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Joshua's Pest Control Company Review

In the pest control industry, there are many facets, nuances, and situations that any technician needs to deal with on a day to day level. One day they may be dealing with someone who thinks that they have termites and the next day it could be searching through a bedroom for signs of bed bugs.

When it comes to pest control services, the bottom line is solving a problem for your client and delivering high-quality customer service while doing it.

Several things set a good pest control service apart from a great pest control service. The first thing that makes a pest control company stand out from its competitors is how honest they are. Most pest control companies in this part of the world offer the same or at least similar solutions to your pest problems.

Jason Walton has been working in the pest control industry for 20 years. Today he owns his own pest control company, Joshua's Pest Control; its headquarters are located at 6867 Nancy Ridge Dr. Suite E, San Diego, CA 92121. 

What Sets Joshua's Pest Control in San Diego apart?

joshua pest cntrol

After reading about your 20th pest control company, names can really start to blur, and part of my job as a reviewer and critic is to not only tell you about the things to watch out for when it comes to a company, but really I am looking for the positive things to bring to your attention. 

While many companies take it upon themselves to treat your eaves, windows, and the foundation of your home, Joshua's takes it one step further and institutes some best pest control practices. Their field experts treat the perimeter of your property to prevent pests coming to your home from your neighbors with technicians that are ACE certified.

ACE is a certification program that is not required by the Department of Agriculture. However, this extra layer of training and quality control truly goes a long way in ensuring that the technician that comes to your home actually knows what they are talking about and that you are getting the best possible service.

Having spent some time going over what kind of experience the customers have with the company, I thought I'd delve into what former employees tend to think of this company.

What kind of work/life balance does this company provide for its employees, and have they taken care of those who make these companies very existence a reality?

This is where things stop having the previous glow and shine. While its customers receive the very best in attention and customer service, many reports show that this company doesn't deliver the same kind of excellence to its own employees. There are several complaints about low pay and not getting everything that they were promised.

Employees claim that they do not receive appropriate amounts of training before they are put on the job and that the office experience is toxic. This, coupled with unrealistic expectations from the office on how much a technician should get done in a day, leads to a high turn over rate. 

Some of you might be wondering what this has to do with the kind of service you will receive at your home. It's important to understand for a technician to do their jobs effectively they need training, and if the company is claiming to have ACE-certified technicians, but the technicians are claiming that they do not receive adequate training, that leaves the consumer wondering about the qualifications of the person treating their home.

While this company certainly seems to be able to deliver a high-quality service to its customers, it leaves quite a bit to be desired in how it treats its employees. This makes me quite cautious when it comes to being able to recommend them to anyone.

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Which Pests Does Joshua's Pest Control San Diego Cover?

joshua pest control company

Joshua's Pest Control offers pest management and exterminator services for several pests, which include ant control, cockroaches, silverfish, japanese and june bugs, crickets, earwigs, rodents, snails, slugs, spiders, wasps, centipedes, scorpions, termites, and termite treatments.

Something that stands out here is that they offer treatment options for scorpions. This company has other branches besides the one in San Diego county. For instance, if you live in Kansas City, you probably don't have to worry about this, but it's nice to know that the option exists.

They also offer pest control services for commercial accounts. They do not have a separate list for pests treated under commercial accounts, so my experience tells me that the list is probably the same for their commercial accounts as their residential. 

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How Expensive Is Joshua's Pest Control San Diego?

One of the first things that stood out for me while researching this company is how many of their customers talk about the reasonable prices that Joshua's offers. After doing a bit of digging, I was able to find out just what those reasonable prices are; Joshua's charges between 89 and 115 dollars per quarter for year-round pest control service.

This is a more than reasonable price for quarterly pest control service. In addition to a reasonable price, I've not been able to locate any mention of an initial treatment fee, which will normally cost the customer an extra 100 to 125 dollars.

Alongside a reasonable quarterly rate, this pest control company also provides termite inspection and treatment. This price is going to vary from house to house. In America, the average inspection usually costs 100 to 175 dollars.

Treatment will be about 3 to 4 dollars a linear foot along with prices ranging from 75 dollars to 300 dollars a year for continued observation for termite activity. The average size of a house in America is about 2600 square feet. You don't have to do the math to see that termite treatments can easily get up into the thousands.

The price will vary depending on the size of the home and the severity of the infestation. Meanwhile, over here at Joshua's Pest Control, there are reports of them doing termite treatments for as low as 1,500 dollars! 

They also offer one-time treatments, but I couldn't find out what kind of pricing they use for singular visits. All in all, this is a very reasonably priced company.

Is Joshua's Pest Control San Diego Pet Safe?

Joshua's Pest Control offers two kinds of services to tackle your pest problems. They have the standard pest control products that come with certain inherent risks and require a decent amount of protection and their organic pest control method, which is safe for pets. 

As an experienced pest control applicator, I can say that your standard pesticides can pose a risk to pets while wet and sometimes even after they dry. Joshua doesn't specify what products are used in this standard pest control service, so if you are worried about pet safety, I highly recommend speaking with your technician before the service starts.

The more pet-safe option is the organic pest control method that they offer. While it is more pet safe, it is worth mentioning that it is far less effective than traditional pesticides, and you may not see the kind of results that you want.

With that being said, Joshua's does offer an unlimited warrant for their services, so they will come back as often as they need to until your pest problem is resolved.

Does Joshua's Pest Control San Diego Offer Free Inspections?

No matter how much I searched, I could not find any kind of offer or statement that this company offers free inspections or free quotes! This is quite strange to me, and I hope that it is simply an oversight.

However, I took the time to call them, and after asking a few questions, I found out that they will give you a free termite inspection but not a free inspection for general pests. Additionally, they will give a free quote over the phone for general pest control services.


  • Customers love them
  • Organic pet-safe options
  • Great value 


  • High employee turn over rate
  • Uncertain what level of training their employees actually receive.
  • Their pet-safe organic option is less effective than standard pest control.

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