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Top 6 Best Pest Control Companies in Orlando, FL (2020 Review)

Living in Florida, you probably already know how crazy some of the animals and pests can be.

While some days you may just be dealing with a few ants here and there, other days you could be stuck inside because an alligator is relaxing on your porch.

Because of the wide variety of pests that exist in Orlando, getting the right pest control expert for you is crucial.

Termite treatments and mosquito control are extremely important especially in regions like Florida where you don't get a break from all of the pesky critters. 

There are so many pest services available but that doesn't mean that they are all qualified or that they even care for that matter.

top orlando fl exterminators

To ensure your home is free from pests and you can relax with ease, we want to give you a look at 6 of the best pest control company options for residents of Orlando, Florida. Get free quotes from the best exterminators in Orlando FL so that you can get rid of your pests in no time at all. 

Top 6 Best Pest Control Companies in Orlando, FL

1. Ideal Pest Solutions 

Ideal Pest Solutions

A family owned business with over 30 years of experience, Ideal Pest Solutions is a great option for pest issues with their friendly service and quality work. As an added bonus to their great service, they are always giving back to the community to make it a better place for everyone. 

This company offers everything from cockroach removal to eco-friendly treatments for many pests. Bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, termites, rats, spiders, and mosquitos are the main pest problems they handle. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly solution to a pest problem Ideal Pest Solutions might be the pest service for you.

2. Wildout Animal and Pest Removal 

Wildout Animal and Pest Removal

Pests of all shapes and sizes are unable to stay in your home when you work with Wildout Animal and Pest Removal. They’ll take care of anything from snakes, rodents, and even small things like ants. No matter your pest problems, this company has your back.

Whether it’s a critter roaming around in your attic or ants in your sugar, Wildout Animal and Pest Control can handle it. The company is rated with five-star reviews and happy customers that are pleased with the work. They maintain excellent customer service on top of amazing pest management skills!

3. Trapline Pest Solutions 

Trapline Pest Solutions

Unlike many services that just want to get in, kill the problem, and get out, Trapline Pest Solution wants to help get rid of your pest problem in the most effective and humane way. Their many years of experience and desire to learn more about animal behavior allows them to tackle any pest issue and take care of it in the best way possible. 

They serve the Central Florida region and surrounding areas. Their pest control solutions consist of a plethora of treatments. Trapline Pest Solutions is committed to handling situations such as pest control treatment, dead animal removal, deodorizing, animal proofing, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, termite inspection and so much more. 

They take their pest control solutions seriously. You can contact them for a free quote and have that followed up by a free inspection. Once they know what the problem is they're facing they can inform you of how it can be handled and the preventative measures that can be taken to keep the pests from coming back.

4. Swan’s Pest Control

swans pest

Small insects can be one of the worst things to deal with, and Swan’s is here to get rid of any of them. A wide range of pest control options pairs well with great customer service that makes this pest control option one of the best for those with potential infestations in their home. 

Swan’s Pest Control service handles fire ants, bed bug extermination, termite control, ant extermination and much more. They serve Central Florida all the way from Apopka to Winter Gardens and places in between. You can set up monthly services with a low initial set up fee to have all your pest control needs met.

Reach out for a free quote followed by a free inspection. Whether you're looking for residential or commercial services Swan's can be of service. If you live in the Orlando area or surrounding areas they've got you covered.  

5. Orkin


A very well-known and respected brand, Orkin has over 115 years of experience in the industry and can be found almost anywhere. With their plentiful amount of resources and a large array of services available, Orkin is a safe option for those looking for a company who simply gets the job done. 

From residential pest control to lawn care and wildlife services, Orkin has you covered. They also offer commercial pest control care as well. Fumigation services and insulation installation are also on their  ‘will do’ list. No problem too big or pest too small for the Orkin Man/Woman.

6. Terminix 


90 years in the business and plenty of experience to speak of, Terminix is a brand that has been getting rid of pests for many generations. Reach out to Terminix if you are looking for an easy to understand experience and a pest control crowd who are ready to take on anything. 

While many pest control businesses close, Terminix is open 24/7 to help you handle any pest any time. The Orlando Terminix Commercial branch serves all of Central Florida and includes 110% money-back guarantee for pest control.

How Do We Rate Pest Control Companies In Orlando, Florida?

To get you the best options for Orlando pest control companies, we had to look through a range of different companies to find the best ones for you

. By checking all the sources, we could find and ensure every company we found had the necessary skills and reviews, we compiled our list to the best of our ability. 

The first step to finding the best companies is to look at the local offerings and see what companies are around. In Orlando, there are many great options that we had to look through to make up our list. We would get a first impression based on the website and online presence to understand how easy it is for the average customer to understand what services are offered and how to book an appointment. 

With an idea of what each company offers, we then use customer feedback to get a more realistic image of how well a company does their job. When a company has a large number of reviews that speak well of them, you can tell that the job was good enough to warrant praise. If a company has nothing but bad reviews and recurring issues, it may not be the best company for the job. 

To wrap up the whole package, we take a look at some of the smaller considerations that make up the company’s overall package. This is where we were able to determine who would be at the top and who needs just a little bit more to get to the top. Things like the kind of products they use, their range of operation, and quality guarantee options all factor into the whole package that makes a company great.

Want To Solve Your Pest Problem Now?

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How Much Does Pest Control Cost In Orlando?

To get an idea of what kind of price you will pay for pest control, we need to understand the options you have. In general, most of the prices that are associated with pest control are the same from company to company. The things that affect the price is the treatment type you choose. 

One option that many people choose to have done is a one time treatment. When you go for this variety of treatment, it is usually to deal with issues like beehives, nests, snakes, or anything that can be taken care of in one go. Since the entire treatment is condensed into one session, they cost more than other options at around $150 for fixing the issue. 

When you need an issue to be fixed over time, that is where you will need multiple treatments. For these treatments, you will likely be paying around $50 per treatment for the duration of your issue. This is the option you will want to go with for things like ants and smaller animals that keep coming back. 

Most Common Seasonal Pests In Orlando?

Orlando is a generally hot area, so there are many pests that can live here year round and cause trouble. One of the most unique seasonal issues in Orlando is the “lovebug season” where these bugs are seen in very high numbers in the warmer months. These can be dealt with when you reach out to the right pest control group. All other pests are generally around for most of the year. 

Indoor Pests In Orlando?

Many of the most common pests you will face will be indoor pests. These include insects like ants, cockroaches, termites, and any number of other small insects that are often found in large numbers. The pests love to live indoors and will find a number of ways to get on your nerves. 

Want To Solve Your Pest Problem Now?

We’ve partnered with Terminix to bring you exclusive discounts and priority service for your pest control needs. Click to get your free instant price quote.

Limited Time: Save $50 off your pest control service.

Outdoor Pests In Orlando?

Living in Orlando, you are probably aware of some of the unique pests that you can be faced with. Animals like alligators, snakes, raccoons, and anything under the sun can find its way onto your property in Orlando. Because of the diverse wildlife, pest control experts are ready to take on whatever you need help with. One thing you need to be careful of when choosing a pest control specialist is making sure they are equipped to take care of the pest. Most can take care of a racoon, but an alligator is a different level of pest. 

The best pest control companies aren't just a good name with a fancy logo. They are people who care about a job well done and pleased customers. Whether it is wildlife control, pro-staff termite control, pre-construction termite prevention, and rodent control; it's important that you have a pest control company that's on your side for the better.

Our top-rated pest control companies and pest control service choices were due to their amazing work, incredible customer service, their environmental practices, and when it all boils down to it the customer insight and reviews. Dealing with any kinds of pests inside or outside of your home can be extremely annoying and in some cases they can cause real problems for homes, businesses, and the people in and around them.

Termite protection, fumigation, mosquito control, and bed bug solutions are all available. No pest is too big or small for the right company!

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