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Orkin Pest Control Company Review

Our Orkin Company Review

If you are familiar with anything two things about pest control it is probably one, or both of these things: Terminix, and the Orkin Man. 

The original "Orkin Man" was a 14 year old kid by the name of Otto Orkin, who got his start in pest control by selling rat poison door to door in 1901.

 Today, over 100 years later Orkin (based in Atlanta, Georgia) is one of the largest pest control companies and services all over the United States. 

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Even though Orkin has existed as a company since that time, today they are wholly owned subsidiary of Rollins, Inc.- which owns over a dozen pest control companies in the U.S and Canada.

Now that the history lesson is over:

Orkin, in my experience, and according to my research is going to be pretty hit or miss. 

Are you more likely to hit than to miss? Ya, I'd say so. Orkin services thousands and thousands of customers each day and although I wouldn't say they are the best company out there. They certainly know how to get the job done. 

I have no doubt that Orkin is incredibly knowledgeable about how to deliver a quality service as far as pest control is concerned for the majority of the people who would call them.  

Orkin markets itself as being the "scientific" approach to pest control, and being on the cutting edge of the latest technology and research with pest management. 

So yes, you're more likely to "hit" than to "miss" with Orkin, especially in the actual pest control portion of your service.

 Even in just my own experience selling pest control and coming across Orkin customers, they were generally satisfied with their service and less inclined to switch over than those of other large corporations. 

But, you are also more likely to "miss" with Orkin than you would be if you were to find a local pest company in your area I'd say.

Where you'll potentially "miss" with Orkin and with another large company for you pest control is in the customer service portion of your pest control. 

When a company gets to be as large as Orkin, there is just a lot that can fall through the cracks. 

Even working for a local company, a pest control technician has a lot of ground to cover in a day and I'm sure it isn't any easier for the big dog companies out there. 

Sometimes scheduling issues happen and a tech couldn't get to you. Or you were billed for the service but a technician was never sent out by accident. 

Orkin is a household name, and even though I'm sure they value and want good customer service, they simply don't have to scrape and claw just for their customers to know they exist, let alone keep them. 

Though they weren't common, I even occasionally heard a story or two about technicians pulling into a driveway so that their GPS would register they'd gone to an appointment, then leave without every getting out- but still charged the customer.

I'm sure Orkin doesn't promote this, but the only two companies I ever had a customer tell me this had happened with were: (you guess it it) Terminix and Orkin. So there are pros and cons to using the name-brand companies.

Orkin Customer Reviews

Beyond just my own experience, Orkin reviews according to my research predominantly show customers that were satisfied with the service. 

The majority of complaints were due to technicians not showing up, branch managers not returning phone calls in a timely manner- or not at all, or issues with the contract and pricing being different than originally quoted. 

Although you can generally trust that Orkin will be a good service for you; due to the corporate nature of the company, each branch can be different and so it is worth doing some research on your own in your local area. 

Some branches have glowing reviews, others are not so great. 

Orkin in North Dakota or Alaska could be quite different from Orkin in say Maine or Wyoming. 

Different pests, different management, different techs. 

orkins pest control

It's great that Orkin is on the cutting edge of pest control knowledge. Pest management can be tricky because you're dealing with mother nature- but it's not exactly rocket science either. 

So although you're likely to get a quality service with Orkin, I'd say they'd be well served by spending some more on clearing up the lines between themselves and their customers. 

You can be reasonably comfortable choosing Orkin as your company, and one final good thing about Orkin is that they are known for a large service area, so you're more than likely able to get their service if need be. 

Which Pests Does Orkin Cover?

As one of the largest pest control companies in the United States, orkin services just about any pest problem or infestation there is. They'll cover:

  • Bed Bugs
  • Moths
  • Crickets
  • Fleas
  • Hornets
  • Scorpions
  • Silverfish
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Roaches
  • Mice
  • Spiders
  • Centipedes
  • Earwigs
  • Ticks
  • Termites
  • Mosquitoes 
  • Cockroaches

Most pest control companies will cover the basics in their regular service and Orkin is no exception with specialty or more difficult pest issues  available but not standard. Those would be things like carpenter ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and termites. (We'll discuss pricing in a bit)

Orkin can cover all these pests but really heavily markets itself as the termite exterminator company and prides itself on keeping up with the latest scientific termite controls and standards. 

For the first time visit the technician will perform a termite inspection on your home, especially checking for trapped moisture in the basement and/or crawlspace, wood debris and other wood on the property that might attract termites (railroad ties, stumps, etc.) and other potentially problem areas. 

In the event that termites are found or if there is potential for termite issues and you wish to have preventative work done, you'll be presented with a recommendation on treatment. 

Usually this will include a liquid termite treatment, measure to protect access points in your home, and a bait and protection follow up treatment using Sentricon. They'll also continue to check the property while you're on service. 

Sentricon affects the molting of termites and stunts their growth before they can form into adults and damage your home. 

This a common and effective method of pest control for other bugs like mosquitoes as well. 

How Expensive Is Orkin Pest Control?

Orkin is a little more unique in its payment structure than most other pest control companies I've come across. Positive in some ways, and others not so good. 

More than any other company I've come across their prices vary pretty heavily. 

Now this can in part be due to the fact that they are a nationwide chain, and each branch and area deals with its own unique set of pest problems that it typically deals with. 

For the year you'll be looking at about $400-$550 for a regular service, which is pretty standard as far as pricing for the basic pest control plan. 

Most every company I've dealt with services every three months, and will offer to re-service between visits if necessary. This is because the cycles of bugs can be seasonal, but mostly because EPA regulations require that all pest products break down naturally within 90 days. 

Ergo, every three months. 

I've seen Orkin services that have been bi-monthly quite frequently, and even monthly services on occasion. Seeing as most companies will service in between for free (Orkin included) 

It may be nice to get more services in a year, but it isn't really necessary, and you'll probably save money without it. 

Things not included in that basic service would be pests such as: Fleas, bed bugs, mosquitoes, termites, and would cost extra if those are services you need, even if those problems arise while you are on service. 

Termite control can be just a few hundred to several thousand dollars more in a year. The size and number of the colony will be part of determining your price, as well as the size of your home and property. 

It is fair to say that is no one-size-fits-all to termite control  or pest management in general. 

You may be paying a few hundred dollars extra, just to prevent any issues from showing up; or paying thousands to take care of a large colony and repair the damage they've caused. 

So in a given year with Orkin, you may be paying as little as $400 dollar to as much as $2000+  depending on which services you need, and the extent of your pest control needs. 

Although it's worth it not to have termites- I would say that is pretty expensive. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Like most pest control services there is a satisfaction guarantee with Orkin, so if you need a touch up between services, an orkin employee will come out for free between your regular visits to service the home. 

Something that is unique about their policy is also a money back guarantee within the first 30 days of your service, which I have never seen before. Most companies will expect you to abide by that contract and give them the time to solve your pest problems. 

Another unique offer as well is that they will refund your last payment if they are unable to solve your pest problem. The caveat is "as long as you are still a customer." 

You'll especially want to find out which pests are covered in your plan and which are not with Orkin. It is easy to get dissatisfied with your service when you're paying to have a technician service the home and then find a pest- only to discover it will be extra to take care of it. 

If your region is known for a certain bug, or you have a specific concern, just make sure beforehand that it is covered.

Is Orkin Pet Safe?

You can expect that most any professional pest control company you hire to use products that will be people, pet, and eco- friendly. EPA regulations on what can be used see to that. 

Now those products do exist on a scale in terms of their safety for animals and plants, it is hard to say though which exact products any given company is using- especially the huge companies like Orkin or Terminix. 

Orkin doesn't specifically list their products, but any service technician on a given day has dozens of products in his truck to use for various situations. The most important aspect of pest management safety is not which products are being used, but how those products are applied. 

That is why "safe" in pest control, becomes kind of a relative term. 

Like with over the counter medicine, when used according to direction, with training-and just common sense- your pets will be safe with pest control services being performed at your home.

Ibuprofen is safe... but you shouldn't take a whole bottle at once. 

Are pest products safe? Yes. But you shouldn't hose down your dog with it, or drink it.  

A product like Termidor for example, is a product often used by service technicians in hundreds if not thousands of pest control companies all across the country, that you could buy online. But if you just sprayed willy nilly on budding flowers you could seriously harm bee or bird populations.

The "Orkin Man" will have been trained to handle and apply products in the right dosage and correct areas that will effectively manage your pest problem, and not harm your pet. 

Remember that these products are being used in dosages that will be useful for a creature with the bodyweight of small insects, and which have an exoskeleton. 

Always be sure to just communicate with your service technician so they know what kinds of pets you have in the home. 

Dogs and cats will be fine. But if you keep an exotic animal, or sensitive animals like birds or koi fish, you'll especially want to tell your technician. 

Having an animal like this in your home doesn't disqualify you or your pets from being able to safely benefit from pest control services, but the scales of fish and the shaft of a birds feather can mimic the exoskeleton of bugs slightly, making them more susceptible if proper measures aren't taken. 

Does Orkin Offer Free Inspections?

Orkin offers free inspection with an Orkin technician for termites- which I found surprising. I would have guessed that a termite, or bed bug infestation would have been a small fee (maybe $50- $100) just to come out and check. 

Orkin will come out and offer a free inspection for regular bugs and basic pets- you can also get a free quote from their website or by calling your local branch. 

However, the quote from online can be modified once the technician actually gets there depending on what they find. So just remember that the price you're told over the phone isn't set in stone if a tech comes out. 

Especially if a more difficult pest is found and you want to have it taken care of. 


  • Nationwide, Established
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Termite Inspection


  • Customer Service Can Vary
  • Extra Services (Termites etc.) Can Be Expensive

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