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Metro Pest Control’s goal since 1977 has been to provide the greater New York area with safe and efficient pest control services. It is widely known for its eco-friendly options and humane wildlife practices. If you’d like to visit its Glendale location, it can be found at 7009 73rd Place, Glendale, New York 11385. It serves the areas in and around Glendale, New York.

Metro Pest Control offers expert services to commercial and residential properties for wildlife control, termite removal, beehive and wasp nest removal, bed bug extermination, and general pest control. Some pesky critters include bees, wasps, bed bugs, roaches, rats, mice, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, termites, and ants. Information on each of these pesky critters can be found on the Metro Pest Control site. The information is beneficial and informative with tips and facts on each pest’s identification, how they spread, and the damage and dangers caused by that pest.

Its eco-friendly options make Metro Pest Control stand out from the competition in the area, and its A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau show its commitment to customers. Many customers chose Metro for their pest needs because of its wonderful eco-friendly solutions and because they felt safer getting green product treatments with pets and children in their homes. Its pesticides are botanical and come in solutions like sprays, powders, dust, baits, and aerosols. All solutions are safe to be used inside and outside. Its technicians are fully qualified and trained for safe methods and solutions that fit all of your pest problems. 

Its pricing is competitive and fair. Free quotes are offered to new customers, and treatments can range from $110 to $290 for one treatment. There are no specials or promotions besides free quotes. Initial visit and treatment are mentioned to be around $375 plus tax, and baits are said by customers to be $9 each. There are some cases where a client felt like its pricing was a scam. However, most customers have said its prices were reasonable, fair, and that services are worth the price.

It has 4.1 stars on Google ratings, and 3.5 stars on Yelp, but reviews are mixed. Some negative experiences include horrible phone customer service sometimes, miscommunication with clients and each other, and some cases where there have been multiple treatments and the pest problem hasn’t been resolved. On the other hand, there are some very satisfied customers. Some positive reviews mention that its technicians quickly respond to pest emergencies, customer complaints over the phone. Technicians are said to be professional and courteous, and appointments have been set as early as the same day. 

Metro Pest Control does address whether its solutions are safe for children, pets, and the environment. According to its site, its eco-friendly pesticides are just as efficient as traditional pesticides but safer for your pets, you, and your family. 

Overall, customers love Metro Pest Control’s eco-friendly pesticides, quick responses to emergencies and appointments, and courteous, professional technicians. There are some issues with customer service over the phone and pest problems not being resolved, but far and wide, customers were satisfied with its services and results.

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Company Pros
  • Eco-friendly, child-safe, pet-safe pesticides
  • Quick and responsive to emergencies
  • Sometimes same-day appointments
Company Cons
  • Rude phone customer service at times
  • Staff miscommunication with clients and each other
  • Some poor pest results after multiple treatments

Reviewed By:
Ed Spicer
Ed has been working in the pest control industry for years helping 1,000's of homeowners navigate the world of insect and rodent management. He manages Pest Strategies now helping homeowners around the world!
Overall Rating (3.8)
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Pests Covered
  • Bed Bugs
  • Stinging Insects
  • Termites
  • Ants
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Wildlife
  • Cockroaches
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Date founded: 1977

Address: 7009 73rd Place, Glendale, New York 11385

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