation.

Terminix is well-known for termite treatment but that isn’t the only pest control services or pest solutions offered and available. You will find they offer many services including bed bug treatment, pest control, mosquito control, ant control, cockroach control, rodent, wildlife, and many other forms of pests and pest control.

#4 Bulwark Exterminating

Bulwark Exterminating

Bulwark Exterminating is a family owned and operated extermination company and they’re proud of it. Bulwark did a voluntary survey to see how many of their customers would recommend the pest control company to their friends and the results came in with a whopping 97% of customers who definitely woulr refer a friend. That speaks volumes, especially when they are a small family owned company up against huge companies!

Bulwark claims that the products they use are “Less toxic than toothpaste”! We still wouldn’t recommen testing that theory by putting them in your mouth however, you can have peace of mind when it comes to your home, family, and pets. The word Bulwark literally means ‘defensive barrier’ which is the kind of service they provide you with, they provide a protective barrier to keep the pests out before they can even come in.

Customers love the company. There was one customer who claims they went through three other pest control companies who didn’t cut it and then they found Bulwark Exterminating and have been with them for over two years now. They are an A+ Better Business Buerau company offering residential pest control services, termite control, and mosquito control as well.

#5 Edge Pest Control and Mosquito Services

Edge Pest Control and Mosquito Services

Edge Pest Control is an award-winning company with an A+ rating with the Better Business Buerau. They are proud to be a member of the NPMA the National Pest Management Association providing the best service possible.

Edge offers service within 24-hours to ensure they are on top of the pests before the pests are on top of you and your home. Over 80% of their customers are serviced within 24-hours of the initial contact. Edge offers protection programs against all sorts of pests such as bed bugs, mosquitos, rodents, fleas, cockroaches, silverfish, scorpions, and so many more.

Edge Pest Control offers commercial services as well. They provide pest control services for businesses dealing with food, government offices, hospitality services, offices, retail, schools, and more. They are available 24/7 but they are closed on Sundays. Customers love and appreciate their knowledge of pests and the speedy response times. 

#6 Aptive Environmental 

Aptive Environmental

Aptive environmental is an eco-friendly and environmentally friendly pest control service with a mission. Their mission is to cultivate experts that love to serve, create safe all-season treatments unique to your home and situation, and apply responsibly sourced products that are safe for your loved ones and the environment. 

They’ve partnered with the United Nations Nothing But Nets Campaign to help stop the spread of Malaria by mosquitos. A portion of their company profits goes to the cause of providing insecticide-treated bed nets to countries in great need. So when you choose Aptive Environmental you’re choosing to help a greater cause.

Not only do they offer pest control services but if you visit their website you will find a pest library full of common pests in your area, as well as, tips on how to minimize them yourself. Clients truly value their work and the fact that they are hip to green approaches toward pest control. They care about the environment you live in and the eco-system in general.

#7 All Green

All Green pest control salt lake city

All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care of Utah uses the safest and most effective products on the market. That with the combination of fantastic customer service and incredible pest control services is a part of the reason that they won the 2017 Angie’s List Super Service Award.

The services they offer are lawn care, lawn fertilization, pest control, and termites. The pest control and lawn services serve both residential and commercial businesses. Their pest control services include a 3-by-3 foot barrier spray around the foundation to keep pests from entering, treatments for windows - doorways - entryways, the cracks and crevices treatment, de-webber service to keep spiders out of your hair (literally), spot lawn treatment, fence-line treatment, wasp/hornet removal, and a 10-foot perimiter control granulation. 

All Green offers service to the entire Utah County, Utah area, as well as, Salt Lake City County. They are proud to service to Provo and all areas along the Wastch Front. Customers and clients appreciate how informative and patient the staff can be when it comes to questions and concerns. They are professional yet friendly. 

How We Rate Pest Control Companies In Salt Lake City, Utah?

First we take the time to do all of the research so you don’t have to. We check their websites, social media, BBB, Angie’s List, and Yelp reviews. We want to make sure they are great at what they do and the best place to start is with verified customer reviews and complaints (if any).

Once we have the scoop and the low-down on the company we further inspect areas of expertise, quality, professionalism, friendliness, and their job well-done’s. From here we can provide an accurate assesment and evaluation of the company and their practices as a whole. If everything lines up and they are a great company, they make the best pest control list!

How Much Does Pest Control Cost In Salt Lake City UT?

Pest control service costs in all areas vary. Things such as your location, the type of pests that are being dealt with, and they services requested all play a roll in pricing factors. That being said pest control in Salt Lake City, UT can range between $65 to $300. 

The higher end price generally pertains to customers who sign up for annual services and package deals. You can request free quotes from these companies and some of them even offer free inspections to asses the situation fully. It’s not uncommon to find sppeacials and discount deals with these companies either so keep your eye out for those.

Most Common Seasonal Pests In Salt Lake City?

As the seasons change different pests come out of the woodwork, some of them are literally living in the woodwork of your business or home. To make this a little easier we are going to list some of the top seasonal pests grouped from Summer, Spring, and Fall.

  • Mormon Crickets: Found in areas with high heat and low occupancy. You’ll see them more often in secluded country homes rather than in cities.
  • Cockroaches: Ugh! They literally live like everywhere and there are four species in Utah and some can fly.
  • Pseudoscorpion:This is not a scorpion but a member of the arachnid family. They get their name from the pincers they have. You can find them in homes around paper and books because they feed on book lice.
  • Carpet Beetles: They generally stay outdoors but in the warmer months they come inside to stay cool.
  • Rocky Mountain Wood Tick: This little blood sucker is home in the Rocky Mountains and it carries a virus known as the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

When it comes to wildlife pests you’ll find mice, rats, moles, birds that nest on your home, voles, pocket gophers, and prarie dogs are just a few.

The colder months is when a lot of the pests die off or go into hiebernation but if they make it inside before it’s too cold they can survive. Ants, mice, flies, and some reptiles might be lurking inside your home when it’s cold.

Indoor Pests In Utah?

Just to be clear, just about any pest from the outdoors can sometimes make their way indoors. Just Saying! So in Utah, the most common indoor pests are termites, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, carpet beetles, and fleas.

Rodents also like to make their way into your homes like little free-loaders thriving off of what you’ve worked hard for. Mice, rats, and sometimes squirrels will come in and make a nest in your attic or walls.

Outdoor Pests In Utah?

There is a plethora of outdoor pests in Utah. You can find them in your garden, in trees, the grass, and heck even the concrete sometimes. The Elm Seed Bug is relatively new to UT and they carry a major home infestation risk. They generally feed on elm trees but if there isn’t any around they’ll take what they can get. Just a warning they can release a pungeant smell that can become unbearable.

Blister beetles got their name from the chemical they can spray onto the skin of humans and animals that can cause blisters. You’ll find them in the flowers especially, goldenrods and asters.

Common Tread-Waisted Wasp are very common and they like making their nests in loose dirt piles so beware. They provide a painful and venemous sting.

The pests listed in the seasonal section are all mostly outdoor pests.

Boxelder Bugs: They favor box elder trees but will take a nice maple or ash into consideration.

Raccoons, snakes, skunks, scorpions, and black widow spiders are also on the list of outdoor pests in Utah.

Finding the best pest control company can be a daunting task and that’s exactly why we took the time to do some research for you. If you’re dealing with pests of any kind, reach out to some of these companies to see if they can help you eliminate and eradicate those pesky pests. Insects and critters alike can be a nuisance whether they slither, crawl, fly and in some cases swim. 

Many of these pest services and rodent control services serve the Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. Ogden, Orem, Lehi, West Jordan, and Park City are usually in the service area as well. All you have to do is reach out to these pest control and pest service companies to find out, just take a look at their site. They will provide the best pest solutions to ensure the creepy crawlers stay outside where they should be.

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