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Top 6 Best Pest Control Companies in Dallas, TX (2020 Review)

Texas is full of unique and often obnoxious pests, so what can you do to get them out of your hair? Thankfully, there are a large number of pest control options in the region to take care of your problem.

When you choose one of the companies we look at later, you will find your pest issues as a thing of the past. 

For finding the best pest control options for your needs, we looked at a large number of pest control companies to find what we consider to be the best. Additionally, we will look at the criteria that helped us decide what companies were the best in the area and some commonly asked questions of customers in the market.

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 At the end of this article, you will have a better idea of what company is best for your needs so you can get free quotes from the best exterminators in Dallas Texas.

Top 6 Best Pest Control Companies in Dallas, TX

1. Romex Pest Control

Romex Pest Control

With many years of experience and a determination for providing comfort and peace to their customers, Romex is a pest control option that is sure to impress. Their satisfaction guarantee and determination to get rid of their customer’s pests, Romex is a great option for all of your pest removal needs. 

Not only do they serve the Dallas-Fort Worth Texas and surrounding areas but they also serve Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Romex Pest Control offers long-lasting eco-friendly pest control solutions for commercial businesses both large and small. With pest control services such as ant control, termite control, mosquito control, scorpion, spiders, rodents, and things with wings that sting!

2. Omega Animal removal

Omega Animal removal

Where many companies are simply focused on getting rid of pests by any means possible, Omega cares about the relationship we have with animals and wants to treat them humanely. With their wide array of pest removal services, they are able to handle a wide variety of animals and take care of your pest needs with a lifetime guarantee. 

Omega Animal Removal handles the removal of the wildlife invading your home but they also handle the decontamination of attic spaces once the animals are safely out. They handle rats, rodents, squirrels, racoons, bees, bats, skunks, opossums, and snakes too. You can check Yelp, Angie’s List, and the Better Business Bureau and see what awesome ratings they have! 

3. Safe Pro Pest Control 

Safe Pro Pest Control

At Safe Pro, they are determined not to sell you a service, but to help alleviate your issue by any means necessary. They are set out to change the public vision of the pest control industry by providing service that any customer would be happy with while also carrying out their tasks ethically and efficiently. Their years of experience and great attitude of working makes this pest control company one of the best there is. 

Safe Pro serves the greater Frisco, Plano, and Dallas, Texas areas. They offer both residential and commercial business areas. Safe Pro exterminates pests such as termites, mosquitos, bed bugs, and numerous other insects. They can also handle rodents as well making sure people feel safe and comfortable in their own home without the invasion and intrusion of pests trying to take over.

4. Green Defense Pest Control

Green Defense Pest Control

At Green Defense, they see themselves as providing a premium level of work at a price that is reasonable for every client. The holistic approach used to tackle pest issues is effective with Green defense as they look at your entire home for issues and then deploy any necessary measures to ensure your pest problem is dealt with in an eco-friendly and confident manner. 

All of Green Defense’s services come with a 100% re-treatment guarantee to make sure you get the best that you deserve. The services they offer are rodent control, termite defense, flea & tick defense, mosquito defense and more. If you’re looking for eco-friendly pest control in the Dallas, Texas area this might be the company for you.

5. Dynasty Pest Control 

Dynasty Pest Control

With their wide range of services and plenty of certifications to back up their workmanship, Dynasty is a pest control company that wants to make your pest problems a thing of the past. Their professional attitude and eagerness to help explain any pest control questions to customers shows how much Dynasty is committed to ensuring every customer is happy with their pest control experience. 

Dynasty has over 30-years of pest control experience offering both residential homes and commercial businesses. You can find general pest control plans and specialized services, as well as, on-going or one-time treatments. They do their best to suit your needs, keeping your homes free and clear of crawling critters and other pests that try to roam your home.

6. Bug Head Pest Control 

Bug Head Pest Control

A combination of work experience and a constantly growing range of services allow Bug Head to be a great choice for anyone looking for pest control services in Dallas. As a family-owned and operated business, they understand the importance of being courteous and open with their customers. A pet friendly and eco-friendly approach to pest control makes them a great option for families worried about traditional pest control services. 

Bug Head offers customized solutions for your pest management needs. They offer both residential and commercial care without the hassle and headache of contracts. You can sign up for one of three quarterly plans they have available and receive inspections, treatments, and follow-ups. They strive to do their best to provide 100% satisfaction with a guarantee to boot!

How We Rate Pest Control Companies In Dallas?

Now that we have seen some of the best options for pest control in Dallas, we want to give you some insight as to how we made our choices. Many factors go into finding the best company in any field, so we feel that outlining the steps we took to make our final list will show you what we looked at to find the best of the best.

Every search we do for finding the best pest control businesses starts off by taking a quick glance at the local options in a given reason. With Dallas, there are so many great options in the area which makes it even harder to put a list together. We really look for companies that have a solid website set up that provides all the information you would want when getting pest control taken care of. 

Once we find a website that sets a company apart from the rest, we then move into the customer experience they provide. Since it is hard to get an accurate picture from the company themselves, we look at other areas where customers have given feedback and their experience working with a company. Oftentimes the most accurate picture of a company’s performance can be found by seeing how highly their customers speak of them.

Finally, after we have taken everything into account, we put together the final pieces to see which companies were truly the best. This is where we looked at things like services offered, history, and general online presence that allowed us to see what the company was really about. 

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How Much Does Pest Control Cost In Dallas?

Across most states and with many different companies, the prices of pest control services are actually rather similar for the same treatments. This means that a general understanding of your options will help you understand what you can expect to pay with any of these companies. 

A common treatment is a one time option where a pest control company will come out and deal with an issue that is able to be taken care of in one go. Since this can be an intensive process, it costs around $150 for the whole process to be taken care of. 

The other treatment option that exists for pest control is a multiple treatment option. With this, you will end up paying around $40-$50 per treatment for however long it takes to get rid of the pests. 

Most Season Common Pests In Dallas?

The warm weather and unique environment of Dallas, the pests that live here can often survive all year round. Thankfully, most of the pests that are in the Dallas region are not nearly as bad as some of the deadly snakes and scorpions you can find elsewhere nearby. The common pests that you can find throughout the year include things like ants, termites, and a variety of spiders that all survive the humid conditions. 

Indoor Pests In Dallas?

Indoor pests are often what people have to deal with when they call pest control with a problem. These are the pests that find their way into your house and stay there until something is done about them. They can be hard to deal with as they grow in larger numbers, but they are usually pretty harmless. Common indoor pests include ants, spiders, cockroaches, and termites. 

Want To Solve Your Pest Problem Now?

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Outdoor Pests In Dallas?

Unlike indoor pests, outdoor pests come in a much wider variety of animals and difficulties in dealing with them. While you likely won’t be seeing anything too serious like a snake, outdoor pests like rodents, raccoons, bees, and other mammals can all find their way around the outside of your house. Luckily, these critters can be dealt with in one or two treatments. 

Dealing with the infestation and invasion of critters and pests can be a struggle. Once they get in they make themselves right at home and it’s wrong. If you live in Dallas, Texas or surrounding areas check into one of these incredible top-notch pest solutions and pest control companies to see what can be arranged to suit your needs. There’s no need to lose sleep!

Finding pest control services in Dallas is easy however, the hard part can be finding the best pest services available in your area. You’re going to want the best pest control solutions for your needs and that makes sense. Whether it is bed bug treatments, pre-construction termite treatment, or wildlife removal the best companies are going to care about what they’re doing, as well as, providing the best pest service.

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