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truly nolen Company Review

In 1938 Truly Wheatfield Nolen founded his new company in Miami, FL during the Great Depression. Despite the economic hardships of the era, the company we know now as Truly Nolen was not only able to survive but thrive. In 1950 they had their first international branch start-up in Mexico and started using antique cars for their advertising. Then around 1960, they converted their first Volkswagon into a mouse car giving them their famous mascot that is still with us today. 

As time went on, Truly Nolen would continue to lead in quality and not just with the service they provided but by 1990 they were using eco-friendly pest control methods or what we call "green pest control" today.

Fast forward to today and Truly Nolen of America Inc is a subsidiary company of Fox Pest control LLC and currently, Truly Nolen offers pest control services in the following 18 states: Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Nebraska, South Dakota, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky, New Jersey, and Arizona.  

They really stand out amongst the crowd wherever they happen to be with their bright yellow cars with the little black mouse ears on them taking care of the world's pest control needs.

But this company has more going for it than just a fleet of mouse cars and its 95 locations in the United States and 200 plus franchises in 61 countries. In addition to having offices across our country, they come with a 100% money-back guarantee for the service if you are not satisfied.

This money-back guarantee is for the last service you received not for every service you have ever had from them. Which I think is more than fair.

As interesting as their history is and adorable as their mouse cars might be, what we want to know is can their service coordinators deliver a service we deserve?

It doesn't matter what kind of pest infestation you're dealing with. The pest problem you have is the most important problem at the moment and because of that, it is important to know what to look for in a pest control company. 

Quality of Truly Nolen Pest Technician Training

truly nolan pest control

To some extent what products a company uses for your pest control service doesn't matter too much. Just about any company is going to have a professional tier pesticide or high quality traps to enable them to give you the kind of pest management you're looking for. What does matter is how well trained your technician is. The higher quality of their training the better equipped they will be to take care of the problem.

The employees that work there and even the former employees talk about the high standards Truly Nolan has for them and the high quality of training that they receive. This gives me quite a bit of hope as I write this review. There is nothing like a good report from a previous employee.

In addition to former employee testimonials, the company has two training centers that are dedicated to making their technicians some of the best in the business. There is one in Orlando, Florida and one in Arizona.

While I don't have specifics on what they teach at these facilities I do know that they have in classroom and field education built into the curriculum. It's so pleasing to see a company take the training of their employees so seriously instead of giving them a few educational videos to watch before letting them loose on the world.

Customer Relations

The second aspect that does matter when selecting your pest control company is not that they are perfect or that a mistake will never be made but how does the company react or deal with these mistakes? 

Like many other companies, Truly Nolen has it's good and bad reviews. On average this company maintains a star rating that ranges between 3.5 and 4 stars. This is acceptable in my mind and shows that they are above average in what they do and getting the results their customers desire.

Where they really shine is how they take care of their customers. Time and time again I've seen them respond to an angry customer and do what is right for that person. Every one of their Better Business Bureau complaints that I read was resolved, usually in a manner where the manager in question simply refunded the money to the customer in question.

I truly love to see this from a company. The first reason I love to see this here with this company is that it shows that when they say 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee they mean it. So often I've seen companies not stand behind this statement. Honesty really keeps your customers more than anything else. Well done Truly Nolen.

Company Overview

truly nolan company review

Truly Nolen is a company that has been around the block a few times. They provide their customers with the option of a four seasons package. Besides pest control, they also offer lawn service to keep your lawn weed and pest free. Your first treatment will include an inspection of your house for signs of pest activity so that they can make a strong plan of action.

Would I go so far as to say that this is the best company? No, I couldn't do that. But in my opinion, they are a good company and one that I would use if I ever find myself in need of someone to help me with my pest control problems.

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Which Pests Does Truly Nolen Cover?

When it comes to having an exterminator that has a wide variety of options look no further. Truly Nolen covers a truly staggering range of pests.

Termites, bed bugs, mice, rats, bees, wasps, ants, beetles, birds, box elders, caterpillars, crickets, earwigs, fleas, flies, gnats, grubs, lice, millipedes, mosquitos, moths, roaches, scorpions, silverfish, spiders, weevils, and ticks.

In addition to the list above they also offer services for lawn care, sanitization, rodent control,  and termite services such as termite protection, termite inspection, termite treatments, and termite control.

While most of this is pretty self-explanatory I know some of you are probably curious as to what I mean when I say that they have a sanitization service.

Truly Nolen offers a service that they call "Truly Sanitized" where they will come in and sanitize your non-porous surfaces in order to kill all manner of bacteria that have been left behind by things like rats or mice. 

Sanitation and disease prevention has always been a large part of the mission at Truly Nolen. It isn't just good enough to remove the infestation and offer a satisfaction guarantee with their work. Truly Nolen will also help you clean up the mess that these pests have left behind.

A rodent can contaminate sources such as water and food via their urine, or droppings mixing with your food and water, as they travel through your business. Which is why it is so important to make sure that you get rid of them as soon as possible. But what about after they are gone? Their urine and droppings still remain behind causing health issues.

This is where the Truly Nolen Sanitization really stands out and is a unique service in the way that I've not seen anyone else offer it on this level. But how do they do it?

My research indicates that they have two main methods in providing this sanitization. They either use a mist application or they wipe down the surface. Also, the solution that they are using seems to be a proprietary mix so I don't know what it is but I do know that they claim that it can kill several kinds of bacteria and other unhealthy pathogens.

That is great for businesses but what about your house? The good news is that Truly Sanitized service is available for homes and businesses including single-family homes, apartment complexes, restaurants, offices, and more.

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How Expensive Is Truly Nolen?

As always when it comes to prices with pest control companies there will be a high amount of variance depending on what you need them to take care of. However, unlike most other companies I have been able to get a small sample of the kind of prices you can expect to see if you hire Truly Nolen.

  • Initial Service. $185.
  • First Regular Service. $126.

So how expensive are they? Well, they are substantially more expensive than your run of the mill pest control service. Many companies charge far less than Truly Nolen. Usually, an initial service only costs somewhere around 0 to 75 dollars. I will say that the 126 dollars for your first treatment aren't absolutely unreasonable but you can find pest control for less.

I do want to mention that they seem to give discounts if you pay for your entire year in advance and they have a discount of 50 dollars off when you apply online.

Are they the most expensive company I've ever seen?  No. Can you get pest control for less? Absolutely. However, with the level of training that this company puts their technicians though I understand why they are priced this way. Personally I don't mind paying a little extra for quality work.

Is Truly Nolen Pet Safe?

For so many people their pets are part of their family and in some cases, their pets are very expensive. So it is easy to see why people want to know that the service that they are paying for is safe for their furry loved ones.

While Truly Nolen doesn't go into extreme detail on how their products specifically pet safe it is important to remember that this pest control provider boasts environmentally-responsible pest control, meaning that pest control specialists use naturally occurring products during treatments wherever they can. 

This includes botanical aerosols derived naturally from plants and borate-based powder applications, which has minimal toxicity to mammals. They also have an area of their website that talks about how they keep your pet safe by keeping rodents and raccoons away from your home. In addition by having a pest control company that keeps and removes flea and tick populations from your lawn, you are protecting your pet.

One key feature that Truly Nolen does offer is a Home Scorecard system. How it works is you take a short survey and the results tell you how safe your home is for your pets.

For instance one of the questions on the survey is "Check the box for any insect you have seen in your home in the last month: (Check all that apply) ". When I clicked on spiders a little green box popped up and it said The pests you have seen in your home are not as serious as some of the really nasty ones on this list. Keep them under a watchful eye. 

I decided to play with this Home Scorecard a bit and to see what else it had to say about pests that I know to be more dangerous to our pets. When I clicked on fleas, bed bugs, ticks, cockroaches, or any combination of those pests I received a message similar to the following.

"Your home is possibly infested by some serious pests. The pests you are seeing are only the tip of the iceberg and having any one of the pests in the group requires some immediate professional attention. Schedule a FREE Inspection with Truly Nolen Today. " Is this a bit of a marketing technique to get you to buy their service? Yes. Is it also helpful? Yes!

I find this feature and service interesting and useful. These are just some of the features you find on the Home Scorecard survey. Others involved how recently you have caulked the crevices around your home, can you see light coming through any of your doors, window sills or walls? They also asked questions about what the house is made out of and how old the home is. 

What I like the most about this feature isn't just that it lets you know how safe or unsafe your house is but it gives you several ideas of what you can do in order to improve your home in order to keep pests out in the first place.

The second part of the survey that I love is how detailed it is. It continues to ask you how long you leave your pets' food out for, do you have any livestock, and even if you have trees touching your home. With every option, you select it gives you a statement about how this will affect the health of your pet.

In addition to eco-friendly pesticides, and a scorecard survey, their technicians use pesticides according to the label and through the use of correct IPM to ensure your pet safety. However, for the efficiency of service and as a precaution, you should always remove all your pets and put food and toys away from the area that a technician is treating in or outside of your home.

To sum it all up, Truly Nolen takes every precaution that they can to ensure the safety of your home, pets, children, and yourself. By working with them you and your family can achieve a happy pest-free home and yes that includes your fur family.

As always for the best results possible make sure to speak with your technician before they begin the treatment and ask about any pet safety points that you may need to observe and for how long.

Does Truly Nolen Offer Free Inspections?

Ah yes, here we are again. The age-old question. Do they give free inspections? Surprisingly the answer is yes. As you sign up online instead of giving them a phone call for their four-season plan not only do you get 50 dollars off the price but you also get a free inspection. Quite honestly this is a very good deal and if you're in the market for a year-long service you could do much worse.

Now what is not so great about this is that it seems you only get a free inspection when you sign up for the four seasons plan. If you just want a one-time treatment there may be additional fees for the inspection or at the very least the inspection will be part of the price of the treatment.


  • Eco friendly and pet safe.
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Home Card survey you can take online to figure out your needs.


  • Slightly expensive
  • Only a 3.5 customer satisfaction rating
  • Not available in every state in America.

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