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best california pest control companies

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#1 Top Overall Pick: Terminix

Our Rating: 4.75


Company Information

Terminix serves over 20 locations between southern California and northern California, which include major locations such as Los Angeles and all of the orange county. By looking at their coverage area, somewhere like Riverside, Downey, or San Bernardino isn’t covered because they don’t have their own office. Still, several offices nearby can take care of this area, and their services also include more rural service areas of the state like Redding.

Compared to its competition, Terminix offers the most extensive service area coverage for those living anywhere in California. It doesn’t matter what infestation you have. Terminix has an exterminator to take care of your pest problem and give you peace of mind. As anyone who lives in California knows, the most common pests in this state are ants, termites, cockroaches, rodents, millipedes, silverfish, paper wasps, and fleas.

Terminix offers all of these services no matter if you are a Californian that needs termite control, rodent control, or any other pest management service. Also, they offer these services to our Californian businesses as well.

Unlike other pest control companies in California, they offer their customers a free termite inspection and a 100% satisfaction guarantee included with every service! These factors combined, plus their years of experience, really make Terminix stand out from the competition.

Terminix has some of the best coverage nationwide covering the following pests:

Millipedes, wasps, wasp nest removal, centipedes, mice, rats, house crickets, cockroaches, house ants (suga and grease), carpenter ants, bed bugs, clothes moths, paper wasps, silverfish, earwigs, spiders (non-dangerous), scorpions, termites and ticks.

Top Pick For General Pest Control: Aptive

Our Rating: 4.65


Company Information

Aptive is one of the larger corporate pest control companies available to Californians. They also have some of the lowest and most consistent prices of any of its competitors in this state. Unlike Terminix, Aptive has a much smaller list of pests that they will treat. They do not offer any wildlife removal services like some of its competitors.

For instance, Aptive doesn’t treat any animal that would fall into the wildlife category, such as gophers, a common problem in Los Angeles. Another pest that they do not treat for that has spread rapidly across California is bed bugs. Finally, they do not offer any kind plan to help with wood-destroying organisms, which means that one of the major issues Californians deal with isn’t covered. That would be termites.

Some of the most common pest problems in California are ants, spiders, rats, mice, wasps. Anyone living in California looking for a more general pest control service, Aptive, deals with your structural pest problems very well.

Ants, spiders, cockroaches, rats, mice, wasps, millipedes, house centipedes, centipedes, slugs, and snails are common in California. Aptive specializes in these pests and can quickly eliminate them for you at a very reasonable rate, ranging from 80 to 100 dollars a quarter. All of these pests listed are problems for those who live in California. Also, Aptive does leave some control to its technicians on what they can do, so if you are having a problem that doesn’t appear on this list, you should always ask to see if they can take care of it.

While they can treat commercial properties, Californians should be aware that this main company focus is on residential accounts rather than businesses. It can be so I wouldn’t get your hopes up about them also treating your business. This company also has a decent amount of coverage across the state with eight different offices. A willingness to treat within an hour of any of those branches Aptive covers the majority of California. An example would be that this company has an office near Anaheim to easily reach out and service the community in Huntington beach.

Your first year with Aptive comes with a year-long agreement. While many Californians this day and age do not want long commitments to a company, it is in your favor. The first pro to this is both you and the company know what to expect. You are guaranteed five services in your first year and four services each year after the agreement is over as long as you are an active customer.

Once the first year is over, you are out of your terms of the agreement, but the service continues unless you send in writing your desire the cancel the service. However, even after your first-year contract is over, they will always provide their Californian residence unlimited free re-services while remaining a customer with Aptive.

Aptive takes the responsibility of resolving your pest problems very seriously. If the problem has not been resolved after the third attempt, you can expect one of their management team to come out and inspect and deal with the problem personally.

In addition to the above positives, Aptive puts on the white gloves to take care of their customers. You can expect the very best in treatment from this company. Lastly, they are available year-round soon matter when you need your pest control company; they will be there.

Ants, cockroaches, rodents , fleas, spiders, pantry pests, aphids, crickets. earwigs, millipedes, silverfish, snails

Top Pick For Coverage: Orkin Pest Control

Our Rating: 4.5


Company Information

While Orkin is taking the third-place spot on our list here in California, it isn’t because of their coverage. With over 20 offices across the state, Orkin is a solid choice as far as availability goes. What might have set them back a little bit is that they don’t cover quite as many pests as Terminix. When it comes to general pest control solutions, they can also be more expensive than Aptive.

Where they shine is that they cover more of the problem pests Californians deal with than Aptive and have more coverage. They also have a few offices in California where Aptive is not present and has some coverage in places that Terminix doesn’t.

Orkin’s pest coverage is very extensive, and it includes the following. Bed Bugs, Moths, Crickets, Fleas, Hornets, Scorpions, Silverfish, Carpenter Ants, Roaches, Mice, Spiders, Centipedes, Earwigs, Ticks, and termite treatments. While Californians may not see all of these all the time, they are all quite common in the state, and it is good to have a company that can take care of any problem that shows up.

Any of our Californian homeowners will tell you that an attic can be a breeding ground for pests. Or trying to spend time in a law that is swarming with mosquitos will ruin an evening. Orkin includes three pest services that solve this for Californians. Attic insulation, lawn treatments, and moisture control services. These are services that Aptive and Terminix do not offer.

Orkin has many services and a large coverage area here in California. Their list of services is extensive and, in some ways, unique to that of their competitors. The prices might be a little high, but you also get top of the line service, and if the job didn’t satisfy you, they have a 100% money-back guarantee on the last service performed.

Bed Bugs, moths, crickets, fleas, hornets, scorpions, silverfish, carpenter Ants, roaches, mice, spiders, centipedes, earwigs, ticks, termites, mosquitoes, cockroaches

Top Pick For Mosquito Control: TruGreen

Our Rating: 4.05


Company Information

Like all of us, Californians want to have an amazing yard. When you have that back yard BBQ, for the kids to play in, or maybe just to lay in when it’s nice out, what ruins that for Californians? Brown spots, mosquitoes constantly swarming you while you try to have a cookout or lay in the sun.

Suppose your pest problems are more on your lawn than in your home, TruGreen probably has a solution. They are not a wildlife control company, so don’t call them to remove a squirrel problem, but they are very good at keeping your lawn lush and verdant. With all the dry weather that Californians get, this is an invaluable service if you love to have a nice green lawn free of brown spots.

TruGreen offers weed removal, Soil Amendment & Analysis services, tick, and flea control. Any California resident knows that it can be one of the most annoying infestations to get rid of if you get a flea problem. If you don’t catch it soon enough, you will need a professional to deal with it and quickly! Luckily, TruGreen has a service to get rid of fleas and prevent them from becoming a problem in the first place.

They also can help you protect your lawn from grubs that are common in California. These grubs are beetle larva that is common to most California areas and will eat the roots of your plants and turf, destroying patches of it. Later, when these grubs turn into beetles, they could find their way into your home. While not dangerous to people, they are certainly not something any Californian resident wants to find in their house.

In addition to the previously mentioned services, TruGreen can help you will something that plagues the entire country, mosquitoes. Depending on where you live in California, the pest’s problem level will vary. Still, for those of you who have the problem, you know just how valuable mosquito remediation can be!

TruGreen is available in most places in California. They only have three main branches, but they serve almost the entire state, making them a valuable service to keep on hand.

Despite not being a full-fledged pest control company, TruGreen offers some services that most other companies don’t offer, primarily the grub control and mosquito remediation. Their prices are also pretty reasonable ranging from 450 to 800 dollars a year, depending on the work you need them to do and the type of plan you select.

We find TruGreen a respectable choice for Californians who don’t have any serious pest control problem but still need a few services to make their outside time more enjoyable. Not to mention you get a stunning lawn out of the deal.

TruGreen has the fewest insects covered on the list, specifically TruGreen Covers: 

Mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, spiders, and rodents

Top Pick For Wildlife: TruTech

Our Rating: 4.35


Company Information

Any Californian will tell you that raccoons live in the cities; in fact, raccoons love the city because of the abundance of food and living spaces available to them. Any time wildlife and humans live to close; you are going to eventually have a problem. TruTech steps in and offers an invaluable service to anyone who lives in California.

For the most part, when someone says the phrase “pest problem,” they can mean anything from animals to insects. Technically speaking, in the pest control industry, a pest infestation is either insects or rodents but does not include animals like a snake or a raccoon. If your pest control needs include snakes, raccoons, and birds, you need wildlife control and should check out TruTech.

Unlike the top three on this list, TruTech doesn’t do pest control; they are a wildlife control service and very good at what they do. They have a plan for every season of the year and understand what animals may become a nuisance at that time of the year.

Prices vary depending on the wildlife involved. If you live in Orange County, Carlsbad, and San Diego, you should check them out if you ever need their services.

Armadillos, beavers, badgers, bats, birds, bobcats, cane toads, chipmunks, cotton rat, coyote, crow, deer, mice, finches, squirrels, fox, geese, gophers, gorundhogs, gulls, iguanas, lizards, magpie, marmot, moles, muskrat, opossum, otters, peacocks, pigeons, raccoons, rats, scorpions, shrews, skunks, snakes, stinging insects, voles

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