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Based out of Pasadena, TX, Solutions Pest & Lawn is not your traditional pest control company. They take a slightly different approach than your typical service provider.

Most companies require you to sign up for their pest control service where the format is you call when you have a problem or they send someone out every quarter to do a treatment for your pest problems or to prevent them. This, of course, will often cost the customer around 500 dollars or more a year.

Meanwhile, Solutions Pest & Lawn company takes a slightly different approach where they provide you with advice and products so that you can scratch that DIY itch or just save money by doing your own pest control service.

This is the first time I’ve seen a company take this do it yourself pest control approach. Solutions Pest & Lawn may have had a stroke of genius when they adopted this business plan. The first point in their favor is that they can ship to you anywhere in the USA and because they offer online advice from certified professionals you can call with any questions before you start your treatment.

I will note that when using any pesticides it is critical that you read the complete label before you use it. Especially the section on what to do if it is ingested or gets in your eyes.

While they do have several locations across the nation they are still a relatively small business and are mostly located in the southern regions of the United States.

They use USPS, and FedEx to deliver your packages so you will always have a tracking number to let you know where your order is and how long it will get to you.

But what kind of products can you get here? Why not just go to any other local store and buy something for your pest problems? Well first off most box stores do not sell high-end professional pest control products.

Nor do they offer such a variety. Whether you need a sprayer to treat the foundation of your house or granules for your yard you can get it from Solutions Pest & Lawn.

While I have been going on and on about the pest control options this company offers I should also mention that they offer a wide selection of lawn products and tools as well.

On top of this, their website has several guides that I found useful on how to identify your lawn pests, how to inspect areas of the lawn for these pests, guides on how to treat your lawn, what kind of products and equipment you will need to treat your lawn, and what you can do to prevent future problems from occurring.

But what is hidden, what is it that we are not seeing? There are a few things that you should know before you start purchasing from this company.

The first thing that you should know is that their shipping is free except when shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and U.S. Territories. If your package doesn’t arrive in three to 5 days you MUST contact them no later than 7 days after shipment or they can’t help you.

If you give them an incorrect address or have the package delivered to a P.O. box that is too small to accept the shipment and it needs to be redirected to a different address, you will be charged additional shipping fees. If you have a package from them for more than 30 days and want to return it the package must be unopened.

If you live in Hawaii, Alaska, or U.S. Territories it may take upwards of two weeks for you to get your package delivered. Also if you receive the wrong product they will not refund your shipping cost but will send you a return label and then once you return said product they will send you another one.

On top of these possible inconveniences if you’re ordering online their payment methods are a little limited unless you go to one of their stores in person. So be prepared to either use your credit card or PayPal when you checkout. It would be nice if their online presence had slightly more payment options such as Google Pay or Venmo.

To sum it up if you are looking for a place to get some professional-grade equipment or pesticides this is an amazing option. If you are looking for someone to come to your house and remove the spider webs from your eaves, spray your foundation, granulate your lawn, or do any other manner of pest control for you, this is not the company you are looking for.

Which Pests Does Solutions Pest & Lawn Cover?

I think that it is important to make the distinction that Solutions Pest & Lawn does not cover any kind of pest themselves as they are simply a store that provides what you need to do the job yourself.

With that being said they have a wide variety of products and equipment that are far too vast to list here but a few examples would be that they have products for termites and other wood-destroying organisms, bed bugs, ants, wasps, and a variety of sprayers and granule spreaders for your equipment needs.

When it comes to what they offer in their lawn and turf department the list is slightly smaller but still quite comprehensive. Armyworm, chinch bug, clover mite, cutworm, grubs, June beetle, mole cricket, mosquito hawk, sod webworm, spittlebug, and sting nematode is a complete list of the pests that they offer products and equipment to protect your lawn.

How Expensive Is Solutions Pest & Lawn?

By now most of you are asking yourself “What about the price”? Surely they must be more expensive than your other options, right? Well, I thought this was going to be the case at first but after some investigating, I discovered that they actually have the best prices around!

At the time of writing this, they even are less expensive than Amazon when it comes to getting pest control products sent to your house. Did I mention the free shipping? When ordering a 25-pound bag of granules free shipping is absolutely incredible!

On top of pest control products, they also offer lawn care products and equipment to their customers with the same great prices, free shipping, and expert consultation.

The price that you experience will depend on what pest control or lawn project you are undertaking. Want to granulate your lawn? A bag of Bifen is around 30 dollars and a granule spreader will range from 14 dollars to 70.

Want to do termite treatment around your house? Well, how many linear feet is your trench and how much product are you going to need? The price here depends on the project but the cost of supplies sold here is much less expensive than other places that I have looked into.

Is Solutions Pest & Lawn Pet Safe?

Once again because this is not a company that comes to your house to do a service, keeping your pets safe will depend on the products that you choose.

I highly recommend that you use their speak with an expert feature before undertaking any project that involves pesticides and thoroughly read the label of the product you are going to use.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that no matter what product you are using, keep your pets away when it’s wet. If the label comes with other directions for pet safety ALWAYS prioritize those instructions. Also, make sure to wear all appropriate safety equipment that the product will instruct you to wear.

Does Solutions Pest & Lawn Offer Free Inspections?

Simply put, no. This is a store and not a pest control or exterminator service. If you need an inspection you should call a professional pest control company to get an expert opinion. You may be able to speak with the experts at Solution Pest & Lawn and describe your problem to see if they can guide you in the correct direction.

Reviewed By:
Ed Spicer

Ed has been working in the pest control industry for years helping 1,000's of homeowners navigate the world of insect and rodent management. He manages Pest Strategies now helping homeowners around the world!

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  • I called their phone number and its a chore to get ahold of a person
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