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Top 6 Best Pest Control Companies in Phoenix, AZ (2020 Review)

Let's face it, protecting your home from the numerous creepy crawly critters that live in Arizona can be daunting.

From bed bugs to termites it's well worth the investment to get your pests taken care of early before real damage sets in!

To help you out, we've reviewed the top 6 pest control companies in Arizona to get your pest problems solved.

Our pest experts looked at Better Business Bureau ratings, coverage, pricing, past customer experience, and numerous other data points to determine which Arizona exterminators are actually worth investing your time into.

From Scottsdale to Tucson, here is your list.

best phoenix az pest control companies

Top 6 Best Pest Control Companies in Arizona 

1. Urban Desert Pest Control

Urban Desert Pest Control

The first Arizona pest control company on our list is Urban Desert Pest Control.

They are a local pest control business founded in 2015 serving mostly the Scottsdale region of Arizona. They don't require any sort of service contract and offer free quotes on all jobs.

Urban tries to promote better values in the pest control industry that is somewhat outdated and ineffective. With pet friendly treatment, this family owned business is loved by locals for their great service and effective techniques.

They're dedication toward exceptional product comes through in their consistently positive Yelp reviews and service awards.

What really stood out to us was their A+ BBB rating. The customer complaints that were noted on their profile were resolved in a timely manner with refund and credits.

2. Orange Pest Control

Orange Pest Control

The second Arizona pest control company on our list is Orange Pest Control.

They are another local pest control business serving mostly the Mesa region of Arizona. If you call in you're likely to speak with a man named Tyler, presumably the owner, who goes out of his way to ensure you get great pest control service.

Their website is a bit more vague with very few details about the company and lacks the ability for you to schedule a free estimate. You're forced to "schedule service", which feels like a bit of a commitment for folks who are still price shopping.

What we liked is that they do have one o the best track records in Arizona with a nearly perfect Yelp rating and constant praise for their commitment to getting the job done right.

They specialize in termites, scorpion control, bees, black widows, and cockroaches. 

3. Orkin


Unlike the other small local pest control services on this list, Orkin is a national provide with distributed offices in cities like Glendale, Chandler, and Gilbert Arizona which means that this company is able to tackle whatever pest you are dealing with wherever you are located in Arizona.  

Unlike the other pest control companies on our list, they have a wider service offering covering termite control, bed bug exterminating, cockroach removal, and other general pest management.

What you need to know about Orkin is that they are a national brand, which means dealing with a bigger company and more bureaucracy. On the other hand, with a bigger company you get a bigger customer service department to complain to if they don't deliver quality service.

That said, if you read reviews on Yelp or wherever, you'll get a wide range of experiences good and bad. This is because each office is run a little bit differently depending on the location.

A manager who runs an Orkin pest control office in Cave Creek Arizona, will be different than someone running another shop in Mesa Arizona. Our advice, would be to get familiar with the Orkin location near you to get a sense if they are a quality shop or not and lean less on Yelp ratings because they probably aren't indicative of every shop in the country.

They make our list because they are one of the most equip pest control providers in the country and have a large presence in Arizona. 

4. Simply Green Pest Control

Simply Green Pest Control

Based in Chandler, AZ, Simply Green Pest Control made our list as a standout provider with 600+ 5 star ratings on their Google profile, a solid 4.5 Yelp rating, and an A+ BBB rating. 

It's actually a family owned and operated business that is known for their great attitude and professionalism.  Simply Green offers a 50% off discount on your initial pest service. 

5. Custom Weed and Pest Control

Custom Weed and Pest Control

Founded in 1983, Custom Weed and Pest Control has been for 25+ years serving mainly the Phoenix Metro Arizona area. 

They made our top list because we wanted to include one provider that was good at pest control but then also offers weed control. This is because you can save money by bundling these services. Custom Weed and Pest Control hits the mark on both fronts.

As with the other top Arizona exterminators on our list, we like to look at the BBB profile and Yelp profile. We do this to see how the company performs but also how it reacts to negative feedback.

They did have an A+ rating although their BBB profile was relatively empty. Their Yelp profile is full of positive reviews and good experiences from customers. Although, we found their focus was more on the weed control side ethan the pest control sid.

None the less, they are a solid provider and #5 on our list for best pest control company in Arizona.

6. Insectek Pest Solutions

Insectek Pest Solutions

The last company to make our top list was Insectek Pest Solutions.

Specializing in Arizona specific pests, Insectek has the family owned attention to detail and the professional level of workmanship that gives them such great praise from customers. 

Insectek makes our top list due to their top notch service and glowing reviews across the board.

For example, they are 5 star rated on Yelp, A+ rated on the BBB profile (with accred, and 5 star rated on Google. 

They offer a 5% discount if you're a teacher, Senior, first responder, or military veteran. They also offer $50 of their "365 Pest Prevention Program", which is their flagship product for pest control.

Without a doubt, they are one of the best pest control companies in Phoenix, and probably all of Arizona. 

How Do We Rate Pest Control Companies In Phoenix?

We want to provide you the most accurate and representative options when choosing your pest control services, so we think it’s important you know how we go about picking the best options. To get you the most accurate information possible, we took many steps to get you the best options possible for your pest control needs.

We start out the search process by looking at the local options for pest control to start narrowing down our list. Things we like to see upon first glance are a nice website that gives us all of the information that a customer would want to see when booking a specialist. Bonus points for companies with a clean website that is easy to navigate.

The next thing we look for when picking the best options is customer experience. Companies that have high praise from their customers and a number of positive reviews are generally more trusted as they have proven themselves in multiple situations and environments. The best options we found in the Phoenix region all had many positive customer reviews and showed that a loyal base of customers was happy with the work they received. 

Finally, we take a holistic look at the whole package offered by a company to see how well they will act in various conditions. This is a rather broad category, but it can be where the good separate themselves from the great. This is where things like experience, eco friendly and pet friendly options, and quality guarantees all come into play. 

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How Much Does Pest Control Cost In Phoenix?

Pest control in Phoenix can range from dealing with a few pesky ants to having to deal with dangerous scorpions, so the prices you pay can vary pretty widely. In general, the rice you pay for a certain type of pest control will cost about the same with every company.

Many people have issues that can be dealt with in one go, so many companies offer a one time visit that addresses the issue. Since you are only having the contractor come out one time, you can expect to pay around $150 to get your pest issues taken care of. This is a good option if you have something like a nest that just needs to be removed.

For recurring issues like ants or even scorpion infestations, you will likely need a few appointments. When you get multiple appointments with a pest control company, they apply multiple treatments to your house and can cost around $40-$50 per treatment. 

Most Season Common Pests In Phoenix?

Since Arizona is mostly desert, the pests you have to deal with are not just common things like ants and bees that are found everywhere else. The warmer weather means that most pests are able to thrive year round and reproduce substantially. A very common pest you can end up dealing with is the scorpion. 

Because scorpions are so common in the region, pest control teams are prepared to deal with them in a safe and effective manner. Another common pest is various species of spiders and ants. These critters can be a nuisance to deal with as they grow in large numbers, but they can be taken care of easily enough.

Indoor Pests In Phoenix?

Indoor pests in Phoenix can come in all shapes and sizes, but they are all generally smaller and less difficult to deal with than outdoor pests. Termites, ants, and scorpions are often the most common indoor pests in Arizona with each one having different difficulties in having in your home. 

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Outdoor Pests In Phoenix?

Since the desert is so vast and full of life, many animals that live there often wander to civilization. Many outdoor pests in Arizona are nasty as they are venomous and hard to deal with for the average person. Animals like snakes, lizards, tarantulas, and bees can all be tricky to deal with and require a trained expert to take care of their infestation effectively.

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