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Top 21 Exterminators in San Antonio, TX

BUGCO Pest Control

BUGCO Pest Control
  • Highly effective treatments
  • Eco-friendly and ensures children and pets' safety
  • Reasonable prices

Bugco is a Texas company that operates out of Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio, TX. It is a newer company. However, Bugco focuses on customer satisfaction. They’ve adopted the concept that they are not done until you are happy. 

If you have questions about your treatment plan or need emergency service for a wildlife problem, Bugco is available 24-hours a day. It also provides pest elimination techniques that remedy access points. Plus, it receives glowing reviews on consumer sites. 

HomeTeam Pest Defense

  • Over 600 satisfied customers
  • 50 branches so most likely to service your area
  • Organic Pest Control solutions

Whether you are building your dream home or living in an existing construction, HomeTeam Pest Defense has a solution to help you rid your home of bugs without harming the environment or putting your pets or children at risk of exposure to toxic chemicals. 

If you are building a house, HomeTeam Pest Defense can install a pest control application system, called Taexx, that allows the technician to apply interior products in the wall and keeps them out of your living space. Taexx is the pest management solution preferred by most builders, and developers across Texas are installing innovative solutions in new constructions. So, there is a chance your new property comes with Taexx.

HomeTeam has experience ridding homes of rodents, roaches, spiders, ants, bed bugs, termites, and many other common and uncommon insects and animals. Despite the application you use, HomeTeam Pest Defense offers natural, organic products that are safe around your entire family, and it offers an industry-leading guarantee. 

Certified Termite and Pest Control Review

certified termite and pest control logo
  • Committed to building long term relationships with clients
  • Reliable and trustworthy technicians
  • Many treatment plan options


Terminix Logo
  • A large organization that you have access to worldwide.
  • Treats a wide variety of pests and wildlife issues.
  • Can perform a full fumigation service if you absolutely need one.

Terminix is an international leader in the pest control industry. It has been in the business since the 1930s when E.L. Bruce realized a need for an effective termite preventative. Terminix still provides the same great services for treating and preventing termites and other pests and wildlife. 

However, the products and methods the company uses to get results have evolved. Terminix now offers eco-friendly and pet-safe products. It also uses Integrated Pest Management to remove attractants, close access points, and teach homeowners and employees to keep workspaces, kitchens, and bathrooms clean to reduce pests in the home. 

Your Terminix service is always guaranteed to be effective, and you can talk to your technician about customizing your plan to fit your specific pest control needs and lifestyle. Terminix also has services for major infestations and bed bugs, including tenting and fumigation.

Berrett Pest Control

Berrett Pest Control
  • Positive results by the majority of clients
  • Military & Senior discounts
  • Excellent customer service and very friendly

Berret Pest Control is a Houston-based company that has been in business for more than 20 years, and it has been accredited through the Better Business Bureau for the past 10 years. Berret can handle all of your pest control needs when you become a home or business owner until you sell your property. 

They handle all types of bugs, rodents, gophers, and groundhogs. If you are unsure of the type of pests you are dealing with, Berret will conduct a comprehensive inspection. The technician will then develop a plan for dealing with the pests. 

Berret Pest Control receives excellent online reviews on sites like the BBB. It services residential and commercial clients throughout the San Antonio area. Mosquito control starts at $50, and pest extermination starts at $99. Plus, Berrett offers new customers excellent discounts. 

So, if you are looking for a reliable Texas-based provider, Berret Pest Control is a great option. 

Sovereign Pest Control

sovereign pest control logo
  • Monthly promotions and discounts
  • Pet- specific services
  • Punctual and responsive technicians

Sovereign Pest Control is a national provider of extermination and preventative services. It operates in five states and covers most of Texas, including San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and Houston. 

It has been in business for more than 15 years, and it receives excellent ratings across all consumer reporting sites. Sovereign is accredited by the BBB and has an A+ rating, and it was recognized as a PCT Top 100 List pest control provider. 

Sovereign Pest Control handles most of your extermination needs. It offers a Pet-Lovers, Termite Control, a Platinum Pest Control Service Plan, and several other packages. However, it does not treat bed bug infestations. 

There are some great benefits to using Sovereign for your routine pest extermination needs. Its referral program is excellent. You receive between $50 and $250 for every referral you send, and your friend or family member receives a discount, too. Sovereign Pest Control also offers deals for new customers, and when you purchase treatments, you get the sixth for free.  

All-Safe Pest and Termite

all-safe pest and termite review
  • Clearly stated prices
  • Great customer service
  • Home interior warranty on the basic package

DOA Pest Control

DOA Pest Control logo
  • Ethical treatment of rodents
  • Honest and reliable
  • Knowledgeable and experienced technicians

D.O.A. Pest Control is a local company serving Bexar County and the surrounding areas. It has been in the area since 1991. Despite being a smaller local company, there are some real advantages to using D.O.A. for your extermination needs. 

It offers affordable monthly and quarterly pest maintenance plans. It also offers specialized treatments for fleas, ticks, bats, bees, carpenter ants, and termites. The one service D.O.A. does not perform is bed bug mitigation.  

D.O.A. doesn’t advertise green services. However, it does hold all of the necessary licenses to operate in San Antonio, TX, and area residents have good things to say about it. It received accreditation from the BBB in 2015 and has an A+ rating. On Yelp, customers rate it five out of five stars, and on Google, it has 3.6 stars. 


Orkin Pest Control Company Review
  • Nationwide, Established
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Termite Inspection

Orkin is a leading extermination vendor with an interesting history. Founder Otto Orkin got his start in the business selling rat poison door-to-door. He studied rodents and other pests to learn how they think because he knew that was key to ridding a space of damaging varmints. 

Over the years, Orkin expanded, and by 1929, the company exterminated roaches, bed bugs, fleas, and other common pests in eight states with 13 locations. Today, Orkin locations are worldwide. 

Discovering better ways of eliminating rodents and other pests is still at the forefront of its focus. It now offers more eco-friendly treatment options and products like energy-efficient insulation to reduce common household pests.

Plus, Orkin technicians are not sent to client appointments until they complete its in-depth training program. The representatives are knowledgeable and willing to explain exactly what they are doing. 

You can sign up for a recurring monthly, quarterly, or annual plan or hire Orkin to clean up an active infestation. As an Orkin customer, you receive a 30-day money-back guarantee. Or, it will retreat your space for free. 


  • High contractor professionalism
  • $50 Off First Call
  • Large coverage footprint

TruGreen offers unique pest control options. Unlike traditional exterminators, TruGreen provides lawn maintenance, which helps to reduce insects in your yard. If your home is pest-free, the most effective way of preventing bugs is stopping them before they get in. 

When you sign up for a lawn maintenance plan, a TruGreen technician will visit your property to do an initial assessment. After the technician learns more about your lawn and lifestyle, they will create a plan that takes everything into account. 

For example, if you have a flower garden or grow food, the representative will use safe products around the fruits and vegetables you consume. After determining which products are appropriate, the technician will remove hornets nests, beehives, and other insect shelters. 

They can treat your yard for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other common insects. Plus, you can sign up for perimeter pest control, which includes seasonal appointments.

Moxie Pest Control

Moxie Pest Control Review
  • Quality service and training
  • Covers a wide variety pests
  • Service guarantee

Moxie Pest Control is a nationwide pest prevention company operating in San Antonio. It opened for business in 2013, and it serves a large number of residents in the area. Moxie has a simple mission statement, to improve the lives of its employees, customers, and the neighborhood it serves. 

It does that by going the extra mile to put a smile on your face. Moxie Pest Control also offers several affordable plans. The General Pest Package treats your home for more than 40 insects. There are also packages for termites and mosquitoes, and Moxie services residential and commercial customers. 

There are a few services Moxie does not advertise, like bed bug mitigation, animal trapping, habitat modification, and remediation. However, you do receive a reservice guarantee, making Moxie an excellent preventative option. 

Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services

Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services
  • Excellent customer track record
  • Very wide product offering
  • No cost emergency service between appointments

For 33 years, Bob Jenkins Pest Control has been providing quality extermination and lawn care in San Antonio, Canyon Lake, and New Braunfels. You can choose numerous services, and while they are not advertised as eco-friendly, using Bob Jenkins to care for the outside of your home can prevent indoor pest problems. 

You can trust the local business to protect your home from hornets, bees, ants, fleas, ticks, wasps, gophers, and other nuisances around your property. Using the lawn care and perimeter pest applications, Bob Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services can prevent many of your indoor pest concerns. 

If you are dealing with an interior infestation, the experienced technicians know how to eliminate risks associated with large populations of roaches properly. Many pest control companies lack the knowledge or dedication to properly remove insect exoskeletons that deteriorate and turn into hazardous dust you and your family breathe. 

That is just one way that Bob Jenkins makes sure that San Antonio area families are safe. It only uses licensed technicians who are specially trained or educated in the services they perform.  

Ameri-Tech Termite & Pest Control

ameri-tech termite and pest control review
  • Affordable services
  • Plans that include one-year warranties
  • A lack of returning phone calls

Aptive Environmental

  • Environmentally Safe Products
  • Re-Service Between Scheduled Visits If Necessary
  • Four Seasons Protection Plan

Aptive is one of the newer national pest services companies. However, the founder, David Royce, has many years in the business. Previously, he started extermination services that industry leader Terminix purchased when it expanded its coverage area. 

So, the team behind Aptive Environmental knows how to handle pest problems properly and provide excellent service. Aptive uses eco-friendly products that are safe for your family and furry friends. 

The year-round maintenance plan is one of Aptive’s most popular options. It treats all of the common bugs homeowners find inside, like beetles, spiders, roaches, ants, and others. It uses an integrated interior and exterior approach to prevent infestations before they start, so being an Aptive customer helps you be more environmentally-friendly. The fewer pesticides you need, the less you have to use. 

If you see bugs between visits, Aptive Environmental will send a technician back to your Houston, TX, home to reservice your space for free. 

TruTech Wildlife Service

trutech review
  • Specializes in wildlife removal
  • Effective relocation techniques
  • Large coverage footprint

For homeowners across the country, TruTech Wildlife Service is their first choice when wild animals move in and make themselves at home. Rodents and other pests, like raccoons, bats, and birds carry diseases that can make your family, employees, or customers sick. 

So, it is essential to properly remediate after an invasion. You also need to secure your home to prevent future infestations. TruTech Wildlife Service handles all of these important tasks and more. Plus, it has a track record of success that spans more than 122 years. 

It operates in 34 states, including Texas, where TruTech covers almost the entire state. In San Antonio, TruTech Wildlife Service is available 24/7 to deal with emergencies. The knowledgeable team will locate and identify the pests and then develop a plan to remove and prevent them from coming back. 

White Knight Pest Control

White Knight Pest Control
  • Effective basic pest control
  • Knowledgeable field staff
  • Service guarantee

White Knight Pest Control’s company goal is to create an atmosphere of service to its neighborhood, customers, and employees. It offers specialized training to its technicians and rewards employees who do the right thing and go the extra mile to ensure that the customer is pleased before they leave. 

You can trust in White Knight to protect your family from common household insects and rodents. When you schedule your initial appointment, your White Knight technician will take a look at your entire property. 

They will make note of any issues you need to resolve and create a plan. They will remove any cobwebs, hornets nests, beehives, dead plants, or other insect shelters and remove unnecessary water and food sources. Then, White Knight will treat the interior and exterior of your home. 

If you select the termite prevention service, White Knight Pest Control uses the trusted Termidor system to prevent wood-destroying pests. It installs Termishield, a termite detection system, and checks it routinely free of charge. 

Truly Nolen Pest and Termite Control

truly nolen pest and termite control review
  • Eco-friendly and pet-friendly
  • Unique insulation service
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Truly Nolen, Sr. started Truly Nolen Pest and Termite Control in Miami, FL, in the 1930s. After graduating from the University of Florida with an entomology degree, Truly Nolen, Jr. joined the family business, and the father-son team expanded nationwide. 

Thanks to its innovative spirit, its growth is a high level of customer support and incredible marketing. Truly Nolen Pest and Termite Control’s iconic yellow Volkswagen Beetles with mouse ears, noises, whiskers, and tails attend parades, sports games, and other large events. 

However, Truly Nolen really stands apart from other providers with its pest solutions.

Romney Pest Control

Romney Pest Control
  • Wide service area
  • Large service offering for a local company
  • Skilled and knowledgeable technicians

Romney Pest Control offers affordable service plans that start at $35 per month. Romney looks at your property as a whole. It removes exterior and interior attractants, closes access points, inspects the yard, perimeter, and interior for infestation signs. 

They also remove beehives, hornets nests, and dead shrubs near your home’s foundation. Romney Pest Control does not only handle your routine pest control needs, though. It provides specialized treatments and preventative plans for termites, as well. 

If you sign up for the pest complete plan, you get all of the great services Romney offers, including mosquito prevention. So, you and your family can enjoy your yard without worrying about fire ants, spiders, fleas, ticks, and other harmful insects. 

Romney Pest Control always guarantees its service. Since it opened in 2003, there have only been a few customer complaints which the company handled well. It is accredited through the BBB and has an A+ rating. 

ABC Home and Commercial Services Pest Control

ABC Home and Commercial Services
  • Treats for most common Texas pests
  • Covers many home and business issues
  • Knowledgeable and meticulous pest technicians

Formerly known as ABC Pest, Pool, and Lawn, ABC Home and Commercial Services offers trustworthy pest control in and around the San Antonio area. It has been in business for more than 70 years, and it has an excellent reputation in the industry. 

ABC is unique because it offers many other services, like heating and cooling maintenance, holiday lighting, plumbing, electrical, handyman, appliance repair, and pool care. So, you can work with ABC Home and Commercial Services for all of your residential and business maintenance.

You can hire ABC to complete specific insect treatments, or you can become a routine customer. It offers traditional and Chem-Free pest control, and no matter what service ABC Home and Commercial Services performs, you always receive a satisfaction guarantee. 

Despite having customers across the Lone Star State, it has relatively few online complaints, and it has an A+ rating and accreditation through the BBB. 

Nature's Own Pest and Lawn Services

Nature's Own Pest and Lawn Services
  • Eco-friendly pest solutions safe for children and pets
  • 100% totally organic
  • Free estimates on all services

Nature’s Own Pest and Lawn Service is an all-natural pest management service with treatments for everything from termites to bed bugs. The research team at Nature’s Own has conducted hundreds of research hours into the most effective ways to treat your home without exposing your family to the risks associated with conventional pest solutions. 
You can signup for a recurring maintenance plan that includes seasonal appointments to treat bugs that are more active during some times. However, you receive a guarantee that covers reservice. If Nature’s Own has not satisfied you, they will return to reservice your space. 

Besides offering natural indoor and outdoor pest solutions, Nature’s Own Pest and Lawn Services also offers environmentally-friendly lawn maintenance, including fertilization, maintenance of shrubs and trees, and aeration. 

When you put your faith in Nature’s Own Pest and Lawn Services, you know that you are getting the latest natural pest control solutions available with a guarantee. 

Sure Pest Control

Sure Pest Control logo
  • Some good reviews
  • Some satisfied customers
  • Total lack of website information

For the past four years, Sure Pest Control has been open and serving customers in San Antonio. Sure Pest lacks the resources that larger companies have. One of those resources is a website. 

If you want information about service costs, you have to contact the company by phone. However, consumers leave fair ratings for the new pest control provider. It is not accredited, but it does have an A+ rating with the BBB. 

The Pest Strategies Process

Comprehensive research

Our pest experts take a deep dive into each of our top picks. We put in the work to identify the best pest control companies in your area that have top reviews, reasonable pricing, and comprehensive coverage for your pest infestations.

We ensure that each pest control company on our list hits the mark on coverage and reliability, so you can make the right choice.

Rigorous Analysis

We’ve selected the best pest control companies in your area and have used our comparative analysis to provide a complete list of coverage offered.

Our reviews provide the information you need for each company on which pests they cover, their service areas, and their accreditations to make sure you’re only getting the best.

Top Picks

Selecting the best pest control company in your area can be overwhelming, which is why we used our panel of pest experts along with comprehensive research and analysis to choose our top picks.

Our pest control companies are top rated for pest coverage, reviews, and pricing so you can choose a top-rated company that fits your needs.

FAQs for Pest Control in San Antonio, TX

What Are The Most Common Pests In San Antonio, Texas?

There is no doubt San Antonio is an awesome place to live. Unfortunately, pests seem to agree. There are thousands of bugs and animals that live in the area. Here are the five that are most likely to invade your home.

Termites – Termites are one of the most concerning insects for property owners. They do not spread diseases like some others, but they cost homeowners in Texas millions of dollars in property damage each year.

Rodents – Rats, mice, and other rodents are widespread in the Lone Star State. They venture into structures in search of food, water, or shelter. You are more likely to see them during extreme high and low temperatures. Or, when there is an accessible source of nourishment for them. Once they are inside, they can quickly damage your home and spread diseases to you and your family.

Mosquitoes – Flying insects can make your indoor or outdoor living space a nightmare, and mosquitoes are one of the worst. The female needs to feed on blood to reproduce. She flies from host to host, collecting her meal. Simultaneously, she passes diseases like the Zika virus, which is known to cause congenital disabilities. So, it is vital for San Antonio, TX, property owners to protect their homes or businesses from mosquitoes.

Ants – Ants are a concern no matter where you live. However, in Texas, you have to worry about carpenter ants and fire ants with a nasty sting. These pests usually live in dirt or grass. However, they do migrate inside during the hot, humid summer days or freezing nights.

Bed Bugs – Bed bugs are a considerable concern in cities like San Antonio that attract a lot of tourists. The reason is that they are hitchhikers. They travel between places on clothing, in a pocket, or luggage. For that reason, public transportation officials, hotel managers, and homeowners all need to be aware. At first sight of a bed bug, you should immediately seek professional help.

What is the average cost of pest control in San Antonio?

The cost of extermination in San Antonio is about average with the rest of the country. You can expect to pay between $94 and $122 per visit for general pest control maintenance. However, the price may go up depending on the type of extermination you need.

Bed bug and termite treatments range from $1,000 to $5,000. Preventative termite treatments cost about $750 annually. Leading providers like Terminix, Truly Nolen, and Orkin include a guarantee covering treatment and repairs if termites infest your home during the coverage period.

How to choose a pest exterminator in San Antonio, TX?

Anytime you have to hire a new service provider, the task can seem overwhelming. There are a ton of options in your area. So, here are some steps that will help you weed through them.

  1. Take note of your current pest control methods.
  2. Identify active infestations.
  3. Choose whether you want environmentally-friendly or conventional treatments.
  4. Decide if you want to treat your yard, home, or both.
  5. Search ‘Best Pest Control Company Near Me’ on Google.
  6. Read real customer reviews on consumer reporting sites like the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  7. Contact top companies to discuss pricing and services.
  8. Schedule an assessment appointment.


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