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best texas pest control companies

Our Rating: 4.6


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#1 Top Overall Pick: Terminix

Our Rating: 4.75


Company Information

What you need to know about Terminix in Texas

In Texas, Terminix is the company that offers the most extensive service area. It doesn’t matter what infestation you have, Terminix has an exterminator to take care of your pest problem. This company offers more pest management services than any other, including but not limited to bed bugs, termites, termite control, cockroaches, scorpions, fire ants, mosquito control, rodent control, residential pest control, and commercial pest control services. Some, if not all pests, may become a problem for any Texan. The top five offenders are mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, spiders, and scorpions. Hopefully, you won’t need to deal with any of these, but it’s good to know that Terminix is a company that can handle any of the problems!

Besides just having a wide range of available services across Texas, this company also has some of the most well-trained pest control experts with years of experience under their belt. Suppose everything else wasn’t enough to tip the scales. In that case, you also get a free inspection and a 100% satisfaction guarantee included with every service! These factors combined, plus their years of experience, make Terminix stand out in a crowd.

To sum it all up, it doesn’t matter if you’re in DFW’s heart or more on Garland’s outskirts; if you want a free quote and need wildlife or pest control service, this company has it all.

Terminix has some of the best coverage nationwide covering the following pests:

Millipedes, wasps, wasp nest removal, centipedes, mice, rats, house crickets, cockroaches, house ants (suga and grease), carpenter ants, bed bugs, clothes moths, paper wasps, silverfish, earwigs, spiders (non-dangerous), scorpions, termites and ticks.

Top Pick For General Pest Control: Aptive

Our Rating: 4.65


Company Information

What you need to know about Aptive in Texas

Five years ago, in December 2015, Aptive Environmental opened its doors and started its new journey into pest control. The name Aptive comes from combining words in the phrase “proactive approach,” which is what Aptive strives to provide as part of what their CEO Royce calls “the smarter approach to pest control.” Then in 2016, they opened their first branch in Texas and have been growing ever since.

Today Aptive Environmental continues to be an excellent general pest control service for common pests. They don’t do wildlife control, animal removal services, bed bug treatments, or any wood-destroying organisms, such as carpenter ants and termites. Still, they offer a quality four seasons plan, and as anyone who lives in Texas can tell you, pests are a problem all year-round.

Everyone in Texas has to deal with all manner of critters from Earwigs to scorpions. These are the types of structural pests Aptive treats. Also, Aptive has a strong emphasis on IPM, integrated pest management. They will work with you on preventing problems from showing up and what to do on your end to help get rid of the pests you have.

Aptive is an eco-friendly pest control solution option that is important in a state like Texas, where its people place a high value on their natural resources. The majority of their products are low toxicity making them safe for your pets, family, and the environment. They will also inspect your home for entry points that your pests are using to get in so that you can seal those up to prevent future infestations.

They’re a little limited on locations, which means unless you are within an hour’s drive of Dallas, Houston, or Austin, you probably won’t have access to them. Still, if you do happen to live within their service area, they offer some of the best customer services, and if the pests come back, so do they, and for free!

Ants, cockroaches, rodents , fleas, spiders, pantry pests, aphids, crickets. earwigs, millipedes, silverfish, snails

Top Pick For Coverage: Orkin Pest Control

Our Rating: 4.5


Company Information

What you need to know about Orkin in Texas

This company offers many services in the surrounding areas outside of Dallas and 20 other locations across Texas. They have offices as far west as a town called Hobbs, and, with 20 offices across the state, they are most likely in an area near you.

Orkin has an extensive list that covers as many pests as Terminix. It doesn’t matter if your problem is stinging insects or termites, Orkin will create a specific pest control plan for you and your home. Orkin covers some of the more difficult pests such as bed bugs, termite treatments, and mosquitoes. Additionally, they also deal with the more common problems such as ants, earwigs, silverfish, and centipedes. Orkin can even help you if you should be the unfortunate Texan that develops a Cow Killer ant problem. These ants are a type of ground wasps, and they have one of the most painful stings in the state. These ants do not create colonies, so controlling them can be difficult. But Orkin will create a custom plan based on your specific needs.

Like many other pest control companies, Orkin has a varying price that scales up based on the square footage of the area that they are treating and the pest infestation you are dealing with. Orkin, Aptive, and Terminix are all eco friendly, even though they all take different paths to achieve the same results.

Overall, Orkin offers a good service, a wide range of target pests, and an extensive service area. Still, they are just a little on our pricey side.

Bed Bugs, moths, crickets, fleas, hornets, scorpions, silverfish, carpenter Ants, roaches, mice, spiders, centipedes, earwigs, ticks, termites, mosquitoes, cockroaches

Top Pick For Mosquito Control: TruGreen

Our Rating: 4.05


Company Information

What you need to know about TruGreen in Texas

While I admit that this company isn’t a hardcore pest control service that removes wildlife, treats for termites, bedbugs, and does home inspections for you, they are a reliable lawn company for weed remediation services, flea, tick, and mosquito control.

In Texas, there are various kinds of larvae from many types of beetles that can devastate even the healthiest of lawns by burrowing into your soil and feeding on your turf’s root system. In addition to dealing with the grubs that are destroying your lawn, they also offer weed and mosquito remediation services to make your time outside that much more enjoyable.

Spread out across North Texas and South Texas, TruGreen has 18 different locations meaning that they are most likely available to take care of your lawn and make all the other Texans think that the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence.

TruGreen has the fewest insects covered on the list, specifically TruGreen Covers: 

Mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, spiders, and rodents

Top Pick For Wildlife: TruTech

Our Rating: 4.35


Company Information

What you need to know about TruTech in Texas

The word pest has many connotations, and while the average person living in Texas probably conjures visions of rodents and cockroaches, sometimes it’s a possum or raccoon that has decided to live in your attic. Besides the property damage that they can cause, they aren’t paying rent. For that sort of pest control treatment, you should check out TruTech.

This company has locations in Carrollton in Plano county, Fort Worth in Tarrant County, and over 25 other locations across the state of Texas, making them an easily accessible wildlife removal service.

The types of services that this company offers our Texan citizens cover residential services, as well as commercial services and they also offer plans for removing dead animals, dead animal smell, and wildlife exclusion services to make sure that the Texas wildlife stays out in the wild and not on your couch.

Armadillos, beavers, badgers, bats, birds, bobcats, cane toads, chipmunks, cotton rat, coyote, crow, deer, mice, finches, squirrels, fox, geese, gophers, gorundhogs, gulls, iguanas, lizards, magpie, marmot, moles, muskrat, opossum, otters, peacocks, pigeons, raccoons, rats, scorpions, shrews, skunks, snakes, stinging insects, voles

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