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Top 7 Best Pest Control Companies in San Antonio, TX (2020 Review)

Winter in San Antonio Texas is mild with average high temperatures being around 64 degrees and a low of 40 degrees. In the warmer months it can be pretty hot and humid for the most part. That being said, with the weather in the colder months being pretty mild there’s a bigger risk that pests and critters will be a pain in the behind.

The best pest control companies in San Antonio, TX know what they’re doing and they are pretty dang good at it. Our in-depth research found several incredible and amazing pest control companies and pest services. Below you will find what we believe are the top 7 best pest companies in the area.

best san antonio tx pest control companies

Before we move on we want you to know that pests are unyielding when it comes to things like Covid-19 so they will still be creeping and crawling. The great thing is that these companies are out there still putting in the necessary work needed to keep your home, business, family, and pets safe from annoyance and possible pest problems. They are taking several safety precautions to keep everyone safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. You will find their terms on their site.

Top 7 Best Pest Control Companies in San Antonio

#1 Orkin Pest & Termite Control


The Orkin Man is a well known figure when it comes to solving pest problems. Orkin offers so much more than just termite control, they will exterminate almost any pest that is creating pest problems in and around your home or business. With over 100 years of service it is easy to see why they rank number one.

Customers love how fast they respond to situations and how they take the time to listen to you and your concerns, as well as, making sure to share information with you so you always know what’s going on. In the San Antonio region you will find Orkin pest control, termite inspections, and exterminators.

Regarding the pests they deal with you can get bed bug treatments, numerous types of pest control services, termite control, and much more. They serve San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas including Schertz, Helotes, and New Braunfels (but there’s more). You can get residential pest control and commercial pest control services each with its own branch to serve you.

#2 Terminix Termite & Pest Control


When people think of Terminix they often think of termite treatment and services but Terminix does much more than that. Their pest control services shut down spiders, ants, cockroaches, and most other insect pest problems. They offer bed bug removal and treatment, as well as, mosquito control, termite control, and wildlife control.

They don’t just offer pest control services in San Antonio either, you’ll find they serve Houston, Helotes, Bexar, and several many more surrounding cities. Testimonials and reviews from verified customers claim that the technicians are friendly, informative, and professional. Most of all they provide great services and leave no bugs to be found after treatments and exterminations. Reach out today for residential pest control, as well as, commercial pest control services and say bye-bye to your pest problems.

#3 ABC Home & Commercial Services

abc home and commercial pest services

ABC Home and Commercial Services have so much to offer San Antonio, TX on top of amazing pest control. You can call them and have your AC and heating units repaired, Christmas and holiday lights installed, plumbing work, appliance repair, electrical work, lawn and tree care, and that’s all on top of rodent and pest control services.

This family-owned business has been around for generations and they have the scoop on those pesky critters and insects that are causing you pest problems. Cockroach extermination, rodent and wildlife control, fire ant control, eco-friendly and chemical-free pest control, scorpion control, and bed bug treatments are all on the list of pest control services they offer. Of course, that’s not all but you can take a look at the rest for yourself.

#4 Bulwark Exterminating

Bulwark Exterminating Technician Jeremy Stevens - Youtube throughout Bulwark Pest Control

Bulwark Exterminating ranks a 4.7 on the rating scale and they are considered to be one of the most reviewed pest control companies out of San Antonio, TX. One of their offices is in Schertz Texas but they service San Antonio and the surrounding area. Bulwark handles a variety of pests that cause problems in and around your home or business.

They are a family owned company with 97% of their customers willing and ready to refer you to them. That’s a huge number of people who give this place a 5-star rating and positive reviews. Bulwark claims that their products are less toxic than toothpaste yet super effective. This leaves families feeling safe about the choice they made and even safer about the environment. You can call their office, the toll-free number, or get your quote and questions answered online.

Ants, beetles, various bloodsuckers (including ticks & mosquitos), centipedes, clover mites, fleas, ticks, rodents, scorpions and flying insects best beware when Bulwark arrives. They take pride in making sure the pest problem is eliminated and they also make sure to follow-up with their customers with any after care concerns.

#5 Aptive Environmental

Aptive Environmental

Aptive Environmental provides eco-friendly and environmentally responsible solutions for pest problems. They take pride in offering a service that keeps your indoor environment pest-free. Their four-season protection plan is insanely popular in asear like San Antonio, Texas because the environment is so agreeable for pests to thrive all year long.

One of the things we really appreciate about Aptive Environmental is that they give back in a huge way. Aptive has been a part of the ‘Nothing But Nets’ initiative by donating portions of their money to helping protect people in far away countries like Africa. The donations provide people with pre-treated bug nets that go around their beds to help stop bites from mosquitos carrying Malaria. 

Aptive makes sure that the pests don’t come back and if they do they will return to handle the situation completely free of charge. You can view the pest library on their page which informs you of the common pests that wreak havoc on homes which includes preventative tips to help keep them away. Customers love the green option because it provides a sense of security that there are no harmful chemicals used.

#6 TruTech Wildlife Removal Service

Trutech Wildlife Service

Not all pests are pesky insects. They come in many forms and wildlife can become a pest especially when they enter your home to make one of their own. TruTech can solve your wildlife pest problems in a safe and humane way. Squirrels, rats, snakes, and raccoons are just a few of the critters TruTech will remove from your home and property. They are also experts in bat removal.

TruTech’s Wildlife Control services in San Antonio and surrounding areas can also handle bird removal too. They can come in and close off potential entry points to keep critters out, remove any animals that have died in the home which also include their odor elimination technique. In some situations rodents and other wildlife can contaminate and destroy your home’s insulation which they will remove and replace with energy efficient insulation.

Each season seems to bring about another type of animal and the wildlife population changes a little bit. One season they might be relocating raccoons from your property to another suitable property for them to live while another might bring out the skunks. Either way you go all you have to do is give these guys a call and they will be out in a hurry, according to some reviewers.

#7 Pro Defense Pest Control

#7 Pro Defense Pest Control

With over 500 customer reviews and a star rating of 4.9, we had to include Pro Defense Pest Control. By the way, those ratings are from Google and do not include any reviews from other sites such as Angie’s List etc. On Angie's list they have an A rating and Thumbtack and Yelp both have 5 star ratings. They must be doing something right.

Pro Defense provides San Antonio and surrounding areas with both residential and commercial pest control. In terms of their pest control services they offer termite control, mosquito control, bed bug control, rodent control, flea & tick control, and wildlife removal. It’s always nice to find one company that can and will do it all.

The technicians are properly trained to know how to answer your questions, customer service, and are certified technicians with training on any and all common pests, also some of the uncommon pests too. This company is highly recommended by many of their customers because of their fast friendly service, as well as the amazing job they do. If by chance a customer has any complaints they make it a point to come right back out and fix it. 

How Much Does Pest Control Service Cost In San Antonio, TX?

Pest control and wildlife control prices vary from place to place. The prices also depend on the type of pests you are dealing with and how large or small an infestation is. It might be safe to say that the prices from lowest to highest would be $35 - $100. Again that depends on the type of service you request. 

Many pest control companies offer package plans or deals where they come out and provide quarterly treatments to ensure the pests don’t come back. A basic package usually costs about $35 a month and the bigger the package deal the higher the price. 

How Do We Rate The Best Pest Control Companies?

Believe it or not, we take a lot of time to research these companies. We check into the social media and websites but we also take time to look into review sites such as Angie’s List, Yelp, Thumbtack, and Google Services. We don’t just look at the positive reviews either, we take all of them into account.

Once we have a baseline of companies we further review them and carefully select the ones that truly seem like they offer the best. The best service, work, customer service, quality of work, fast follow-ups, and more are what we are looking for. If the company passes all of those checks then they make the list, if not we look on.

Common Seasonal Pests In San Antonio Texas?

San Antonio offers a fairly warm climate all year long. This means that pests can and will survive and even thrive throughout the cooler months. Unfortunately, as it cools off these pest like to find their way inside your homes to stay warm and safe. For instance around October Scorpions are looking for a way in and by November and December they might already be bed down in your home.

Flies, flying insects, moths, beetles, snakes, scorpions, and various wildlife are all pretty active throughout the spring and summer. As it cools down the numbers drop but when it isn’t one pest it is another. Fire ants, fleas, ticks, mosquitos, spider wasp, brown recluse and the velvet ant are all really common in Texas as well.

Common Indoor Pests In Texas?

Sometimes outdoor pests find their way in. Whether they’re looking for a home, a bite to eat, or simply traveled in on you, a pet, or just when the door was open it happens. Some of the most common indoor pests are ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, and termites. Those are all really common.

Common Outdoor Pests In San Antonio, TX?

Snakes of many shapes, sizes, and colors are common and some can be deadly. Armadillo, fire ants, chinch bugs, grubs, flying insects, raccoons, spiders, spider mites, subterranean termites, lizards, certain birds, and many more creatures and insects are common outdoor pests in Texas. Feral hogs Africanized bees, and zebra mussels are pretty problematic pest problems too.

Before we close this out we’d like to share a couple of the San Antonio pest control and pest management services which include Romney Pest Control, Beeline Pest Control, and Apple Pest Control.

We hope we have helped you narrow down your search for the best pest control companies in San Antonio and the surrounding areas in Texas. Some pests can bring it from 0-1,000 real quick. You’ll notice one ant one day and the next thing you know you have an entire family line and all their friends all up in your house claiming the sugar and oil and pretty much anything else they feel like they should have. There’s no pest too big or too small when you have the right company handling your pest problems! 

Finding the best pest control company to suit your needs can be tricky especially when there are so many to choose from and not all of them are even close to top notch. During these trying times pest control companies have been deemed an essential business and rightly so. Each company on this list follows safety measures and guidelines given to them. If you have any concerns regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and the guidelines they follow to keep you and yours safe you’ll find it on their home website. 

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