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​Top 7 Best Pest Control Companies in Atlanta, GA (2020 Review)

From the smallest little ants to a beehive that makes it hard to enjoy your yard, pests in Atlanta can come in all shapes and sizes to ruin your day.

To help get rid of this problem, there are a good number of pest control companies that are determined to get rid of your pests in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

To help you find the best pest control for your needs, we have looked at and rated the best pest control options in Atlanta.

Get free quotes from the best exterminators in Atlanta so that you can get your pest issues dealt with in no time and get back to a pest free life. After we look at the best options for pest control, we will also take a look at some of the frequently asked pest control questions that Atlanta residents have. 

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Top 7 Best Pest Control Companies in Georgia

1. Any Pest

any pest

Any Pest is a business that has many years of experience and positive customer experience to speak for their level of work and quality of performance. What makes this company so great to work with is their eagerness to help solve your problems and their attitude that gets them in and out faster than the competition. Any Pest is a great option for anyone looking to deal with a pest in their home. 

Any Pest has been serving the metro-Atlanta and beyond since 1989. They offer bed bug control, pest control, termite bond, mosquito treatment, and wildlife removal. They offer free consultations, customized plans to meet your needs, and prompt service.

Aside from the typical approach to pest control, Any Pest offers an environmentally-friendly approach through the use of eco-friendly pest control products. They can handle your pest problem and ease your mind at the same time.

2. A & A Wildlife and Home Solutions

A & A Wildlife and Home Solutions

This smaller family owned and operated business is built around getting rid of pests and making sure they do the best job possible to relocate animals in a humane manner. With all the right certifications and experience to take on any critter, A & A has everything they need to get pests out of your house and keeps them out for good. 

A & A Wildlife and Home Solutions received the Outstanding Wildlife Professional Award in 2019 from the National Wildlife Control Operators Association. They offer much more than pest control too. Aside from the wildlife rodent removal and exclusion they also offer carpentry, gutter clean up, insulation installation and much more.

Customer reviews claim that A & A go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the area is free of pests and that the area is protected from further pest problems. They are happy with the service and the way the technicians handle their business from the inspection to the follow up. 

3. Zone Home Solutions 

Zone Home Solutions

20 years of experience and a family owned spirit of care, Zone Home Solutions has the know-how and dedication to take care of your pest needs. This business cares about their customers and that attitude is clear when you read any of their thousands of satisfied customer reviews that praise their work. Their wide range of skills also makes them a great option for many jobs. 

Zone Home Solutions offers a variety of residential and commercial pest control services without the lengthy contracts and headaches. Mosquito control, insect control, and termite control are all available. They are top rated on Home Advisor and also have an A+ with the Better Business Bureau. Did we mention that they are THE top-rated pest control company on with over 800 five star reviews?

4. Protect All Pest Control 

Protect All Pest Control

Protect All was founded with the belief that smaller pest control businesses could offer more personal and effective help than larger businesses just looking for a profit. Everything from bee removal to termite extermination is under this companies’ wheelhouse with eco-friendly and clean products, keeping your mind resting easy when getting business taken care of. 

Bed bugs, termites, and rodents are just some of the pests they handle. According to some verified reviews they also offer lawn spray treatments and pests in the gardens with eco-friendly sprays safe for you and your plants. One mention is that they clear away spider webs which is a nice bonus. Customers who choose Protect All, get to choose the types of products used, when their home is treated, and when.

5. Pyramid Exterminators and Wildlife Control

Pyramid Exterminators and Wildlife Control

Unwanted pests stand no chance with Pyramid with their thorough work ethic and detailed techniques. With over 30 years of experience, this company knows every pest and their habits by heart so that they can stop whatever is interfering with your home. Bonus points for their strong online booking system that is easy for customers to use. 

This family owned business has a lot to offer. Wildlife trapping, exclusion, and warranty providing a guarantee that it’s done right! Their Once A Year Pest Solution means they only have to spray once a year to ease your mind and it also comes with a warranty/guarantee. Termite control, bed bug control, and a pest identification library to help customers learn about the pests in their home. All of their work includes a warranty which is a massive bonus!

6. Monitor Pest Control 

Monitor Pest Control

Whereas most companies look to get you on monthly plans for pest removal, Monitor is confident in their one year solutions to keep your pests away. Their eco-friendly solutions are perfect for the concerned homeowner and their efficient tactics get the job done in no time at all. If you are looking for just one service a year for pest control, Monitor is your company. 

They take pride in their pest solutions and pest control. When you can’t take control of the situation just call Monitor Pest Control and they will handle it for you. The customer reviews are incredible with many pleased and repeat customers coming back for more.

They offer residential and commercial pest control care in Atlanta and surrounding areas including but not limited to Alpharetta, Fulton County, Sugar Hill, Marietta, and Roswell. Whether you’re dealing with termites, ants, bed bugs, or cockroaches Monitor Pest Control has got your back!

7. North Fulton Pest Solutions 

North Fulton Pest Solutions

Since 1970, North Fulton Pest Solutions has been providing Atlanta area residents with pest control and extermination services of the highest standard. Their excellent customer service record with more treatment options and pest control range than the competition makes this family owned business a great option for any pest control needs. 

North Fulton Pest Solutions offers ‘New Customer’ discounts on both commercial and residential pest control services. They were voted 2020 Best Pest Control in Atlanta and Alpharetta. Some of the services offered are mosquito control, termite control, wildlife removal, insulation services, and gutter protection systems. Whether you’re dealing with indoor pests or outdoor pests North Fulton Pest Solutions will take care of it!

North Fulton Pest Solutions is a prime example of outstanding service and exemplary skills. They might be family owned but that’s what a lot of their customers love about them. They take pride in their work and they aren’t going to be happy if you’re not happy. They’re dedicated and work hard to make sure your home or business is pest free.

How We Rate Pest Control Companies In Atlanta?

When considering the 7 best pest control options to recommend to Atlanta residents, we did an extensive amount of research to bring you only the best options. Ensuring we provide the best options for pest control in the Atlanta area, we looked into many areas of a company to find the best in the business. 

The first thing we look at when finding the best pest control options in a region is to look at what companies are around and how easy it is to find them. This is where we look into things like their website and online presence so that we can see how easy it is to find them. This is important because it shows how easy it is to find and work with this company.

Once we have an idea of how easy it is to work with the company, we look at their services offered and user reviews. When looking at user reviews, we see how the average user experience looks and how satisfied people were with their experience. Knowing how well a company does their job and the range of their services offered, we can make a conclusion as to how much value they are offering customers. 

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How Much Does Pest Control Cost In Atlanta?

Pest control costs are generally around the same across companies, so we will take a look at how much services can cost for different things. One primary form of pest control options you can choose is a one-time treatment. This is generally when you need something taken care of one time and then the issue is resolved. For this treatment, the average price is around $150.

The other popular option is getting a series of treatments over time to get rid of an issue. These are generally used in times when you have a larger infestation and need many treatments to ensure the problem is taken care of. These treatments range from around $40 dollars and can be completed monthly or quarterly. 

Most Seasonal Common Pests In Atlanta?

In Atlanta and most of America, there are many pests that are around for most of the year. These include pests like ants, spiders, and rats. However, the warmer months can bring out pests like termites and mosquitoes that can be annoying to deal with in the summer. The winter-time is usually better because not many pests like to breed and thrive during colder months. Regardless of the time of year, small pests can find their own ways to live and reproduce in your house. 

Indoor Pests In Atlanta?

Indoor pests seem to be the worst because whether it is something tiny like ants or something larger like a racoon it can be very unsettling and for some completely uncomfortable. Bed bugs, fleas, and cockroaches all give people the creeps but they aren’t the only indoor pests in Atlanta, Georgia.

Indoor pests are often the most common issues that are dealt with by pest control specialists. Indoor pests are generally smaller and can be found in larger numbers as they can be smaller and harder to track. The most common indoor pests in Atlanta are things like ants, roaches, termites, and even things like rats can be considered indoor pests if they are finding a way to live inside your house. 

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Outdoor Pests In Atlanta?

Outdoor pests are a little different than indoor pests as they are often larger and can be harder to deal with. The reason for this is because they are often larger or more difficult to deal with due to their nature. Many outdoor pests include things like racoons, bees, wasps, and larger animals that can be found around the outdoors. Outdoor pests are harder to deal with, but they can be taken care of in one go. 

When it comes to outdoor pests not all of them want to stay outdoors. Many outdoor pests try to find their way inside at one time or another. Ants, mosquitos, and even racoons have been found inside homes wreaking havoc. However, as we mentioned above, they are much easier to remove or eliminate when they’re outside rather than when they come in.


Pest services are essential business no matter what area you live in. It can be a hassle trying to rid your home or business of infestations and invasions of critters. Termite treatments, fumigation, rodent control, and termite protection can bring about a peace of mind. Having the right company and technicians to handle your pest problems is essential!

If you live in Atlanta, Georgia or the surrounding areas and you’re dealing with some kind of pest make sure you check out some of these companies to help handle those issues. With all of the options there’s bound to be something that will suit you and your pest control needs.

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