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Elite Pest Management is a pest control company based in Riverside, California, servicing the entire Southern California area. It was established in 2007 by two partners with more than 20 years of pest control experience combined. For the past 13 years, Elite Pest Management has serviced planned communities and residential properties and has garnered a reputation for providing quality service.

Elite provides pest, rodent, and wildlife control services targeting ants, spiders, cockroaches, wasps, honey bees, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, flies, mosquitoes, Indian meal moths, and termites. It also treats rats, mice, gophers, ground squirrels, birds, bats, and other urban wildlife. The company has free inspection and service guarantees for all treatments, and its prices are fair.

It provides fumigation and tenting services to exterminate dry wood termites, bed bugs, and wood-destroying beetles. Tenting and fumigation is a delicate, costly, and time-consuming affair, so Elite’s technicians only resort to it if normal treatments can’t reach the pests and if there’s a large infestation throughout your structure. If your pest problem is minor, the technicians will apply localized treatments in problem areas.

Before deciding on fumigation, the company’s highly trained technicians will do an inspection to determine how infested your home is and come up with a suitable solution. If your house needs to be fumigated, they’ll explain to you what the entire process entails and what to expect before, during, and after fumigation is done. Since they have had tons of experience fumigating homes, they know what they are doing and are highly efficient.

They only use Vikane fumigant, a treatment that’s widely used in California due to its effectiveness. The treatment doesn’t leave a chemical residue behind and is non-flammable, non-corrosive, and non-staining. It has been specially designed to deeply penetrate walls, floors, and other inaccessible areas without damaging your property.

Elite Pest Management trains its employees extensively in the safe handling of chemicals and administration of treatment. The chemicals used in treatments can be dangerous to your pets and family, so the company ensures that all treatments are administered in the safest way possible to prevent any exposure.

Elite’s technicians also use humane methods to bait and trap wildlife pests. They are highly skilled in live capture and removal of animals like raccoons, possums, and skunks. They also provide structural improvements that will keep them out. In case of a bat issue, technicians will remove the bats and seal the areas where they were nesting. The technicians can also safely remove honey bees while making sure to keep the honeycomb intact.

It’s undeniable that Elite Pest Management offers excellent pest control treatment since we didn’t find complaints of pest recurrence, but its customer service is a totally different case. Many customers reported that they received poor customer service, including calls going unanswered, appointments canceled without notice, disrespectful employees, and overall unprofessionalism. The owner, however, seems to be trying his best to mitigate this issue, and most of the complaints filed were resolved.

Overall, Elite Pest Management is the best when it comes to pest control, but its biggest problem is inferior customer service. The company might have to consider sending its employees to sensitivity and customer service training because no matter how great its treatments are, it won’t count for much if customers have to deal with unprofessional employees.

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Company Pros
  • Offers free inspections
  • Fair pricing
  • Effective treatments
Company Cons
  • Poor customer service
  • Canceled appointments

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Ed Spicer
Ed has been working in the pest control industry for years helping 1,000's of homeowners navigate the world of insect and rodent management. He manages Pest Strategies now helping homeowners around the world!
Overall Rating (4)
Company Information
Pests Covered
  • Bed Bugs
  • Stinging Insects
  • Termites
  • Ants
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Spiders
  • Wildlife
  • Cockroaches
  • Mosquitoes
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Date Founded: 2007

Address: 1601 Chicago Ave Riverside, CA 92507

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