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As a family-owned business operating in the Austin area since 1989, Real Green Lawn Care and Pest Control have built up a reputation for great customer service and lawn care expertise. Owner Jerry Naiser is a certified arborist, a master gardener, and a licensed pest control specialist. He and his team boast a list of past awards that includes the “Green Thumb of the Year” for work at the Texas Governor’s Mansion.

With specialties in both lawn care and pest control, Real Green touts themselves as being able to tackle nearly any lawn care or pest problem. They use a pest care program called Integrated Pest Management (IPM) that eradicates fleas, ticks, ants, spiders, earwigs, termites, roaches, scorpions, and even rats in both the short and long term using the strategic application of exterior products. They can come out same day — including Saturdays — to tackle a particularly tough problem, and they work with you to set up an ongoing quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly preventative program so you won’t have to worry about bugs and rodents in your Austin-area home.

Real Green focuses primarily on outside spraying so you don’t have any chemicals inside your house. Their technicians are trained on how to remove different types of pests effectively, and they create a barrier that prevents pests from gaining access to your home’s interior. Many reviews for the company note the expertise of specific technicians in understanding and eliminating infestations and their thoroughness in treating the problem areas around the home. The company is also known for good customer service, where they will respond to a problem as quickly as possible, often within the same day. For most appointments, they call 30 minutes ahead of time to remind you that they will be there.

This provider is mid-range for cost of services and provides an online analysis to assess your cost. In addition, they guarantee their work and will refund your money if you are not satisfied with their service. Their preventative program covers regular application of exterior pest control products as well as routine maintenance and repair of holes or cracks where insects can enter the home. For customers in their pest control ongoing preventative program, they do interior spraying for fleas and ticks once a year as well as regular exterior service.

Real Green’s perimeter pest service with exterior application uses products that are registered through the state of Texas as safe for plants and wildlife. However, you may need to keep your pets indoors following an application; talk to your technician to know what areas of your yard you’ll need to avoid. Some clients have complained about lawn care chemicals causing harm to their pets and recommend you not permit your dogs or cats to go outdoors for several hours after an application. 

Real Green is a good choice for a pest control service that focuses on prevention and creating an exterior barrier that keeps bugs out of your home. Their customer service is highly rated and with more than 30 years in business, they have a track record of helping residential customers get rid of their pest problems.

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Company Pros
  • Focus on exterior application and creating a "perimeter" that keeps pests away
  • Fast response to calls, even on Saturdays
  • Technicians are well trained in pest control techniques
Company Cons
  • Chemicals used may have minor toxicity to pets -- keep your animals away from treated areas for a few hours

Reviewed By:
Ed Spicer
Ed has been working in the pest control industry for years helping 1,000's of homeowners navigate the world of insect and rodent management. He manages Pest Strategies now helping homeowners around the world!
Overall Rating (4.4)
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Pests Covered
  • Ants
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
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Date founded: 1989

Address: 15527 Ranch Rd 620 N, Austin, TX 78717

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