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Top 7 Best Pest Control Companies In Oklahoma City, OK (2020 Review)

Pests are just super annoying sometimes and unfortunately,  some of them can be dangerous, destructive, and in some cases deadly. It’s one thing to have a few ants looking for a spoonful of sugar but it’s a totally different story when there’s a rattle snake or a black widow in or around your home or business. 

Not all pest control companies offer the best service at affordable rates and it shows! You don’t really want just anyone coming up into your establishment or home spraying for bugs now do you? 

best oklahoma city ok pest control companies

The best pest control companies and wildlife removal companies have the knowledge of the pests in the area, as well as the experience to get the job done properly. Anyone can spray some bug spray but that doesn’t mean they’re doing the safest and most efficient job, right?

Because we know it can be a hassle and a headache trying to find a good company that will serve you and serve you well, we decided to take some time to do the in-depth research for you and present you with the results. Below you will find the 7 best pest control companies in Oklahoma City, OK, at least that’s what their customers and clients think!

Top 7 Best Pest Control Companies In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

#1 Pestbois Mosquito, Pest, and Weed Control

Pestbois Mosquito, Pest, and Weed Control

Pestbois is among the top rated pest control services on Google. They offer pest services that handle mosquitos, pest control, weed control, and seasonal services which include the installation of Christmas lights. 

Pestbois is a local business with a great reputation. They serve Oklahoma City and its surrounding metro areas including Arcadia, Edmond, Bethany, Nichols Hills, Moore, Del City, Midwest City, Yukon, and Deer Creek. That’s a pretty broad area they provide service to. You can call them to request a quote or simply request one through their website.

Pestbois uses a Triguard pest control program that creates a 360 degree barrier of pest control inside and outside of your home. The three tiered approach  consists of the inspection, cleaning, and treating the situation. Each and every time they come out to your place a thorough inspection is made. If pests have established a nest, web, and/or home they will clean away all of that for you. 

#2 Mosquito Squad Oklahoma City

Mosquito Squad Oklahoma City

OKC Mosquito Control Services provides professional tick and mosquito treatments in OKC, Edmond, Stillwater, and surrounding areas. They specialize in Automatic Misting Systems to keep your yard mostly mosquito free.The Mosquito Squad uses systems and techniques that eliminate 85% - 90% of the mosquito population and their regular two or three week treatments can further reduce the population until it is gone for good. 

The company uses EPA-registered barrier treatments, event sprays, and the misting system that kills mosquitoes on contact. One of the awesome things about the Mosquito Squad is that they offer an all-natural alternative made of essential oils in order to stay green! Estimates are completely free and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The reviews are incredible with customers noticing a huge difference after just one treatment. If you have pets their tick treatment will help keep those nasty little blood-suckers away from your pets, as well as, your family and guests. You can feel safe and secure having those backyard barbecues without all of the bug spray and citronella candles.

#3 Murray Pest Control

Murray Pest Control

Murray Pest Control claims to have the most reliable and fastest pest control system ever. They offer general pest control, as well as, termites, cockroach, spiders, ants, and rodent removal. Let’s not forget the bed bug eradication AND lawn and weed service. Murray provides the 5 star protection plan that guarantees you that you stay safe from pests without annoying issues and it saves you money.

You can call or set up a free complimentary inspection of your home or business with ease. The company is locally owned and operated and has been serving the Stillwater and surrounding area for over a decade. Murray Pest Control offers a few different service plans with their most popular plans being bi-monthly pest services which provides 6 services a year. The second most popular is the quarterly plan which provides 4 services a year.

Your entire house and yard can be taken care of with care. There are treatments done in several areas of the property including the perimeter, yard, eaves, baseboards, window, and garage. They all work together to ensure the pests are eliminated but also keep any from returning at a later date.

#4 Arrow Exterminators Inc. OKC

Arrow Exterminators Inc. OKC

Arrow Exterminators is family owned and operated and has been since 1952. That’s over 60 years of pest control in the area. They won the ‘TulsaPeople- Readers’ Choice A-List  Award’ in 2016. 

Arrow Exterminators Inc. is one out of only three pest control companies in Oklahoma to have an on-staff entomologist. They offer free termite inspections and the pest services are brought to you by certified technicians with the skills, knowledge, and training. There are several different pest services Arrow offers which include the Sentricon System (one of the best subterranean termite protections available), inspections, termite control treatments, bed bug treatment, and pest control treatments.

They can and will exterminate the following pests, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, silverfish, crickets, fleas, rodents, birds, moles, ticks, and several others. Their service areas range from OKC, Edmund, Tulsa, Muskogee, and surrounding areas. You can contact them using the toll-free number,  the OKC or Tulsa offices, through their website, and even through one of their social media pages..

#5 Swift Services

Swift Services

Swift Services is a company that the community the service truly loves. Something that is pretty interesting about Swift is that they are so much more than just a pest control service company. Aside pest control you can request steam cleaning services, water damage repair, and polished concrete. Customers love the incredible work they can do with the polished concrete, it’s like magic, they turn any regular concrete floor and turn it into an incredible shiney piece of art. You might even think it’s marble.

Back to the pest control services! They exterminate and remove bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders (arachnids), rodents, ticks, mosquitos, and numerous other general pests. The forms of treatment vary depending on the pest for instance, a chemical treatment is used for bed bugs and termites get the spot and bait treatment. For those of you who support the Go Green way of life Swift Services offers eco-friendly and environmentally friendly alternatives which are OMRI certified. 

According to some of their reviews, the name ‘Swift’ is pretty on point seeing how fast the get out to their site and start extermination or pest control. One customer claims they contacted Swift Services and they were out to inspect and work on handling the problem within 2 hours. Swift offers speedy reliable service from trained technicians who care about solving your pest problems. 

#6 Wildlife X Team of OKC

Wildlife X Team of OKC

Not all pests are tiny little insects, wildlife can be a pest and a nuisance too. Wildlife X Team of Oklahoma City is an awesome company to have handle wildlife situations in the OKC and surrounding areas. They are a family owned business that offers full-service wildlife control, removal, and prevention. Not only does the Wildlife X Team deal with animal control and removal; they also offer animal damage repair, animal exclusions, along with sanitation and waste removal.

The X Team offers numerous other services each having a team of professionals that have the talent to perform the jobs. You’ll find the Mosquito Team, Team Services, Junk Team,and The Gutter Team. Their affiliations with Home Advisor, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and they’re certified with the NWCAO.

Raccoons, bats, rodents, birds, bats, and opossums are just some of the wildlife they can help remove, control, and protect your home or business from. The wildlife exclusion consists of various forms of  preventative measures that can keep the wildlife out of your chimneys, homes, and offices. Customers seem to like their style because they have some pretty good things to say about these guys.

#7 Elite Lawn Care

Elite Lawn Care

Elite Lawn Care proudly serves Oklahoma City and surrounding areas including Edmond, Piedmont, Yukon, Moore, Mustang, Norman, Mid-Del Area, New Castle, Blanchard, Choctaw, Harrah, and more. They’ve got reviews all over the place including over 225 customer ratings giving them a  4.8 star rating on Google Local Services.

When it comes to their services the offer lawn care  and pest control. You can sign up for lawn aeration, grub control, mosquito treatment, pest control, webworm treatment, weed control, and fertilization. Getting your lawn treated for pests can ultimately minimize or completely wipe out the pests and infestations before they can become indoor pests.

Pests that should get out of dodge before the company shows up are ants, spiders, ticks, fleas, wasps, mosquitos, and pretty much anything that is considered to be a nuisance and pest. Regardless of the type of pest control or lawn care you receive from Elite Lawn Care you’re going to get a reasonable price, friendly & professional service, and an awesome looking lawn.

How We Rate Pest Control Companies In Oklahoma City, OK?

Long story short… we look into the company and we read any and all reviews we can find pertaining to each and every company who makes this ‘Best List’. The quality of work properly proportioned with the quality of customer service and blended with an overall A+ rating is all accounted for when looking into pest control companies.

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Most Common Seasonal Pests in Ok?

  • Winter Pests: Mice and other small rodents are pretty commonly found in the home starting in Autumn and all throughout Winter. Cockroaches, cluster flies, and any other insect that may be hibernating in your walls but those cluster flies always seem to come in large numbers.
  • Autumn Pests: In September you’ll notice an increase in crickets and flying ants,  Beetles start showing up around October and this includes boxelder bugs, stink bugs, Leaf beetles, several others in the beetle family can start causing issues in your business or home. Mice and rodents start making nests to nestle down in for the winter.
  • Spring Pests: Fabric and different food or pantry pests start waking from their slumber in the Spring and want food. Termites, ants, carpet beetles, and clothes moths are all pretty common. May is the peak season for fleas and the start of the season for ticks.
  • Summer: Mosquitos, fleas, ticks, grubs, and all of the flying insects will be out and about. Wasps, bees, beetles, and garden pests will be full force come the summer months.

Indoor Pests In Oklahoma?

Indoor pests are generally considered to be ants, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, and any other pest from the outdoors that makes their home or gets trapped in your home. Critters like garden insects, grubs, leaf bugs, squirrels, and other wildlife generally stay outside until it gets cold and their either desperate for a safe place or too lazy to go make their own. 

Outdoor Pests In Oklahoma?

Any form of wildlife can become a pest in one way shape or form but there are very many that try as hard as they can to stay out of the house. Deer, raccoons, rats, mice, rodents, bats, and just about any form of wildlife that causes destruction to property can be considered an outdoor pest.

The best pest control company is going to be looking out for the customer by providing reliable, outstanding service, at reasonable prices. Customer service skills are a must! We hope you find the right pest control service you are looking for in the Oklahoma City and surrounding areas of Oklahoma. 

We made sure to include companies that are state-certified in dealing with pest issues such as rodent control. We also included companies that provide complete pest control including termite treatments and pre-treatments. Connect with any on of these pest control companies to get your free quote today.

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