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Top 12 Exterminators in Cape Coral, FL


Terminix Logo
  • A large organization that you have access to worldwide.
  • Treats a wide variety of pests and wildlife issues.
  • Can perform a full fumigation service if you absolutely need one.

Terminix has been operating for nearly 100 years now and has become perhaps the most recognizable exterminator in the country. All of that experience has made them one of the industry leaders and gives them our top spot for pest control companies in Cape Coral, FL. 

Don’t be fooled by their name, Terminix handles more than just termites. Terminix will be able to handle almost any insect control or rodent control need you can throw at them whether it be ants, spiders, roaches, or more complex pests like bed bugs or wildlife – Terminix can even handle full fumigation if you absolutely need it.  

Terminix offers a service that is environmentally conscientious and safe for both children and pets. All of their services are in line with EPA regulations, and Terminix practices Integrated Pest Management – which works to reduce pest conducive environments in addition to spray treatments. 

Their customer service is backed by a robust infrastructure and is more than capable of handling customer needs. However, the company size also means that some quality control can slip through the cracks, and the personal touch can be lost. However, they do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee which they stand by. 


Orkin Pest Control Company Review
  • Nationwide, Established
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Termite Inspection

Not many companies can claim they’ve stayed in business for 120 years, and Orkin has withstood the test of time. As one of the largest pest control companies nationwide, “The Orkin Man” is one of the most trusted, and established names in pest control. 

Orkin focuses its efforts on being at the forefront of the latest pest control knowledge and technology; taking the most scientific approach to their treatments. Orkin offers the latest in termite control, insect treatment, rodent control; as well as moisture control, and repairs for pest-caused damages. 

Because Orkin’s service is so up-to-date and scientific in its approach to pest control; Orkin will be one of the most environmentally friendly and safe services you can have access to.  

Orkin will be a great company for customers looking for a well-established brand, with plenty of service options, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if the service isn’t quite right, Orkin will come out to re-service between regular visits at no extra charge. 

Haskell Termite & Pest Control, Inc.

Haskell Termite & Pest Control, Inc.
  • Relatively affordable
  • Free inspections
  • Great customer service

Haskell Termite and Pest Control is the largest family-run pest control company on Florida’s west coast and has been in business since 1922. 

Haskell is a full-service pest control company; their coverage includes the most common pests in Florida, using environmentally friendly products. Additionally, pre-construction treatments, fumigation, and lawn maintenance services are available. For commercial customers, trained pest control specialists for service industries, warehouses, and food preparation facilities are available. All of Haskell’s services are guaranteed: so if there are any issues between your regular visits, Haskell’s will re-service the property at no extra cost. 

The company operates 24/7 and offers treatments any time of day, making them highly accessible. It should be noted that wait times for these appointments can sometimes be longer than customers would hope for or expect – and some reviews complained of messes being left by technicians. 

Pricing for Haskell Termite and Pest Control is some of the best in the area, for any kind of service whether it is monthly, quarterly, or simply a one-time service, you’ll get a great bang for your buck.


  • High contractor professionalism
  • $50 Off First Call
  • Large coverage footprint

You may recognize TruGreen as the company that keeps yards looking lush and green all across America. What you may not know is that on top of keeping the grass healthy, TruGreen technicians are also trained to handle the pests that thrive in that environment (aka Florida). 

Their services are fairly limited, so it is important to note that TruGreen is not a full-service pest control company. Where TruGreen offers service and thrives is with pests like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes that are prevalent in wet and grassy environments.

TruGreen also offers a service where they’ll treat the exterior of the home to prevent pests from coming indoors. However, TruGreen doesn’t offer any kind of interior pest control, so this is something important to be aware of if you choose them as your provider. You can bundle pest control with your lawn care service, but there will be limitations. 

Mother nature can be a handful in a variety of different forms, from crabgrass to mosquitoes. For a company that can do both, TruGreen will be a great option. 

Peachtree Pest Control

peachtree pest control review
  • Knowledgeable, helpful field staff
  • Goes above and beyond to answer questions or resolve issues
  • Accurate quotes and good value for the money

Peachtree Pest Control is a second-generation family-owned company, providing pest control since 1976. They have conducted scientific field studies into the impact of insects on people and animals; and been applying that knowledge and expertise to provide a quality and safe service for over 40 years. 

Peachtree Pest Control handles roaches, ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and termite infestations. It also does wildlife trapping and removal. This covers bats, rodents, squirrels, and other typical wildlife – they also seal entry points to protect against future invasion. 

The company is Green Shield Certified, offering one of the most environmentally safe services available, both in practices and in the products they use. Pricing is fair and affordable, and the company offers free estimates and return visits free of charge if pest problems persist. Though there have been some reported issues with scheduling and getting to appointments in a timely manner. 

At the end of the day, Peachtree Pest Control is a quality and safe service at an affordable price.

Aptive Environmental

  • Environmentally Safe Products
  • Re-Service Between Scheduled Visits If Necessary
  • Four Seasons Protection Plan

You may be familiar with Aptive because a young man or woman just knocked on your door soliciting their services. Aptive is a rapidly growing company in large part to their very active sales force. On top of their marketing, Aptive sets itself apart by being one of the most environmentally friendly companies available.

Aptive’s approach to safety is primarily through which products they choose to use when treating a home and simplifying their practices. Aptive covers most general pest needs such as ants, spiders, and stinging insects – however they don’t cover wood-destroying pests like carpenter ants, termites, or bed bugs.

Aptive treats seasonally and guarantees their work, so they’ll come out between visits if you need anything. However, sometimes they struggle to resolve some pest concerns because of their more difficult nature. Prices can be slightly higher, but still not unreasonable.

All things considered, for the environmentally-conscious customer with mild, or general pest needs – Aptive can be a nice company to take a look at.

Suncoast Pest Control

  • 100% natural treatment plans available
  • Free inspections, quotes, and the lowest price guaranteed
  • Thorough, personable, and knowledgeable technicians

Suncoast Pest Control is a 100% natural pest control company, providing pest control since 1993. Regardless of which treatment plan you choose, Suncoast Pest Control is committed to only providing services that are eco-friendly and safe for families.

Suncoast is a highly accessible company, with 24/7 phone service, and same-day/emergency treatments available. They offer some of the lowest prices in the area- especially with their bed bug service.

However, there are reported scheduling problems and problems with the company honoring its warranties. But, if you don’t really care that much about customer service and just want your pests gone for the cheapest price, then Suncoast could be a great option for you. Technicians have been reported as being highly knowledgeable and well trained.

PIP Termite and Pest Control

PIP Termite and Pest Control
  • Relatively affordable
  • Great customer service
  • Quick to respond

Pip Termite and Pest Control has been servicing residents of the Cape Coral, FL area since 1987, covering both residential and commercial properties it is one of the fastest-growing, family-run pest control companies in South Florida.

The company covers all the common pests that are typical in South Florida: roaches, ants, spiders, termites, and others. Pip stands out for a couple of reasons. The first is their above and beyond customer service. The next is their repair and exclusion services that are exceptional. Sealing rodents out of the home, or repairing termite-caused damages are crucial to a pest control company. 

Pip Termite and Pest Control are some of the most affordable services available, and they generally use environmentally friendly products. Though they go above and beyond when it comes to their service, they seem to struggle at times with “bedside manners.” So if you are sensitive about customer service this is something to consider. There are some missed appointments and customer complaints that the company hasn’t taken the effort to respond to in online reviews. 

TruTech Wildlife Service

trutech review
  • Specializes in wildlife removal
  • Effective relocation techniques
  • Large coverage footprint

TruTech is the company to call when it comes to wildlife removal. Sometimes, pests don’t take the form of creepy crawlies, but rather furry, nuisance wildlife. TruTech has set itself apart as being an exclusively wildlife-based company.

Because trapping and removing wildlife can be dangerous for both you and the animal, we highly recommend hiring a professional for this kind of work. This is where TruTech comes in. TruTech is trained to effectively and humanely trap, remove, and relocate nuisance wildlife that finds its way onto your property. 

Their coverage is extensive and you would be hard-pressed to find an animal that TruTech can’t handle. From birds and squirrels to raccoons, skunks, and even bobcats – TruTech covers it. They also offer services to prevent and monitor for future invasions, as well as repair damages caused by wildlife. 

Pricing for TruTech services can vary pretty widely from a few hundred to several thousand, this will have to do with what kind of work you’re having done.

Gregory Pest Solutions

gregory pest solutions review
  • Hundreds of positive reviews
  • Family-owned business
  • Unique services like disinfecting and bee keeping

Gregory Pest Solutions is a family-owned pest control company that has been operating for over 50 years and has expanded its reach to a dozen states. 

Gregory Pest Solutions treats both residential and commercial and will cover almost any pest need. Their Residential Pest Protection Plan will keep you protected from all kinds of pests year-round, including ants, spiders, and mosquitos. 

The most unique aspect of Gregory Pest Solutions is its beehive maintenance service. If you are a beekeeper this is the company for you. Gregory can not only safely remove hives from a property, but also feed and maintain hives for those who raise them.

Truly Nolen Pest and Termite Control

truly nolen pest and termite control review
  • Eco-friendly and pet-friendly
  • Unique insulation service
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Truly Nolen Pest and Termite Control has been around since the late ’30s, now providing pest control in over 30 countries worldwide. 

With all of that experience, Truly Nolen can handle almost any pest control need, including those that are invisible to the naked eye – with Truly Nolen now offering disinfection services. Truly Nolen also performs lawn care and insulation services, making them a complete company for your pest and home maintenance needs. 

Truly Nolen is distinguished by its company cars which use a cute mouse logo to be less intimidating for children when exterminators arrive at a home. This is all part of their efforts to be family and environmentally friendly.

Truly Nolen has had some issues with not responding to customer complaints- at least online. However, they do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and they do stand by this warranty.

Bay Pest Control

bay pest control review
  • A variety of service options
  • One monthly plan for many pest services
  • Offer DIY products for customers

Bay Pest Control is a veteran-owned business that has dedicated over 60 years to protecting families and businesses from unwanted pests. 

Bay Pest Control covers all kinds of common pests: ants, spiders, rodent control, stinging insects, and even wildlife removal (raccoons, foxes, moles, etc.) Other services include shrub care, termite damage repair, tree care pest control. 

Because Bay Pest Control knows how important honey bees and other pollinators are to the environment that take extra care when approaching this kind of service. The company will be able to remove, and safely relocate a hive or nest on the property. Another unique aspect of their service is offering products for sale to their customers, giving them the opportunity for DIY pest control.

Reviews show that customers are very satisfied with Bay Pest Control prices, and they warranty their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Pest Strategies Process

Comprehensive research

Our pest experts take a deep dive into each of our top picks. We put in the work to identify the best pest control companies in your area that have top reviews, reasonable pricing, and comprehensive coverage for your pest infestations.

We ensure that each pest control company on our list hits the mark on coverage and reliability, so you can make the right choice.

Rigorous Analysis

We’ve selected the best pest control companies in your area and have used our comparative analysis to provide a complete list of coverage offered.

Our reviews provide the information you need for each company on which pests they cover, their service areas, and their accreditations to make sure you’re only getting the best.

Top Picks

Selecting the best pest control company in your area can be overwhelming, which is why we used our panel of pest experts along with comprehensive research and analysis to choose our top picks.

Our pest control companies are top rated for pest coverage, reviews, and pricing so you can choose a top-rated company that fits your needs.

FAQs for Pest Control in Cape Coral, FL

What are the most common pest problems in Cape Coral?

Termites in Florida come from under the ground to infest dead wood. Its worker caste uses it as a food and nesting source to care for the rest of the colony. However, soldier termites will staunchly defend this territory against all predators.

Mosquitoes in Cape Coral are attracted to the area’s humid conditions. They also prefer the abundance of free-standing waterways in the region. That’s why it’s important to maintain sanitation standards by eliminating as many mosquito breeding areas as possible.

Bed bugs are a nightmare for hospitality businesses like hotels and vacation rental companies. The best way to prevent them is by maintaining extra vigilance. Routine room inspections have to be the main priority when safeguarding against this prolific pest.

Ants. The tawny crazy ant is probably the most distressing species in the area. However, it’s best not to overlook other types, such as the Argentine and pharoah ants. Both of these species can create just as much mayhem. 

Roaches. German cockroaches are the ones seen infesting home and commercial kitchens. Restaurants are especially vulnerable to this widespread threat. However, all cockroach species can be controlled using bait stations, gels, and well-placed granules.

What is the average cost of pest control in Cape Coral?

The average price to hire an exterminator in cape coral is $161, ranging from $104 to $255. However, the exact cost usually depends on the pest type and the size of the problem.

For instance, a one-time cleanout of common pests such as ants, roaches, and spiders will typically be priced around $150. But a termite treatment is typically much higher. Expect to pay anywhere between $2,000 and $8,000, while a bed bug service can be $500 to $1500.

How to choose a pest exterminator in Cape Coral?

  1. Ask the neighbors who they use for their pest control needs in Cape Coral.
  2. Online review sites are a good source of information concerning how well exterminators in the local area perform.
  3. Ask about call-back policies, service warranties, and other types of guarantees before signing a contract for routine pest control services.
  4. Seek out only those exterminators that are licensed and insured in Florida.
  5. Be sure to inquire about service methods. Are there any pesticides applied indoors? Is it safe for the environment? Is there anything to move before the technician arrives?

Which companies in Cape Coral have eco-friendly solutions?

Aptive Environmental uses insect growth regulators to cut down on the need for widespread pesticide applications. 

Infinite Pest Solutions takes care of ants utilizing granular baits instead of sprays that can cause foul odors.

Orkin keeps children and pets safe while eliminating bed bug infestations. It does this by utilizing earth-friendly powders instead of fumigating with toxic aerosols.

Arrow Environmental Services is a locally owned and managed company that respects the surrounding community. It does this by sourcing only EPA-approved, organic sprays.

Terminix technicians are highly trained in the latest, eco-friendly methods for termite control.


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