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Top 9 Exterminators in PA


Terminix Logo
  • A large organization that you have access to worldwide.
  • Treats a wide variety of pests and wildlife issues.
  • Can perform a full fumigation service if you absolutely need one.
If you know anything about pest control, it is probably that you are familiar with the name Terminix.
Terminix is one of the largest pest control companies nationwide. They’re established in 47 states, with dozens of offices in PA, making Terminix one of the most accessible options for pest control services.
Don’t be misled by their name; Terminix handles far more than just termites. They offer one of the widest varieties of available services including rodent control, insect control, wildlife removal, bed bugs, and mosquitoes.
Terminix will be a great fit for anyone, especially customers who prefer quality service, with established and time-tested brands; and those who may be in remote service areas.

Humphrey's Pest Control Company

Humphrey's Pest Control Company logo
  • Efficient and professional service
  • Eco-friendly treatment
  • Free Inspection

With over 70 years of service, Humphrey’s Pest Control has had plenty of time to perfect their service which is offered in PA, and NJ.

The family-owned business has been praised consistently in reviews for a safe, efficient, and effective service. Environmentally friendly, and pet safe; Humphrey’s offers general bug control, bee removal, mosquito control, rodent control, and most other pest control needs you might have.

Humphrey’s Pest Control is available for free on-site pest inspections. Pricing for services are generally very reasonable. However, the cost will vary depending on the type of pest, and how extensive and infestation is.

Humphreys Pest Control is a great option for those who want a quality service, from a local, family-owned, PA company.


Orkin Pest Control Company Review
  • Nationwide, Established
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Termite Inspection
For over 100 years now Orkin has been providing quality pest control services to their customers. Not many companies can say they’ve been in business for a century, but Orkin has survived the test of time.
Orkin is another widespread exterminator that will be able to reach more people in more places. As one of the largest pest control companies in the nation, you’ll have access even in some fairly remote locations.
Orkin takes pride in being at the forefront of pest management technology, approaching pest control by using the cutting edge science of the day. With that scientific approach and their infrastructure, Orkin can cover almost any pest need; from termites and other bug control to wildlife removal- Orkin has you covered.
Services are backed by their 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if something isn’t quite right after your services, Orkin will come re-treat the home for free anytime you need.


  • High contractor professionalism
  • $50 Off First Call
  • Large coverage footprint
You may not know that TruGreen does more than just keep your lawn looking lush and green. With all the time these guys spend in yards all across the country, they definitely understand a thing or two about the insects that live in them.
TruGreen’s pest control services are widely available, as they service in every of the lower 48 states.
TruGreen exterminators are absolute pros when it comes to exterior pests such as mosquitos, fleas, and ticks, etc.  However, their services are also somewhat limited when compared to companies that offer exclusively pest control as they do not offer any form of interior pest control.
Mother nature takes many forms, and TruGreen can help you keep her managed in many different ways- outdoors, where she needs to stay.

Aptive Environmental

  • Environmentally Safe Products
  • Re-Service Between Scheduled Visits If Necessary
  • Four Seasons Protection Plan
Aptive Environmental focuses on using the most environmentally friendly products to be an eco-friendly company. They go above and beyond (and pay more) for products that are the safest in every scenario.
Though Aptive offers an environmentally conscious service, the pests they cover are pretty limited. They focus primarily on “general pest control” (ants, spiders, basic rodent control, etc.) and pest prevention.
Aptive does heavily market with the use of door-to-door sales reps. You can feel confident that they are a legitimate company if they come knocking. Some reviews have complained about high service cancellation fees, so just be sure you’re clear on the terms of service- which is generally a contract for 1 year of service, with 5 treatments.
Service areas may also be fairly limited. Though they do service in PA, they may not be available in your area.
For the very environmentally conscious customer, Aptive Environmental can be a company you might want to take a look at.

TruTech Wildlife Service

trutech review
  • Specializes in wildlife removal
  • Effective relocation techniques
  • Large coverage footprint

TruTech is the pro you want to call when you need some wildlife removal. While most companies don’t cover wildlife (or if they do it is very limited) TruTech has made this their primary service.

Most Pennsylvania nuisance wildlife comes in the form of rabbits, groundhogs, and deer. But whatever it is you’re dealing with – TruTech covers it. They have the most extensive wildlife library available. They’ll even come and remove animals that may have simply died on your property.

Pricing for services can vary pretty greatly with TruTech, depending on the work that needs to be done; especially if they need to do work to repair wildlife damage, or protect the home from future invasion.

Wildlife is definitely a service we recommend hiring a pro for, and you can find that pro with TruTech.

Truly Nolen Pest and Termite Control

truly nolen pest and termite control review
  • Eco-friendly and pet-friendly
  • Unique insulation service
  • 100% money-back guarantee

What you can expect from Truly Nolen Pest and Termite Control is a family-oriented company that focuses on being environmentally friendly, and of course kid and pet safe.

As a family company, they’ve grown to over 80 locations, with many being international, making them one of the most successful family pest control companies we know of.

While Truly Nolen mostly handles termites, they are more than capable of handling any insect and rodent problem you might come across.

Their PA locations are based in Lancaster, and New Holland- so, you may need to check with them and see if you are in their service area.

Expert Pest Management

Expert Pest Management
  • Specific programs to target each pest for optimal eradication
  • Flexible seasonal service plans that allow you to take the winter off
  • Free phone estimates

Expert Pest Management has been working in Pest Control since 1980, and though they are based in Ohio, have grown considerably and expanded their services into Pennsylvania, but for now, are limited to the Pittsburgh area.

Their focus is primarily on being a quality, but flexible service provider; with options of one time, monthly, or quarterly services to meet your needs. Their specialty is mostly on basic pest control needs (ants, spiders, wasps, etc.); and focusing on eradicating one or two of those recurring pest problems – though they can handle more difficult pests such as bed bugs, or fleas if needed.

There have been some complaints in reviews regarding professionalism, pricing, and other customer service issues. These may just be due to “growing pains” as they expand their service. Or just that they generally focus on being flexible in their coverage and miss the ball on some customer service needs as a result.

Viking Pest Control

Viking Pest Control
  • Innovative and eco-friendly treatments
  • Free quotes and guarantees
  • Reasonable pricing

Viking Pest Control is an exterminator located all over the state. They employ state of the art equipment in combating pest control, focusing on using the technology of the day at their disposal.

A unique aspect of Viking Pest Control Service is the use of their Anticimex SMART system, which monitors and maps the movement of pests within a home, helping them to better combat and customize their service.

With 40 years in business, Viking will be able to handle most any pest control need you might come across, and they are going to be one of the more accessible companies as well.

It should be noted that they have suffered from some negative reviews in the recent past, over some customer service issues. They do however still offer a safe, effective, and cutting edge service that should be considered as one of the best in the state.

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