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Top 7 Exterminators in ID


Terminix Logo
  • A large organization that you have access to worldwide.
  • Treats a wide variety of pests and wildlife issues.
  • Can perform a full fumigation service if you absolutely need one.
Terminix has almost 100 years of experience behind it and is credited with the original termite monitoring system. They still provide comprehensive monitoring and treatment for termites, but they have expanded their services to include extermination of other pests, like bed bugs and ants, and the removal of rodents as well.
Terminix has one of the largest service areas in the country, spanning 45 states. You’re likely to be within their service area, and they treat residential and commercial properties, so the chances are high that they will be able to service you.
They’re cheaper than many of the other large national companies, but they still provide excellent service. Their exterminators are knowledgeable and use the best practices for getting rid of pests.
Terminix backs their technicians’ skillset and expertise with a warranty and a money-back satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured your pest problem will be solved.


Orkin Pest Control Company Review
  • Nationwide, Established
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Termite Inspection
With over a century of experience in pest control, Orkin very likely has the expertise required to solve your pest problem. They have thousands of employees who cover a large service area with branches in 47 states across America.
They offer pest management solutions for most common household pests, including termites, bed bugs, ants, spiders, and rodents. They also provide comprehensive care that includes sealing your home to prevent future infestations and water remediation to remove moisture that could be attracting pests to your home.
Their technicians are highly trained, knowledgeable, and friendly, and they have great customer service behind their expertise. Despite being one of the largest national pest management companies in the country, they still get overwhelmingly positive reviews from their customers.
They do come at a higher cost than most other national companies, but they guarantee to solve your problem or refund the last treatment cost, so you can rest assured you won’t waste money on services.


  • High contractor professionalism
  • $50 Off First Call
  • Large coverage footprint
TruGreen offers a different set of services than most national companies that focus on lawn treatment rather than solely on pest control. They offer soil testing and conditioning as well as plant and tree treatments to help develop a beautiful, healthy property.
They have a pesticide service that helps kill pests like spiders, ants, and fleas that may have taken up home in your grass. They offer property perimeter systems to help keep pests away from your home entirely, but they don’t treat bed bugs or termites, and they won’t remove rodents.
Their technicians are extremely knowledgeable, and they go through rigorous training before providing service. You’ll get a proper professional working on your lawn if you hire TruGreen.
They guarantee your satisfaction and promise additional treatments at no cost if you aren’t satisfied with the results.

Aptive Environmental

  • Environmentally Safe Products
  • Re-Service Between Scheduled Visits If Necessary
  • Four Seasons Protection Plan
Aptive Environmental is smaller than many other national pest control companies, but they maintain an impressive and effective array of services nonetheless. They are equipped to deal with many common pests, including ants, spiders, fleas, and rodents. However, they don’t provide bed bug treatment or termite monitoring.
You’ll have to commit to a yearly contract with Aptive, as they don’t offer one-off services. Their plans are very affordable, though, so many customers find that it’s worth a full year of service. Aptive agrees to return to service your property as many times as is necessary within that timeframe.
Their exterminators are less knowledgeable than those with other national companies, but most customers are pleased with the service they receive, as is evidenced by their mostly positive reviews.
Aptive doesn’t treat commercial properties, and they have a smaller service area than many other national companies.

TruTech Wildlife Service

trutech review
  • Specializes in wildlife removal
  • Effective relocation techniques
  • Large coverage footprint
TruTech is widely known in the pest control industry as the go-to company for wildlife removal. Rodents, birds, and reptiles are their specialty, and they don’t treat termites, bed bugs, or other insects.
They trap and remove animals ethically and release them at a safe distance from your home or place of business. They also provide full-service cleaning and protection, which can include removing animal feces and sealing your soffits, attic, or any gaps in your home’s exterior to prevent ongoing infestations. They are pricier than most other wildlife removal companies, but their service is unmatched.
TruTech’s technicians are very knowledgeable about the animals they remove, and they’re friendly and professional.
They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you’ll get some peace of mind that your pest problem will be solved.

Truly Nolen Pest and Termite Control

truly nolen pest and termite control review
  • Eco-friendly and pet-friendly
  • Unique insulation service
  • 100% money-back guarantee
Truly Nolen has been around since 1938, and their longevity in the industry is primarily due to their expertise working with a wide range of pests. They are equipped to treat any pest issue you may have, including termites, ants, spiders, rodents, and bed bugs. They also provide lawn and soil treatments to improve their quality and help kill bugs that may be residing there.
They have a relatively small service area, but they treat residential and commercial properties. If you are close enough to a branch to get service, chances are they are able to fix your pest problem.
They maintain a large staff of highly trained exterminators that are abundantly friendly and professional.
Truly Nolen stands behind their work with guarantees and warranties based on the service provided. Their “Four Seasons” service includes the best guarantee and promises protection from over 100 different pests.

Pointe Pest Control

pointe pest control review
  • Courteous and knowledgeable technicians
  • Thorough inspection of property
  • "On-Pointe" K9 inspections

Pointe Pest Control is significantly smaller than most national companies, but they still offer a wide range of services. They treat termites, bed bugs, spiders, and other common household pests, and they offer rodent removal and exclusion services.

They have a relatively small service area, but they maintain six branches in Idaho alone. They cover residential and commercial properties, so if you’re within driving distance of one of their locations, they’re likely equipped to take care of your problem.

Their technicians aren’t as highly trained or as knowledgeable as those with other national companies, and their mediocre reviews suggest that they don’t have the best customer service.

Their services are reasonably inexpensive, and they back their work with a money-back guarantee. As such, you may find that being serviced by less experienced technicians is worth the savings.

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