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Top 6 Best Pest Control Companies in Elk Grove, CA (2020 Review)

Sitting at the heart of Sacramento County, Elk Grove is known as one of the best cities to live in California. Through its fairly high median household income, the Elk Grove suburb has been attracting a lot of young professionals. 

With warm and temperate climate, this statutory city has been attracting a significant assemblage of both indoor and outdoor pests as well. Luckily for Elk Grove residents, the city harbors some of the region's top performing exterminators.

But which pest control company should you choose? With a couple of factors to consider, finding the right Elk Grove pest control solution can be quite challenging.

elk grove pest control companies

However, we took it upon ourselves to do an in-depth research and come up with a list of top 6 pest control companies in the area to help not just residents of Elk Grove but also those in the surrounding areas and communities like Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, Folsom, and even Roseville decide on which pest management company is the best option.

After we tell you our picks, you can then read some of the most common pest control questions that we took the time to answer. Remember that you can get free quotes from the best exterminators in Elk Grove with ease. 

Top 6 Best Pest Control Companies in Elk Grove, CA

1. Fast Action Pest Control

Fast Action Pest Control

Fast Action Pest Control is one of the most trusted providers of pest control services in the Northern California region. For more than 15 years, the company has been actively providing relief to residents on various types of infestation issues caused by different types of pests such as rats, cockroaches, bed bugs, centipedes, spiders, and many others.

As the name of the company implies, Fast Action Pest Control takes pride in its timely response and quick results no matter the severity of infestation issues are at hand. The company has a team of highly trained and experienced inspectors and specialists to help provide a customized pest control plan to every unique situation. The company offers free inspection as part of their fast action enhanced service program.

Currently, the company has a 4.4 rating in Google Reviews, a 4.5 in Yelp, and a 4.6 at HomeAdvisor.

2. Bell Pest Control

bell pest control

Another seasoned veteran in the local Elk Grove pest control industry is Bell Pest Control. With more than 40 years of experience, Bell Pest Control has been one of the leading providers of pest control services not just in Elk Grove but throughout the greater Sacramento area.

Bell Pest Control is not your ordinary pest control exterminator. The company's arsenal of pest management solutions include infestation control for ants, spiders, rats, mice, silverfish, wasps, moths, and cockroaches. They also provide a number of special services like rodent exclusion, junk removal, insulation, and and tree service if you happen to have a problem with ants and aphids in your garden or backyard.

Bell Pest Control is BBB accredited since 2010 and has a rating of 3.5 in Yelp, 4.5 on Facebook, and a 4.8 in Google Reviews.

3. Best Price Pest Control

best price pest control

One considerable choice for property owners looking for an affordable deal with pest control services is Best Price Pest Control. For more than three decades, Best Price Pest Control has been servicing residential and commercial properties in the Greater Sacramento Area along with its outlying areas such as Elk Grove, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, Citrus Heights, Folsom, and Rancho  Cordova.

The company offers an affordable initial start-up price of $40 for a one-time service on an average home. Best Price Pest Control has experienced and well-trained professionals capable of handling a selection of pests including wasps, ants, cockroaches, bees, blackwidow spiders, earwigs, fleas, mice, rats, and ants.

As of this writing, Best Price Pest Control has a 4.8 rating in Google Reviews.

4. EcoGuard Pest Management

ecoguard pest management

Are you worried with the chemicals that might be used in your home as much as you are pissed off with your unwanted guests? EcoGuard Pest Management could be the perfect choice for you.

With over 40 years of experience, this locally owned, family run business has been one of the major pest control companies in the Greater Sacramento area. A recipient of various awards and recognition revolving around pest control and customer service, EcoGuard Pest Management offers highly effective but child and pet friendly pest management solutions. 

The company offers both residential and commercial pest control and pest inspections for a wide array of pests including carpenter ants, aphids, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, black widows, earwigs, house centipedes, rodents, brown recluse, wolf spider, wasps, bees, scorpions, ticks, and voles. On top of that, the company also offers insulation, lawn care, and weed control services.

EcoGuard Pest Management has a 4.8 rating in Angie's List and a 5 on Facebook.

5. ​Alpha Omega Integrated Pest Management

alpha omega integrated pest management

Alpha Omega Integrated Pest Management is owned and managed by an experienced exterminator who is hands-on when it comes to helping homes in the Greater Sacramento area become pest-free. 

With more than 16 years of experience in dealing with various types of pest issues, Alpha Omega Integrated Pest Management takes pride in utilizing up-to-date materials and techniques against ants, earwigs, cockroaches, silverfish, fleas, rats, mice, crickets, blackwidows, and many other types of intruders.

Alpha Omega IPM currently has a 4.9 rating in Google Reviews and a 5 at Yelp.

6. Official Pest Prevention

official pest prevention

And last but not the least is another major player in the local California pest solutions industry. Official Pest Prevention is a family-owned and licensed exterminator with over 20 years of experience in handling different types of pest issues in over 100,000 households. 

With more than 100 employees and 75 service vehicles, Official Pest Prevention has been a reliable pest services provider in Elk Grove as well as in West Sacramento and throughout the Northern and Central California areas. Geared with a considerable work-force, Official Pest Prevention is a full-service pest control company for all types of pests and nuisance wildlife. 

Its full spectrum of pest control services include termite control, rodent control, pigeon control, wildlife removal, and many others. Presently, Official Pest Prevention has a 4.6 rating at HomeAdvisor, 4.7 on Facebook, and a 4.8 in Google Reviews.

How We Rate Pest Control Companies In Elk Grove?

We know that looking for the right pest control company in Elk Grove or throughout Sacramento County can take a considerable amount of time and effort. Because of this, we wanted to compile a list of top 6 pest control companies to help property owners in the Sacramento area make the best decision possible.

You're probably thinking... how did we come up with this list in the first place?

First, we scoured through the internet in search of the most popular pest management companies not just in Elk Grove but throughout the rest of the Greater Sacramento area. Popularity of these companies are often fueled by the reviews posted by their respective clients. The greater the number of positive reviews means the more trustworthy and reliable these companies are.

We also took a good look at each of the company's official websites. We gave bonus points for websites that are easy to navigate and offer complete information on the company's background, affiliations and certifications, licenses and their offered services and treatment plans. 

The number of years of experience also plays a critical role on the reliability of the company. Basically, the more experienced the exterminator, the more effective they are in handling different types of pest issues.

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How Much Does Pest Control Cost In Elk Grove CA?

Keeping your home pest-free is an important investment. And just like any other good investment, service rates and differences are an important factor every property owner wants to consider. Fortunately enough, most if not all of the pest management companies in Elk Grove and in the rest of Sacramento County don't have much of a difference in service rates.

Basically, figures move up and down depending on the type of treatment plan you wish to acquire and square footage of your home. 

Pest control services can be a one-time treatment or a recurring visit either bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. If you go with longer term contracts, you can usually lock in a reduced rate for pest service.

Most Common Pests In Elk Grove?

The climate and geography of Sacramento County plays an important role on the types of pests that are present or at least that can be expected in Elk Grove. With a Mediterranean climate and low humidity, Sacramento County, particularly Elk Grove attracts a variety of pests like ants, aphids, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, weevils, moths, beetles, rodents, spiders, wasps, and pigeons.

Indoor Pests In Elk Grove?

Being one of the most desirable cities to live in the state of California, Elk Grove is full of residential properties for families and commercial establishments for young professionals. Being the land of opportunity for new residents, communities also presents a favorable environment to a number of indoor pests.

The city's assemblage of common indoor invaders include carpenter ants, termites, cockroaches, Norway rats and roof rats, silverfish, fleas, and bed bugs. Considering your essentials found inside your home and the indoor structure of your home, eliminating indoor pests presents a challenge to your local exterminators. Indoor pests are often dealt with multiple treatments.

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Outdoor Pests In Elk Grove?

Maintaining a garden or at least a relaxing environment in your backyard or on your porch can be a bit challenging especially if a nasty intruder is just nearby. Outdoor pests in Elk Grove can range from creepy crawlies and stinging flyers to nuisance wildlife.

Some of the most commonly observed outdoor pests in Elk Grove CA are fire ants, millipedes, earwigs, paper wasps, aphids, spiders, and birds. With the right pest control company and strategy, pest issues in your outdoors are often dealt with in one blow.

Pests are a common problem among property owners. However, it doesn't mean that you'll just have to live with it. These intruders can either damage your home or pose a threat to your family's health and well-being. Hence, it is extremely important to contact your local pest control company at the first sign of infestation.

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