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Top 7 Best Pest Control Companies in Columbus, OH (2020 Review)

Pest control companies are everywhere and there are so many of them. This in itself makes it difficult to find a good company not to mention a company that is going to provide excellent pest solutions to solve your pest problems.

Dealing with any kind of pest, whether it's an insect or a critter is stressful, annoying, and in some cases they can be dangerous or even deadly. Don’t wait until it’s too late, at the first sign of pest problems reach out to a trusted pest management company for a free quote and an inspection.

best columbus oh pest control companies

We decided to take some of the heat off of your back and do some digging around for you. The end result is this list of the seven best pest control companies that serve Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas.

Looking through a list of 7 top-rated as opposed to looking through hundreds of companies that might not even be in business anymore makes things much easier. Ants, snakes, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, and several many more make up a list of the most common pests in your area.

Top 7 Best Pest Control Companies in Columbus

#1 Greenix Pest Control

Greenix Pest Control

Greenix Pest Control has a 4.6 star rating with over 500 reviews on Google. That doesn’t include any of the other review sites like Angie’s List and Yelp. Their main office is located in Galloway but they serve Columbus and surrounding areas too. Grennix offers guaranteed next-day service which is incredible. They offer sustainable and effective treatments from fully licensed and certified technicians. Greenix is more than statewide, they’re Nationwide and have excellent reviews.

Grennix’s pest management solutions include a 5-step process: 1- eaves, sweep, dust 2- crack and crevice treatment 3- perimeter spray 4- granular barrier  5- interior protection. The process is useful for extermination, elimination, and protection against further infestations. You’ll find that the service areas consist of Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and the surrounding areas. 

This company offers eco-friendly pest control that is sustainable and deals with over 50 different types of pests including; ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, ants, wasps, spiders, rats, mice, voles, and more. The Four Seasons Protection Plan is designed to keep your home, business, and property pest-free all year long. Greenix has a 48-hour service guarantee to ensure you they make it out for inspection with quickness. If you happen to have any pests pop up between service dates a licensed technician will come out and retreat the area for free. 

#2 Integrity Pest Solutions

Integrity Pest Solutions

Integrity is a bed bug exterminator and is well-known as one of the leading bed bug exterminators that use heat to handle the pest problem. You will be guaranteed a one day extermination treatment which eliminates the hassle of revisits. You can get quick quotes with 20% off if you request it online. You can also reach out to them by phone but the discount doesn’t apply. Within 24-48 hours a licensed and certified technician can come out to your property to provide an on-site consultation.

Integrity is a licensed and insured pest management company that is locally owned. They have been serving all of Central Columbus for over 9 years. In that amount of time they have successfully treated over 12-thousand homes, businesses, and properties. Less than 1% of those customers needed a second treatment. Their service comes with a 12 month warranty to ensure you are happy with the work and the bed bugs are no longer a pest problem in your life.

Integrity Pest Solutions will create customized treatments for each individual situation. After you’ve had a technician to treat your space, if bugs are found within 90 days after treatment another treatment will be made at no additional cost to you. One thing people love about Integrity is that they keep everything real discreet because let’s face it, bed bugs are embarrassing. This means a technician will arrive in plain clothes and in an unmarked vehicle. All documents and logos are stored inside of the briefcases. They will show you their technician card and get straight to work without any of your neighbors knowing. 

#3 Orkin Pest & Termite Control 


Orkin has over 115 years of experience when it comes to pest control which seems to be one of the reasons that they make it to the top of the pest control service lists in many states. To become an Orkin specialist technician it is required to have 160 hours of training to ensure they know just how to handle each situation according to Orkin’s high standards.

Not only does Orkin offer pest control and termite control but they also have a few different home services as well. Attic insulations, moisture control, and lawn treatments are all available through Orkin. That’s on top of the numerous pests they handle such as bed bugs, cockroaches, silverfish, and mosquito control.

They offer friendly yet professional customer service and are quick to make out to your property. Customers appreciate how fast and efficiently the Orkin team works to resolve the pest issues in their homes and businesses. Orkin pest control offers a 30-day money back guarantee because if you’re not happy they’re not happy!

#4 Champion Pest & Termite Control

Champion Pest & Termite Control

Champion Pest and Termite Control offers incredible pest management services. They offer both residential and commercial pest solutions with fair prices and high-quality extermination. They have over 30 years of combined experience in pest control and customer service. Their pest management services are available in Columbus and surrounding areas such as Bexely, Dublin, Pickerington, Poewll, Westerville, Grove City, Gahana, New Albany, Hilliard, and Pataskala.

Champion is state licensed and certified from the inspection all the way up to treatments and after-care. They have a Seasonal Pest Program, general pest control, termite inspection, termite treatment, mosquito control and general pests including but not limited to, ants, bed bugs, rodents, carpenter ants, and cockroaches.

You will find that Champion Pest and Termite Control is praised with great reviews for their excellent work, work ethic, customer service, and affordable pricing. If by chance there is an issue with their work or service the company makes sure that they quickly right whatever may be wrong.

#5 Terminix Pest & Termite Control


Terminix is backed by their nationwide network of expertise. In every area they are located they make sure to know the local pests and pest problems inside and out. The Columbus Ohio branch provides service for a pretty broad range of cities. They offer residential and commercial businesses protection against pesky pests.

Terminix focuses on offering guaranteed solutions, including a money-back guarantee for pest control services, as well as, the strongest residential termite guarantee in the pest control business for qualifying properties. Termite warning signs vary depending on the species of termites which is why Terminix offers a free termite inspection so they know just what they’re dealing with and the absolute best way to handle the infestation.

Terminix is well-known for termite treatment but that isn’t the only pest control services or pest solutions offered and available. You will find they offer many services including bed bug treatment, pest control, mosquito control, ant control, cockroach control, rodent, wildlife, and many other forms of pests and pest control.

#6 Varment Guard Wildlife Services

Varment Guard Wildlife Service

Pest control and wildlife management or wildlife control are very different yet similar. Basically they both handle the pesky pests whether they be critters or insects. To handle wildlife requires its own certification and training because pest management for an ant infestation is much different from an attic hosting a mama raccoon and her babies.

Varment Guard Wildlife Services has a 4.6 star rating with around 200 Google reviews. We know, the number is small but you must consider that it’s only one review site, trust us, there are more. You can call the toll-free 800 number or request a free estimate online. Their motto is ‘keeping critters in their place not YOURS” and rightly so. Squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, opossums, skunks, snakes, groundhogs, birds, bats, tunneling animals, aquatic rodents, large animals, feral cats, rabbits, rodents, any many other critters have been through the human approach of catch and release where they are trapped and taken to the wild to be released unharmed. 

This local company is highly-trusted and provides a rapid response from highly-trained and extremely educated, licensed and certified professionals. They provide services for residential and commercial buildings and properties. They have over 130 years of experience in wildlife control and bird management. 87% of their wildlife service professionals have associates or a Bachelor's degree in wildlife management. The percentage without a degree are trained and certified for trapping, exclusion and prevention, wildlife repellent treatments, cleanup services, and odor control.

#7 Aptive Environmental 

Aptive Environmental

Aptive Environmental has just been gaining popularity for some time now. We think it is a combination of their excellent work combined with their environmentally conscious and eco-friendly pest solutions. Aptive Environmental takes an eco-friendly approach towards pest control. 

They service businesses and homes year round to ensure your area is free and clear of pests. Aptive Environmental begins by conducting and in-depth and detailed inspection which helps them design a customized service plan specific to you and your needs.

The treatments they offer are pet-friendly and safe for you , your kids, and your pets. They offer 24/7 support and they have over 20,000 positive reviews throughout the internet. Fast friendly service by people who care about doing an incredible job all while looking out for the environment and the customer. It really can be a win-win situation.

Customers really love the fact that they can eliminate the pests without causing harm to the environment and other living things around. Some chemical sprays are just so harsh and well…. Full of nasty chemicals that can lead to issues if not handled correctly. Aptive Environmental truly cares about you, your family, your animals, and the entire environment as a whole.

How We Rate The Best Pest Control Companies in Columbus?

OK so in all honestly we have taken the time to literally pick apart these Columbus pest control companies. Whether it’s residential or commercial pest control we really dug deep. We are looking for the best of the best for business owners, renters, and property owners alike.

We looked all over the Ohio area to bring you companies that are highly-trained technicians and professional service. We look at all of the reviews, services, and pricing then we pick out the best from there.

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How Much Does Pest Control Cost in Columbus Ohio?

Rodent control, exterminating services, pest management, pest control, and wildlife control prices vary depending on various things such as the type of pest, if there is an infestation, the size of an infestation, location, and many other things. When it comes down to it, depending on the service plan etc. you can find pest control solutions as low as $40 and as high as $375.

Most Common Seasonal Pests in Ohio?

Central Ohio and all of Ohio has pretty cold winters so the amount of pests in the area are fewer during the cold season. However, you will still find pests like termites, rats, mice, rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches, raccoons, opossums, and even deer.

The Spring, Summer, and Fall bring about an arsenal of pests and critters. You’ll see mosquitoes, groundhogs, flies, gnats, grubs, beetles, snakes, spiders, wooly worms, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, earwigs, hornets, stinging insects, yellow jackets, and an abundance of wildlife critters as well.

Most Common Indoor Pests in Columbus OH?

Columbus’s indoor pests include ants, termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, lice, mice, and rats. The list is actually quite large but those are the most common.

Want To Solve Your Pest Problem Now?

We’ve partnered with Terminix to bring you exclusive discounts and priority service for your pest control needs. Click to get your free instant price quote.

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Most Common Outdoor Pests in Columbus Ohio?

Mosquitoes, moths, birds, racoons, rats, mice, snakes, groundhogs,carpenter bees, carpenter ants, earwigs , hornets stinging insects, yellow jackets and many insects are common in Columbus’s great outdoors.

If you’re looking for the best pest control companies in Columbus and the surrounding areas you’ve come to the right place and we expect you might have already found one or two that seem right for you and your pest problems. Covid-19 hasn’t changed the importance of pest management as pest control companies have been added to the essential list. Every company has a list of the precautionary measures they take in order to safely treat your area without passing along any yucky germs.

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