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Our Overall Rating (3.6)

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Mannings Pest Control is arguably one of the leading pest control service providers in Wilmington, NC, and its surroundings. It is also undoubtedly one of the most trusted and reliable pest control services in the entire North Carolina state. 

The company’s local office is located at 4205 Long Beach Rd SE Southport, NC 28461, and has offered quality services to thousands of property owners for over 40 years. The service provider licensed in North Carolina leverages the newest methods to exterminate common pests. 

Mannings Pest Control serves both residential and commercial clients. It is well staffed and adequately equipped to exterminate several pests, including termites, ants, fire ants, roaches, birds, bees, fleas, mosquitos, borer, bed bugs, and rats. The company also uses ideal methods to remove larger pest species such as raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and raccoons from your property. 

I was impressed by the provider’s Free Pest Control Inspections. It helps them understand the kinds of bugs that have infested a property, as well as the cost of extermination, and duration.

Other noteworthy services that this provider offers include termite treatment and crawl space moistures services. Essentially, their pest control services are designed to work effectively and quickly without damaging your home or business.

Extra services that make them stand out include: one-time services to care for special needs, including fleas, mice, wasp’s nests within reach, and pest treatments that don’t harm wildlife. For example, they deploy humane traps for raccoons, squirrels, and possums to rid them of your property without killing or injuring them.

With this provider, one can also benefit from affordable bonus services, including a range of Yard Treatment Plans for seasonal pests such as ants, a Monthly Plan for severe infestations such as roaches, and a Quarterly Plan to take care of pest infestation inside and around the exterior of your home or business.

Manning Pest Control also provides dehumidifying services that help manage pests and make your living space comfortable. Ideally, conditions can occur in properties that encourage pest infestation to cause unhealthy living. The company will install dehumidifiers in crawl spaces and vapor barriers to discourage pest infestation. Past clients are quite happy with the company’s services according to the ratings and reviews available on various platforms, including yelps and Google. The company is known for prompt, courteous, and reasonably priced services. They also respond promptly to customer queries and concerns. But there are a few customers who complain of delayed services and erroneous billings.

Generally, there is no doubt Manning Pest Control offers comprehensive pest services as attested by their A+ BBB ratings. I particularly find their integrated approaches to pest management quite remarkable, although there is a need to address the erroneous billings customers complain about.

Their specialists’ free inspection service convinced me this company has a lot to offer. And as far as pricing goes, they are very reasonable. Overall, this is a reliable service provider who has been in the game for a long time.

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Company Pros
  • Professional and friendly services
  • Offers both general pests control and termite control
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Free estimates
Company Cons
  • Erroneous billings
  • No emergency services
  • No warranties

Reviewed By:
Ed Spicer
Ed has been working in the pest control industry for years helping 1,000's of homeowners navigate the world of insect and rodent management. He manages Pest Strategies now helping homeowners around the world!
Overall Rating (3.6)
Company Information
Pests Covered
  • Termites
  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Mosquitoes
  • Bed Bugs
  • Rats
Company Details

Date founded: 1976

Address: 4205 Long Beach Rd. SE Southport, NC 28461

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