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Established in 1969, Falcon Lawn and Pest have been providing trustworthy and effective pest control to the Orlando and Central Florida communities for over 51 years. That’s why you can rest assured that no one is better equipped to provide pest control solutions tailored to the Central Florida climate and environment. Falcon Lawn and Pest has been serving the Central Florida area and has been helping communities in this area live pest-free from their headquarters at 4062 S Goldenrod Rd, Orlando, FL 32822-5623. Whether you’re dealing with roaches, rodents, spiders, fleas, wasps, silverfish, termites, or earwigs in your home, or you need help with lawn care, Falcon Lawn and Pest’s highly trained technicians have what it takes to help you. 

One of the hallmarks of Falcon Lawn and Pest’s service is their dedication to keeping up with the times and technologies by training their highly-skilled technicians to provide customers with the safest, most effective pest treatment possible.  For example, Falcon Lawn and Pest’s termite control uses technologies and treatments like Termidor, Sentricon, and Formosan depending on the type of house you have. Furthermore, Falcon Lawn and Pest technicians use special techniques to make sure that harmful chemicals and pest control treatments are out of reach of your pets and children- keeping your loved ones safe.

One thing that sets apart Falcon Lawn and Pest from almost every other pest control company in Central Florida is their decades of experience in giving their customers the best service possible when ridding their homes of pests. Furthermore, Falcon Lawn and Pest offer a very wide range of pest control solutions ranging from roaches and rodents to wasps and fleas and even helping get rid of mosquitoes. Also, Falcon Lawn and Pest use the latest technologies to provide you with termite control-making sure that your home doesn’t become a meal for termite colonies. However, Pest Control is not the only service Falcon Lawn and Pest offers- they also provide lawn, tree, and shrub care along with weed control. Along with Falcon Lawn and Pest’s experience providing Central Florida with the best pest control service comes a track record of customer satisfaction and professionalism seldom seen among other pest control companies in Central Florida. 

Based on customer reviews and reactions, it is clear that Falcon Lawn and Pest are very reasonably priced and offer a very good value for your money. Furthermore, they provide great deals like $25 OFF their initial pest control service and $25 OFF initial lawn care service coupons on their website. Falcon Lawn and Pest also offer a free estimate for pest control services on their website, and also if you’re not satisfied with Falcon Lawn and Pest’s results, they will return at no additional charge until the issue is fixed.

Falcon Lawn and Pest has an amazing commitment to keeping you and your loved ones safe- whether it’s your pets or children. Using special techniques and methods, Falcon Lawn and Pest technicians will ensure that harmful chemicals and treatments are out of the reach of your loved ones. Furthermore, Falcon Lawn and Pest is committed to reducing its environmental impact. As a member of the US EPA pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program, Falcon Lawn and Pest make sure to use advancements in technologies to provide environmentally safe, yet effective pest control treatments. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for a highly experienced, effective, and professional pest control company with a track record of success, Falcon Lawn and Pest is perfect for you. Using the latest technologies and methods, Falcon Lawn and Pest’s technicians will make sure to provide you with the safest, most effective pest control solutions possible.

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Company Pros
  • 51 years of experience in Central Florida
  • Highly professional, highly skilled technicians
  • Environmentally safe and pet friendly
Company Cons
  • Not the most affordable pest control service in the area
  • Some customers complain about punctuality

Reviewed By:
Ed Spicer
Ed has been working in the pest control industry for years helping 1,000's of homeowners navigate the world of insect and rodent management. He manages Pest Strategies now helping homeowners around the world!
Overall Rating (4.4)
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Date founded: 1969

Address: 4062 S Goldenrod Rd, Orlando, FL 32822-5623

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